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IASMLYB Chapter 48


Chapter 48

Elena and Jane were surprised by the news of the sudden arrival of the Imperial carriage to the Oswald’s mansion.

Originally, the Imperial family were arrogant royals who would summon the nobles to the Imperial palace; it was rare for them to visit someone else’s place.

But they suddenly came without even notifying Jane’s family.

“It seems that the Imperial family put politeness in the wine and drank it.”

Elena said with a forced smile.

Jane laughed at her friend’s remark.

“I know.”

The two whispered as they watched the Imperial carriage passed through the garden.

“That’s why we kicked them out of the tower.”

Jane laughed out loud at Elena’s words.

Meanwhile, the Imperial carriage stopped in front of the mansion.

The servant who was riding with the coachman got off and opened the door of the carriage.

Appearing from it was a very handsome man.

The man’s short silver hair shone under the sun; his green eyes shimmering brightly like jewels.

Aster Soleth thought that the ladies in front of the mansion must have fallen for him when they saw him.

However, the expression on the two women’s faces appeared gloomy.

Their smiles may seem cordial since they were facing someone from the Imperial family, but there was a coldness in their eyes.

‘…Why look at me with those eyes?’

Aster was perplexed for a moment. He cleared his throat then coughed loudly.

He greeted them with a smile, then used his special move.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Aster Soleth. The second prince of the Soleth Empire.”

“Welcome, Second Prince. My name is Jane Oswald.”

“Nice to meet you. Elena Lespel.”

Aster’s eyes lit up after the two women introduced themselves.

He went straight to Elena.

“I am such a lucky man. I have come here to see you.”

Aster ignored Jane’s greeting – the owner of the house – and greeted Elena instead.

Elena openly frowned at his rude behavior.

“You are here to see me?”

“Yes. The Magic Tower turns away the Imperial family, so just in case, I came to the Oswald family. To let me know first when you visit.”

‘How selfish can this bastard be?’

Elena swallowed the curse brimming inside her.

However, Aster continued to speak without noticing.

“However, meeting you here. It seems we are destined. Hahaha!”

Aster laughed out loud, but neither Elena nor Jane laughed.

Elena knew who he was.

The second prince, Aster Soleth, was a supporting actor who appeared in the original to seduce Jane.

He was such a huge playboy that he was nicknamed the Imperial maniac.

He was such an idiot that even the Emperor could not control him. So he was a very easy opponent for Elena.

“So, what purpose did the second prince have that he had to use the Oswalds to meet me?”

Elena shot coldly.

She didn’t like the fact that he was trying to use her friend Jane as a stepping stone to meet her.

Besides, that pretentious smile that he thought made him handsome and cool was annoying.

“Use? It’s not like that. I just want to meet you, but there are many obstacles ahead.”

Aster laughed on the outside, but on the inside, he was sweating.

‘Usually, a woman would be flattered by laughing. But why are these women……?’

It was natural.

Elena’s lover, although temporary, was Lexion Halos, one of the most handsome men in the Empire.

And Jane’s lover was Hayes, the male protagonist of the novel.

Aster, who only played a supporting role, was not a worthy opponent.

So naturally, Elena and Jane’s standards were quite high.

Obviously, Aster didn’t know that.

“Anyway, I came here to talk to you, Elena. I want to get to know you a little bit.”

Aster turned his head in shame and lowered his gaze.

It was his secret weapon, pretending to be pitiful.

But it didn’t work for Elena.

“Unfortunately, I have no desire to become close with the second prince.”

A business smile hung on Elena’s lips.

Aster was greatly surprised by her words.


To the point of stuttering

‘You don’t want to be friends with me?’

He didn’t understand.

‘You don’t want to be friends with me, the prince of the empire, and I’m this handsome!’

Maybe this lady’s eyes were weird?

‘I’m more handsome than Lexion Halos…’

While he still couldn’t quite understand the situation, Elena added.

“The second prince is not my type.”

A long time ago, it was a tactic to drive out a particular man.

“Your type…?”

“Yes. Therefore, it seems that I can’t become close to the prince. Then, goodbye.”

Elena lightly bade him farewell and entered the Oswald mansion.

