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IASMLYB Chapter 47


Chapter 47


Ker’s eyes widened.

Like last time, he wondered if he had heard it wrong.

“All right, say it again. I think I heard it wrong.”

Ker asked, trying to calm his heart.

Lexion narrowed his eyes and spoke again.

“I decided to be in a contract relationship with Elena for three months.”

Ker opened his mouth slightly.

‘How the hell did that happen…?’

Actually, Ker has been very busy for the past few days.

While Lexion went to the Magic Tower to celebrate Elena’s birthday.

He, on the other hand, had to do all the rest of the work.

So he only just recently heard of what happened a few days ago.

“Hey, you’re not meant to be a contract lover!”

Ker’s voice rose without realizing it.

“Master, you should have opposed it!”

Of course, the fact that Lexion – who had never been in a relationship – started dating was a huge step forward.

However, it was a love story with a limited period.

Ker could not understand his master.

Unlike Ker, Lexion had a calm expression.

“I don’t want to ignore Elena’s opinion.”


Ker let out a deep sigh.

Seeing the stubborn attitude of his master, he changed his mind.

‘Okay. Let’s think positively.’

Lexion’s lover, Elena, liked her work so much that she even turned down his proposal.

Of course, he refused to be separated from her.

It was a pretty big achievement for such a person to be accepted – even as a contracted lover.

“Then, Master, do your best within those three months.”

Ker clenched his fists.

“Anyway, have her be captivated by Master’s charms!”

The master, who rarely expressed his feelings, also hoped that his love would be reciprocated.

Lexion smiled softly at Ker’s attitude.

“Yeah. I definitely plan to.”


After her research was finalized.

Elena met up with Jane, as she often did.

Today, they met up at Jane’s place, where Elena also planned to stay for the night.

Currently, the two were having tea in the garden.

“Goodness! Is it really the Lexion we know?”

Jane asked Elena with a fuss.

At Elena’s nod, Jane screamed.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Lexion proposed to Elena!”

She felt the vicarious excitement from Elena’s story.

Did Elena feel the same way when she experience such an event?

Jane was grinning from ear to ear that was not coming down any time soon.

“So? How did it happen? Of course, you accepted it, right?”

“No. I refused it.”

Jane was disappointed by Elena’s immediate reply.

“Huh? Why?”

“You know that I love what I do Jane. If I marry Lexion and became Duchess, I wouldn’t be able to live my life as a wizard. Of course, Lexion said that he would put me and my wishes first, but…”

It wasn’t that she did not believe what he said.

But she wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibilities included with that title. 

“I know. You previously said you loved what you’re doing now more than anyone else.”

Jane nodded as if she understood.

“I enjoyed hearing Elena’s story, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad bit disappointed.”

Jane laughed.

Elena fully understood her thoughts.

It was always a pleasure to see her beloved friend happy.

Elena added with a smirk.

“Nevertheless, I decided to be Lexion’s lover for three months.”


Jane’s eyes almost popped out

“What?! Lover?! Oh my god!!”

She was too ecstatic that she even jumped from her seat.

“Jane, calm down. It’s just only for three months.”

“But still! You and Lexion are now lovers!”

Jane was more excited than at the party.

“After all, Lexion must have liked Elena since we were kids! What I saw was correct.”


Has he loved her since they were young?

When Elena asked – a bit startled – Jane narrowed her eyes, pretending to be sharp.

“Obviously! That’s what my intuition said. Lexion almost followed Elena everywhere, and whenever Elena called Lexion ‘Young Master’ Lexion would always reject it.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“But he didn’t say much about adding ‘Young Master.’ In other words, from then on, Lexion liked Elena!”

“Is that so?”

“Yes! Absolutely!”

Jane exclaimed enthusiastically.

Then, she wet her lips.

“Anyway, these days – after Lexion’s return to the Empire – rumors started circulating that not only the noble ladies but also the Imperial family want Lexion.”

Jane said, making eye contact with the shy Elena.

“Meanwhile, Lexion has had Elena in his heart for a long time!”

Actually, there was a time when Elena thought like Jane.

Has Lexion really liked her for a long time?

So, shouldn’t he have proposed to her or asked her to be his lover a long time ago?

