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IASMLYB Chapter 43


Chapter 43

Actually, there wasn’t anything wrong with Elena’s condition right now.

But compared to last year, her energy was feeble.

‘Of course, it could be a misunderstanding.’

Elena, the great wizard, was a person who was passionate about her work.

She has always been focused on her research and studies, so she may have been feeling indisposed lately.

‘Even if that were the case, there’s nothing wrong with preparing in advance.’

Karen didn’t want to lose her treasured wizard.


After meeting the Archmage.

Elena headed to her laboratory.

She and Lexion were supposed to meet in the afternoon, but the exact time and place were not decided.

‘If it was Lexion, wouldn’t he come here?’

To the laboratory with a portal connected to his office.

That was what she thought about.

Elena decided to read the book she had received from Jeremy while waiting for Lexion’s arrival.

A book about all the minerals in the world was enough to intrigue her.

‘Using this, maybe I can develop a treatment for hair loss.’

Elena smiled softly, absorbing the knowledge from the book.

It was then.


She heard Lexion’s low, soft voice.

When she turned her head to the direction the sound came from, Elena saw Lexion dressed up nicely.

He was wearing a light blue shirt, a white jacket, and black pants, standing in all his glory without any lavish adornments.

‘How could he fit well in that shirt…?’

His outfit on his upper body was no joke.

His firm muscles seemed to break through his shirt at any moment.


Elena, who had been lost for a moment, came to her senses.

All of a sudden, Lexion was close to her nose.

“Lexion’s here already?”

Elena struggled to come to her senses and greeted him.

Lexion gazed at her and smiled.

And handed out something.

“Happy birthday, Elena.”


What Lexion held out in front of her was a bouquet of roses in full bloom and a small box.

Inside the small box was a necklace with blue jewels; the same color as Elena’s eyes.

“It’s a small gift.”

This was small?

Elena knew what kind of necklace Lexion had given her.

It was related to a discussion she had when she met up with Jane last time.

There was a piece of jewelry that became a hot topic among the Imperial maidens.

‘Mermaid’s Tears’

It was the necklace right before her.

“Isn’t this the ‘Mermaid’s Tears’?”

“… I think it was called by that name.”

Elena was startled and could only blink her eyes.

Then Lexion took out the necklace from the box.

“You don’t like it, do you?”

“No. It’s not….”

It was a little burdensome.

Of course, it would be nothing to him as Duke of Halos.

When she didn’t say anything.

Lexion came up behind her with the necklace.

“Let me put it on for you.”

Elena pondered for a moment, then lifted her hair.

‘I’m a temporary lover, but… It should be okay to receive a gift like this.’

While she thought so.

Lexion’s hands were shaking.

When Elena lifted her hair, her neckline was exposed and her back could also be partially seen.

Although it was vague to even call it an exposure, Lexion was very nervous.

He wanted to stroke her skin right away, but he chose to distance himself with difficulty.

He hung the necklace on her as quickly as possible.

“You look good.”

Lexion, who turned and faced Elena, said without looking into her eyes.

His face was red, but Elena didn’t notice.

“Thank you, Lexion.”

Afterward, Elena arranged the rose bouquet that Lexion gave her in a vase that was on one side of the laboratory.

Ever since she left the manor of the Halos.

Whenever she saw a rose, she actually thought of Killian.

There was no big reason.

At that time, Killian put roses in front of Elena’s room every day, and Elena thought that the flowers were given to her by Lexion.

Thanks to that, she had to receive a confession from Killian.

She found it funny when Killian thought that she liked him just because she took good care of the flowers.

As she mused about that event.

Lexion approached her.

“What is Elena thinking about?”

At his mellowed question, Elena pondered for a moment.

Whether or not to state all of her thoughts.

Even though they were temporary lovers, they were still lovers.

Moreover, Lexion seemed to be more of a jealous person than expected.

‘Because I hugged my teacher and he made an expression like he was about to cry.’

While thinking, Lexion asked as if he had read her thoughts.

“Perhaps… Brother? Is it because it reminded you of Killian?”

Lexion’s eyes – when he mentioned Killian’s name – became slightly colder.

Elena said hurriedly.

