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IASMLYB Chapter 42

Chapter 42

After Lexion left the lab, Elena concentrated on her research.

To clear up the mind he had shaken.

Though unable to concentrate well, she was able to finish her ongoing research.

As per Jeremy’s advice, she added planetium, and it worked even better.

After that, the efficacy and side effects of the prototype were completed, and also its verification was accomplished.

‘Once I show it to Jeremy, it will be ready if the sales permit is issued.’

Elena smiled happily and finished tidying up.

As she was immersed in her work, her mind calmed down.

‘… Lexion has grown that much.’

She knew that Lexion would grow up to be a very attractive character in the original, but reading it from a novel and actually seeing it were two different scenarios.

‘Even if you’re attractive, you’re too eye-catching.’

What’s more, wasn’t Lexion used to be her cherished younger brother?


Elena sighed deeply and headed to her dormitory.

The Chief Researcher’s quarters she used were on the upper floors of the West Tower.

The top floor belonged to another wizard, and it was directly below it.

The inside of the hostel was not as glamorous or large as the peacock mansion.

But it was enough to be used alone.

There was also a separate research lab, so the dorm was just a place to sleep.

Elena looked around the dormitory and collapsed on the bed.

When she first entered the tower.

Expectedly, she had to live in a dormitory shared by four people, just like other new wizards.

But now she was…

She was the developer of ‘Rose’, a superstar in Magic Tower.

Naturally, she had to be treated well.

As soon as Elena entered the tower, she was assigned a single-person dormitory that ordinary researchers could not easily use.

Thanks to this, she was able to enjoy a more comfortable and peaceful life.

Moreover, since then, her skills have improved, and she has been able to quickly become the Chief Researcher of the West Tower.

Her growth rate was surprising to not only all wizards, but also to the tower owners, and even the Archmage.

It made no sense to become the chief researcher seven years after entering the tower.

It took at least 10 years for a normal wizard to become a chief researcher.

Regarding her, Jeremy asserted that Elena would become a more talented person than himself.

‘After all, I, myself, am great at what I do.’

After completing today’s study, Elena, whose confidence had risen sharply, smiled happily.

And then.


A cute voice was heard.

Elena lay down on the bed and looked from afar.

At the end of her gaze stood four cute spirits.

[We’re here!]

The first to run to Elena was a baby brown rabbit.

It has been years since she met the spirits, but their size was the same.

“Come here, Lani.”

Elena said, stroking Lani’s fur.

Then slowly, the baby turtle, Toto, also approached her.

[Master. Long time no see.]

“Yes, Toto. Have you been well?”

As Elena gently stroked Toto’s hair, two other spirits approached her.

[Chirp! Master! I missed you!]

It was a small yellow bird that flew through the sky and landed on Elena’s shoulder.

“Yes, Ruby. I wanted to see you too.”

Ruby was the spirit of the wind.

[Master! Me too!]

The red baby lizard that quickly climbed up on Elena’s body shouted to be noticed too.

“Yes, yes. Coco.”

Coco, like her appearance, was a fire spirit.

Over the years, Elena met many spirits through Lani’s introduction.

And they all liked Elena.

However, some spirits preferably followed her whom she met at the beginning.

Lani and these three other friends.

“Did everyone have a good time?”

After leaving the Halos estate.

And upon entering the tower, the spirits came in and out like it was their own bedroom.

So she got closer to them.

Sometimes – with the help of the spirits – she would do her research, and sometimes she would spend quality time with them.

Then, not long ago, the spirits said they would go and see their friends, so she gladly agreed.

[Yes! It was fun!]


[Chirp! I’ve been playing well!]

[Yes! Yes!]

Elena patted the colorful spirits that answered at the same time.

It has been years since she had been with the spirits. Now, she was able to talk freely about her thoughts.

Elena was used to keeping her thoughts to herself when there were people, but when people were no longer present, she found it comforting to say things out loud.

“That’s great. But you guys… It’s been a while since you met me. But how are you still so small?”

Elena asked, stroking the spirits.

“Is it because I don’t have enough power?”

As concern crept into her eyes, her spirits went into a rage.


[It can’t be.]

[Chirp! Absolutely not!]