However, once Elena realized his feeling, she tried to deny them, fearing that she would be shaken.

But when she heard it from someone else, particularly from her close friend Jane…

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Elena’s heart started beating like crazy.

‘Really… Lexion with me….’

Her cheeks flushed red.

Jane’s eyes lit up when she saw her friend’s reaction.

“To see Elena like this. Do you feel delighted?”

“Hehehe…” Elena replied with a laugh.

“What? Huh?”

Elena – immersed in excitement – came to her senses.

“It’s natural to feel that way. Elena’s happiness is my happiness. I always liked to see Elena working hard, but sometimes I wanted you to feel the excitement.”

In fact, when Jane told Elena about Hayes, she felt a little sorry.

She used to talk about him because Elena wanted to hear it, but she was afraid that she might become an ignorant person who just showed off her lover to her friends.

But Elena was always happy as if it was her job.

So Jane also wanted her to have a lover someday, and to listen to her and be happy for her as if it was her job.

Like today.

“I want Elena to always be happy.”

Jane smiled brightly like the sun.

Elena smiled back.

It was then that a maid came in a hurry.


“What is it?”

Jane and Elena jumped to their feet because of the frantic maid.

When Jane asked, the maid caught her breath and let out a word.

“Th-the Imperial carriage is coming to the mansion.”

Jane and Elena’s eyes met at the unexpected announcement.


The Imperial family has been watching the Halos family for a long time.

The Halos family brought great contributions to the founding of the Empire, possessing immense power yet they did not seize the throne from the Imperial family.

Fortunately, because of their loyalty, so far nothing like that has happened.

So there was no doubt that the Imperial family would continue to do so in the future.

Until just a few years ago.

After learning that the child under the guardianship of Duke Halos was a ‘magician’.

The Imperial family looked more closely at the actions of the Halos family.

They had no choice but to do so.

Since the Magic Tower was an institution that did not belong to any country; it was a place that even the Emperor could not easily touch.

However, if the Halos family further produced wizards, wouldn’t a bond be formed between them and the tower?

The current Emperor of the Soleth Empire, Terecan Soleth, was concerned that the power of the Duke would overwhelm the Imperial family.

Fortunately, there has been no case of such a mistake in the Halos family over the past few years.

But recently that has changed.

“It was said that the new Duke – Lexion Halos – even postponed the victory commemoration party just to go to the Magic Tower.”

At the report of his secretary, Terecan Soleth’s eyebrows furrowed.

The secretary continued.

“Just recently, at a restaurant in the capital, the current Duke and the wizard sponsored by the Halos family, Elena Lespel, went on a date.”

“… Date?”

“Not only did he rent the whole restaurant, but he also rented Lake Antisium for fireworks.”

It was clear that it was a gesture between lovers.

If the Duke of Halos welcomed a wizard as the lady of the house…

It would cause a more significant threat to the Imperial family than it was now.

‘I hope I’m wrong about that, but…’

The Emperor ordered, grabbing his forehead.

“Call the Second Prince, Aster.”

The current situation could no longer be overlooked.


The second prince of the Soleth Empire, Aster Soleth.

Ever since he was young he was called:

The Imperial Maniac.

Although he has a beautiful appearance, he was a promiscuous man.

His disposition was not ideal, so his father, the Emperor, rarely looked for him.

But today, Aster Soleth received his first order from his father.

The order was simple.

‘Get in between the new Duke of Halos and the wizard sponsored by his family.’

Regardless if the pair were romantically involved, having a striking appearance would suffice to seduce the other person.

Even if they were just friends, Aster intended to seduce the wizard.

Rumor has it that she was a very beautiful woman.

Thus, as soon as he received the Emperor’s order, he went straight to the House of Oswald.

If he decided to go to the Magic Tower, he would be rejected, so he chose to charm first the wizard’s friend.

He would have a chance there because of the rumors circulating that the Oswalds have a friendly relationship with the wizard.

Anyway, Aster planned to seduce Jane Oswald and ask her to call him when her wizard friend visited her.

And he seemed very lucky today.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Aster Soleth, the second prince of the Soleth Empire.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Elena Lespel.”

Just in time, at Oswald’s mansion, the wizard had arrived!

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