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IASMLYB Chapter 44


Chapter 44

Although Lexion asked Elena to be his lover.

Elena had never been able to define precisely what Lexion felt toward her.

If she defined it, she believed she would always be conscious.

But in the end, there was something.

Even though he didn’t describe it, didn’t she continue to become aware of Lexion?

‘… Lexion likes me.’

So, what did she think of Lexion?

It was only natural that he would have a crush on her because they had spent their childhood together.

Of course, it wasn’t a familial admiration for the opposite gender, but as a beloved.

However, when Lexion was all grown-up and started pursuing her, strange emotions arose.

Her heart was pounding and being tickled at the same time. 

Sadly, her feelings were not as deep as Lexion’s.

‘So, I can’t fall further.’

There were so many things she wanted to do for herself.

When she was with Lexion, unfamiliar emotions came one after another.

She didn’t like those things.

She couldn’t accept Lexion because she liked her job more.

Besides, Elena didn’t want it to go any further.

While immersed in her thoughts, Lexion turned his head toward her.

Their eyes met briefly, and Lexion’s eyes were squinting nicely.

She stopped breathing momentarily.

Because the way he looked at her was bewitching.

Elena struggled.

Not to fall for him.

Whenever Lexion appear captivating, Elena thought of the minerals she had seen in the book.

When Lexion smiled, Elena thought of those shimmering crystals.

As she continued to struggle like that, the carriage stopped before she knew it.

‘I survived.’

As Elena sighed in relief.

Lexion jumped off the carriage.

And he reached out to her.

‘… Ugh. I thought I survived, but to give me another ordeal like this!’

Elena was in despair.

However, it was difficult to refuse Lexion’s touch.

She held his hand while crying inside.

He held her hands while they were in the Duke’s mansion. But now, the feeling was different.

Because her purpose was not to fall for him.

But her cheeks reddened as the warm, yet firm hand wrapped around hers.

As Elena felt her heart beating fast, she remembered her research list.

‘Let’s start with Rose and think all the way through.’

Then, suddenly, her gaze shifted to the tall building in front of her.

The place where the two got off was a famous restaurant in the capital.

Although the restaurant has only been open for a few years, it was said that it has captured the taste buds of the aristocrats, including the Imperial family.

‘Rumor says that the Imperial family tried to bring the restaurant’s chef to the royal family, but failed…’

Elena also thought about coming, but she only thought about it, and never actually came.

‘I’m going there with Lexion.’

She laughed involuntarily.

Meanwhile, she was led by Lexion and arrived in front of the restaurant.

While they were waiting, the manager greeted the pair.

“Welcome, Duke Halos. I prepared it just as you said.”

“Good job.”

Lexion passed the manager and went inside.

Elena also followed him and headed inside.

‘Did he make a reservation in advance?’

As she went inside, she saw an empty restaurant.

‘… Isn’t this place full of guests every day?’

The Imperial family was also rumored to have fallen in love with it, and she heard that the aristocrats, as well as the wealthy middle class, came and went until the threshold was worn out.

But there were no guests today.

‘What’s going on?’

While Elena looked around, Lexion took her further inside.

The place where his steps stopped was the VIP table.

There was a partition around the table to protect their privacy.

And when she got there.


There was a window full of sunlight.

Outside the window stood a wonderful evergreen tree, basking in the sunlight like a painting.

“Sit down, Elena.”

While she was admiring the scenery outside, Lexion pulled out a chair for her.

“Thank you.”

Elena sat down, and Lexion sat across from him.

As the two of them sat down, the manager approached.

“As the Duke wanted, the food is ready. If there is anything else you would like to eat, please feel free to tell me.”

“Very well.”

The manager gave him the menu and went back.

Lexion immediately handed the menu to Elena.

“First of all, I ordered a course meal. If there’s anything else that Elena wants, you can order it.”

“Yes. I will.”

Elena looked at the menu board.

Then, her eyes widened

‘Are these prices real…?’

She knew the nobles were frequent here, so she thought the price would be considerable.

But it cost twice as much as she expected.

‘I can’t believe I’m eating luxury food.’