Jane looked at Aster’s dazed face and smiled broadly.

“Have a safe trip going back, Second Prince.”

Then she headed inside, following Elena.

In the end, Aster Soleth was frustrated.


“Jane, are you okay?”

Elena anxiously asked Jane, who was next to her.

Jane smiled brightly and nodded.

“Yes, I am fine.”

“Hah. I knew that the second prince was a fool, but I didn’t know that he would be this foolish.”

Elena said with a sigh.

She didn’t like Aster, who used and ignored her friend to get to know her.

“Never mind that. By the way, it seems that the second prince is interested in Elena.”

“It must be a means to control the Duke of Halos. The Imperial family is always watching the Halos.”

“Then he must have known that Elena is meeting with Lexion frequently these days.”

“Yes, so I think the second prince came to me and tried to separate me from Lexion…”

It was not that hard.

That bastard was confident in his appearance and tried to seduce Elena.

‘There is a huge difference between him and Lexion….’

Elena chuckled.

The second prince must have felt ashamed from her words.

But he wouldn’t be able to confess to the Emperor.

‘Even if he is the second prince, he is not the crown prince. Even the Emperor has abandoned him.’

Even if the Emperor found out that the second prince had failed, it was clear that he did not have high expectations in the first place.

Elena didn’t have to worry about such rudeness.

In addition, she was the chief researcher of Magic Tower.

Moreover, he ignored her friend.

‘So the Imperial family is nothing.’

Elena’s smile deepened even more.


After hearing that the Second Prince had left Oswald’s mansion.

Elena washed in the bathroom.

Oswald’s mansion has a room reserved for her, which also has a large bathtub.

All of this was Jane’s consideration.

Elena smiled softly and put on the sky-blue dress that Jane had prepared.

And as she was about to leave the room, she heard a knock.



It was Jane who came in. She was smiling brightly like a flower in full bloom.

“What’s going on, Jane?”

“That… Hayes is here.”

Hayes Crete. In the original work, he was the original male lead and the current Marquis of Crete.

Jane’s cheeks turned red at her lover’s visit.

Elena rejoiced as if he was the best.

“Oh, that’s right. Then have a good time, Jane.”

“Oh no! We’re going to have dinner together. Why don’t you join as well?”

Have dinner with Hayes…

Elena thought for a moment.

The original male protagonist, Hayes, had also met Elena several times.

They weren’t very close. But thanks to Jane, they got to know each other whenever they got the chance to meet.

“Ugh. Okay.”

As Elena nodded, Jane’s face brightened even more.

“Thanks. Actually, Hayes brought a friend… It would have been awkward.”

“A friend?”

“Yes. Marquis Leoter Hasnell.”

Leoter Hasnell.

Elena knew that name.

She hasn’t actually seen him since coming to this world, but he was one of the supporting actors.

A man who often gave Hayes dating advice in the original story.

He wasn’t a playboy, but he was quite popular with the ladies.

‘It was said that he was handsome.’

Elena gently nodded her head.


“If Elena feels uncomfortable, you don’t have to go.”

Jane looked into Elena’s eyes.

Elena shook her head.

“I don’t exactly feel uncomfortable.”

This was an opportunity to see Jane and Hayes, the couple in the original story, flirt before her eyes.

As it was not an opportunity that came often, there was no way she would refuse.

Elena followed Jane to the drawing room where the two men were waiting.

The maids by the drawing room opened the door, and the two ladies entered.



Immediately, Jane ran to her lover.

Elena’s gaze naturally turned to Hayes.

A beautiful man with black hair and blue eyes was gazing down at Jane with a very loving look.

When Elena saw it, she was moved.

‘Jane…! You must be happy!’

A satisfied smile hung on her lips.

Then she felt a gaze that was directed at her.

Behind Hayes, a man was sitting on the sofa, eyes stunned as he looked at Elena.

He was a young man with short, light emerald hair and brown eyes.

The man, who has been staring blankly at Elena, came to his senses and stood up when his gaze met hers.

Then, with his long legs, he strode forward and stood in front of Elena.

“Nice to meet you, Lady. I’m Leoter Hasnell.”

Face flushed, Leoter Hasnell winked at Elena.

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