[If we put our minds to it, we can grow even bigger! If we’re too big… We’re staying small for fear of inconvenience to the owner! I’ll show you if you want!]

Among them, Coco, who was the most excited, tried to increase her size at present.

However, Elena prevented her.

“I see. It’s okay, Coco.”

As Coco said, it was true that it was inconvenient when the four spirits grew in size.

Especially since the house wasn’t that big.

Elena smiled happily and looked at the spirits.

When she felt good whenever she saw them, endorphins seemed to be gushing.

After talking with the spirits, Elena’s eyes closed.

When the four spirits saw their master sleeping, they quietly left.

[Good night, Master.]


Early in the morning, Elena opened her eyes in delight.

She walked over to the window and pulled the curtains apart.

She saw the vast desert and the scorching sun.

‘It’s still less sunny today.’

Was it because it was late summer?

Elena smiled and went into the shower room.

After lightly washing her body, she stood in front of the closet.

Usually, she would choose her clothes without any hesitation.

With a shirt and pants that could get dirty while doing research.

But today was different.

‘I decided to meet Lexion in the afternoon…’

After contemplating for a while, Elena chose an outfit that was different from her usual style.

The dress she chose was green.

It was light enough to wear in summer, and the material was airy.

It was one of the clothes that the former Duke Halos sent as a gift.

Elena changed her clothes and trimmed her hair a little.

Normally, she would walk around sloppily. But today, she combed it well and tied it in half.

‘Is this good enough…?’

Elena, who looked in the mirror and stared at her appearance, smiled contentedly.

‘It’s pretty.’

As always, she was beautiful.

She smiled brightly and left the room.

The first place she went to was the dining room.

It was early morning, but the dining room was quiet.

Since ancient times, wizards have been studying day and night or falling into their own world, so they were mostly nocturnal.

Thus, Elena finished her meal comfortably.

And arrived at the central tower where the Archmage was.


She ran into Jeremy, who just came out after having an audience with the Archmage.


“Happy birthday, Elena.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Hold on a minute.”

Jeremy rummaged through the pockets of his storage – which every wizard has.

And he brought out a present that Elena would like.

“It’s a birthday present.”

“Oh! Thank you, every time. Really.”


What Jeremy brought out was a book.

It was for Elena who was serious about magic research and experimentation.

The title of the book was <All About Minerals>.

Minerals were not only used for magic potions but also to manufacture magical items, so Elena was thinking of digging deeper into them someday.

Incidentally, Jeremy gave her a book about minerals!

“It’s a gift I really like. Teacher is the best!”

“It wasn’t much. I’m glad Elena likes it. Come on up then. The Archmage is waiting for you.”

“Yes, teacher!”

Elena looked at Jeremy’s back and vowed again.

Someday, a ‘Teacher’s Day’ would be established within the tower.


As usual, when she stood in front of the Archmage’s office, the door opened by itself.

Elena immediately put the book she had received from Jeremy in her pocket.

Then when she went inside, she saw the always glowing Archmage.

Karen, who had been sitting – almost lying – on a long chair, got up as Elena approached.

“Come here, Elena.”

“How are you, Archmage?”

Elena had been immersed in her research lately, so it has been a long time since she had met the Archmage.

“All good. Happy Birthday, Elena.”

“Thank you, Archmage.”

“Come on, come here.”

After Elena entered the tower.

She would go and see the Archmage in the morning on her every birthday. 

She didn’t know why, but the Archmage would always call her on her special day.

And the Archmage, Karen, always checked Elena’s physical condition.


Elena approached Karen and held out her hand in response to her words.

Then Karen grabbed hold of it.

As their hands touched, a pure white light flowed from Karen.

The light rode inside Elena and spread out through her entire body.

After the brief ceremony, Karen let go.

“You are healthy.”

“Thank you as always, Archmage.”

Elena was truly grateful to Karen, who constantly cared and never forgot about her health.

“Yeah. Then, have a happy birthday.”

“Yes, Archmage.”

Karen, who gave Elena a congratulatory order, quietly stared at her retreating back.

And when Elena left.

Karen’s expression hardened.

‘… I’ll have to prepare soon.’

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