Of course, she and Lexion were people with considerable wealth.

For the Duke of Halos, it wouldn’t hurt to say that he could have anything, and for Elena, the drugs she developed continued to be a hit.

‘I like to eat, but I’ve never paid this much before…’

In the first place, Elena never paid a lot of money to buy food.

While she was thinking about it, she suddenly remembered her past life.

‘… I still have the feeling of being poor in my previous life.’

Many years have passed since she came to this world, and Elena has forgotten most of her memories from her previous life.

At that time, it seemed that the troubled heart of not having money remained.

Even though she now has considerable wealth.

‘Yeah. No need to worry about money.’

Lexion – using a term from her previous life – was at the level of the so-called ‘chaebol’.

Note: Chaebol is an English transliteration of the Korean word 재벌, which means plutocracy, rich business family, or monopoly, and the chaebol structure can encompass a single large company or several groups of companies.

Elena’s face brightened after she had organized her thoughts.

“Elena, have you decided on the menu?”

As a smile appeared on his face, Lexion asked.

Elena laughed out loud at his innocent look.

“Why are you laughing?”

Lexion also smiled after her.

It was so cute that it made Elena laugh even more.

Just then, the food started coming out.

From appetizers to salads and soups to main dishes.

Between them, the two enjoyed the course meal while evaluating the taste of the food.

And after eating the last dessert, the meal was over.

Elena has a positive impression after she enjoyed a hearty meal at a high-end restaurant.

‘This is why you spend money.’

It was remarkable.

Everything in the course was very well suited to Elena’s taste.

It was not too salty, the seasoning was just right, and it was very satisfying.

Thanks to that incredible meal, a smile bloomed on her face. 

Lexion, who gazed at her, smiled pleasantly.

“Did you enjoy the meal?”

“Yes. It was very tasty. It’s the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life.”

She said, answering like a child.

Then, soon after, she added.

“Ah! Of course, the meals at the Halos mansion and magic tower are also delicious. But this restaurant is also worthy of being favored like the Imperial family.”

“Then let’s come again next time.”

“Sure! Oh, but next time, don’t rent the whole restaurant.”

Lexion smiled softly at her words.

In fact, Elena wasn’t aware of it in the first place.

They just opened, so she thought they might be the first customers.

However, she noticed that no one came in until the dessert was eaten.

“But don’t you hate loud noises?”

Lexion asked with a grin.

Elena thought for a moment, then said.

“I don’t like it if it’s too loud, but… Moderate noise is okay. I don’t think the people who come here will make a lot of noise.”

“Let’s consider it.”

The two were greeted by the manager and left the restaurant.

Where else would they go now?

While she was curious, Lexion asked Elena.

“Lake Antisium is near here. Have you been there?”

Antisium Lake.

It was a lake in the capital, boasting its vast size and beautiful scenery.

It was a popular spot that was visited by aristocrats and commoners alike.

Elena had also been there with Jane a few years ago.

“Yes. I’ve been there before with Jane. We had a picnic.”

“I see. It’s a pity that I’m not the first… Let’s go for a walk and go to the lake.”


The two headed straight for Lake Antisium.

It was possible to go by carriage, but it was a short distance, so they decided to walk since it was a good day.

It was late summer, but it wasn’t too hot because it was around sunset.

“It’s Elena’s birthday, is there anything you want to do?”

Looking at the children running around, Lexion asked.

“Well, I’ve never really thought about it. After entering the tower, I almost forgot my birthday. I am always busy with research.”

“Elena really likes her work.”

Lexion’s eyes were filled with regret, but Elena didn’t notice.

“Yes. It’s really fun to create new things and use magic.”

When she smiled brightly, Lexion could no longer say anything.

Eventually, they got closer to the park near the lake shore.

The two decided to cross the park and headed to the lake.

However, at the entrance of the park, they met a familiar person.

It was a man who appeared to be on a date with a woman who looked like an aristocrat.

A mean-looking man with dull red hair.

Elena recognized his face as soon as she saw it.

‘Isn’t that bastard, Sabel?’

A few years ago, at the victory banquet of the Duke of Halos.

It was the guy who insulted Lexion.

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