“I’m saying this in case you misunderstood, but I neither like nor dislike Killian. It was just that I thought it was Lexion who left those roses that Killian left in front of my room at that time. Killian, speculating on what happened, became presumptuous in his thoughts.”

“I know. Because when I was young, I heard Killian confess to my sister.”

She thought he only heard the part where she talked to Killian about her taste, but apparently, it wasn’t the case.

While Elena was staring at him incredulously, Lexion added.

“That’s why I gave you those roses. If Elena thinks of Killian every time she sees a rose, I will be blinded by jealousy.”

Lexion’s eyes darkened, eyes blazing as if caught in a fire.


“I gave you roses so that you will think of me every time you see them from now on.”

His gaze was scorching, but his lips showed a gentle smile.

Elena looked at him for a moment.

His childlike character was nowhere to be found.

Standing in front of her, was clearly a grown-up man.

The way he looked at her with those eyes made her feel awkward.

But she didn’t hate it.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Rather, Elena’s heart started pounding hard, and she felt like she was going crazy.

That burning gaze seemed to have been transmitted to her.

She hurriedly directed her gaze elsewhere, away from Lexion.

She smiled uneasily while she kept her distance from him.

Then Lexion looked at her and said,

“Let’s go now, Elena.”

It was the beginning of their monumental date, meeting for the first time after becoming lovers.


Elena followed Lexion through the portal.

It was like when she first crossed through a portal; but this time, the Duke’s office was their destination.

Lexion reached out to support Elena.

After hesitating for a while, she took his hand, and a wide smile spread across Lexion’s lips.

Thump, Thump.

Her heart beat a little faster.

Although there was an awkward tension, Elena didn’t hate the feeling.

As they were leaving the office and walking down the hallway, Lexion broke the silence.

“Thank you for sharing your time with me today, Elena.”


“I’m glad you didn’t throw a party.”

Lexion smiled shyly.

Seeing that, Elena felt her heart being tickled.

‘I guess I’m really crazy.’

Lexion’s large hand covered hers, and his gaze was on her.

All of which made Elena fidgety.

If they kept going like this, she felt that she would collapse before the day ended, so Elena distracted herself with something else.

Walking down the hallway, she scanned the Duke’s mansion, which had greatly changed from before.

When Lexion’s father was still the Duke, there were many colorful decorations in the corridor.

But now it was gone except for a few.

‘Lexion doesn’t wear a lot of accessories… I guess he likes things simple.’ 

She was speculating on that as they walk.

“Oh, my lady!”

A happy voice was heard.

The people who were cleaning the mansion recognized her.

“Long time no see! Lady!”

The servants who approached Elena and greeted them were surprised to see Lexion.

They didn’t say anything in particular, but they just seemed afraid.

“Nice to meet you all. How have you been?”

Elena spoke first to ease the mood.

Then, Lexion’s lips also went up.

The servants were relieved to see it.

“Yes. We’re fine. But we didn’t hear that you were coming. When did you arrive?”

“Ha ha ha. A little while ago.”

“But I didn’t see you coming…”

“Did you forget? I’m a wizard.”

“Is that so!”

While chatting with the servants for a while, Lexion coughed purposefully.

Only then did the servants notice the atmosphere and retreat.

Elena also felt awkward with the servants.

“Thank you, Lexion. It was turning awkward.”

“Yes. I thought it would, so I sent them all back.”

Elena’s lips rose.

‘Is it because we’ve been together for a long time?’

It felt like Lexion knew her feelings well.

After that, the two went down the stairs, passed the hall, and left the building.

During that short time, she met the butlers, servants, and many other people.

They were all delighted to see Elena visiting the mansion after a long time.

Elena was also happy to see them, but she couldn’t greet them for a long time because she was afraid of being delayed.

Then the two got into the Duke of Halos’ carriage.

Elena and Lexion sat facing each other.

Lexion stared at Elena, then turned away.

He was afraid that she would be uncomfortable.

And Elena, as he expected, was uncomfortable.

But when Lexion’s gaze turned to the window, she felt more at ease.

She observed Lexion in the sunlight.

His fine blonde hair and golden eyelashes shone like jewels under the bright sun.

The red eyes she saw against the blinking eyelids were so beautiful.

‘… Such a person is my lover.’

A person who admired her and even asked her hand for marriage.

As soon as she thought of that, Elena’s face became flaming red again.

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