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IASMLYB Chapter 41


Chapter 41


Ker was shocked.

“What did you say just now?”

He couldn’t quite comprehend the absurd conduct of his master.

“So, you’ve been proposing to miss Elena these past few days?”

Ker stared at his master with a look of disbelief.

The master nodded his head as usual.

“Oh, my God….”

In fact, from the beginning, he had no intention of giving his master love advice.

As usual, he stopped by the office to report for work.

But today, his master’s expression was unusual, so he asked him. And unlike the usual, his master confided with him his concerns.

‘You have finally trusted me with your worries.’

It has been a while since Ker had been happy with this kind of achievement in several years.

What the master said was truly shocking.

It was understandable to confess to a loved one immediately after returning from war.

But he has been proposing for days and days!

“Do you think that makes sense?”

Ker spoke out in a tone mixed with irritation and frustration.

But soon after, Lexion’s cold eyes quickly had him cower away.

“Sorry. It’s so frustrating. You should stop it.”

“… What bothers you?”

“Undoubtedly, it is because of Master’s actions.”

“What about it?”

‘I’m just expressing my sincerity, is that so wrong?’

Lexion had such a face.

Ker stared into Lexion’s eyes and eventually continued explaining slowly.

“My lord has only memories of her since you were young. And you must have cherished your affection while on the battlefield. But how can you guarantee that Miss Elena would feel the same?”


“Let’s assume it’s the same. Even if that were the case, who would agree with it if you told them to get married at the first chance you get?”


“Of course, my lord, your appearance is not a joke. You have great abilities and are the Duke of Halos. There is nothing wrong if she gives her consent. However, Miss Elena is someone whom Master shared his childhood with. To her, Master is regarded as her little brother. So it is natural for her to turn down the proposal.”

“But sister said that there are still many things she wants to do. That’s why she’s rejecting my proposal.”

Ker inwardly sighed.

“… … Of course, there are a lot of things she wants to do, so she may be rejecting you. But to my ears, it sounded like she turned you down because she sees you as her younger brother.”

Lexion was silent.

Surprisingly, Lexion agreed to Ker’s words.

“Hah. Anyway, do you still have feelings for Miss Elena?”


Lexion responded quickly.

Then Ker offered one last piece of advice.

“Then start with small things. Not to ask her hand for marriage immediately, but to pursue her in having a relationship.”


In fact, after listening to Ker’s last advice, Lexion shuddered.

However, after pondering over the fact of courting Elena, he changed his mind.

Ker was a love master.

Elena – who received Lexion’s request in having a romantic relationship with him – did not immediately reject it as before.

She seemed a little perplexed though.

This was a great improvement.

Lexion said while he gazed at Elena.

“… Until now, I’ve been proposing to you back and forth without being sensitive with your feelings, and I’ve put a lot of pressure on you. Sorry.”


“So, let’s start all over again.”

The sweet words that followed Lexion’s faint smile made Elena’s heart race.

And at his words of consideration for her, Elena’s heart was shaken.

She nodded her head slowly.

“… Okay.”

Lexion’s face brightened at Elena’s positive answer.

His smile was unsuspecting.

But Elena added.

“But there are conditions.”

“… Conditions?”

Lexion’s eyes widened slightly.

“First of all, we are going to date only for three months. And after three months, we’ll talk again after that. Do you want to continue pursuing this relationship, or… do you want to end it now?”

After stating her condition, Elena could not make eye contact with Lexion.

Because she felt awful for saying that to him.

However, it was something she had to say.

‘… Because I don’t want to hinder Lexion’s bright future.’

Besides, there were a lot of things she wanted to do.

However, Elena was worried about the possibility of Lexion rejecting this offer.

“All right.”

Lexion nodded.

“Do what you want, Elena.”

Elena was then left gobsmacked.

Thump thump thump 

‘Hey! You’re calling me by my name!’

Her cheeks were crimson-red, and her heart was racing hard.

Up until now, she has only been called “sister” by Lexion.

But when he called her name for the first time, she has no immunity against it.

“It’s a pity that it’s only for three months, but since it’s what Elena wants…”

Lexion was confident that he could have Elena as his lover within three months.

He smiled in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Elena had her head bowed down.

Lexion’s words could not be heard properly.

Occasionally, only her name could be heard clearly.

‘Crazy, really.’

Only her name was called and her heart was already thumping rampantly.

She must have gone mad.

‘Is it because I came to this world and never had a relationship before?’

And her opponent was Lexion.

Lexion, who has always been like the youngest brother to her.

But he grew up and became like a pheromone bomb.

Moreover, it was after he had accepted the application for donation.

In other words, in three months, she would have to face a formidable opponent within that period. 

However, her name was only mentioned and everything became messed up at once… 

‘I’m not going to fall for Lexion within three months…right?’

Actually, this was her plan.

For three months, Lexion could do whatever he wanted; but after that, she was thinking of breaking up with him.

Because Elena thought he would give up if that happened.

But it was an absurd plan.

Because her heart started racing crazily just because her name was called once.


Elena took a deep breath and barely calmed her heart.

In fact, it still hasn’t eased well.

However, with Lexion by her side, she couldn’t act like a crazy person any longer, so she struggled to keep her cool.

The moment Lexion called her name again.


Elena controlled her trembling heart and met Lexion’s gaze.

He was in a pretty good mood, eyes squinting as he smiled.

The captivating image ran straight to her heart once again.

But Elena did not give in.

“… I think it’s too early to call me by name.”

“But Elena even calls me by my first name.”

Lexion responded with a smile.

Elena was at a loss for words.

“Ah. Yes.”

“Did you not like it when I called you by your first name?”

Lexion asked cautiously.

Elena swallowed back her tears.

‘It’s a problem because it’s so good.’

She shook her head.

“No. It’s not like that.”

“Then I will keep calling you by your name. I heard that lovers call each other by their names or through endearments.”

‘Ah, endearments? Who are you going to kill?!’

Where the hell did Lexion hear about that?

The answer was Ker.

Elena’s eyes widened.

“Ah. Do you prefer nicknames instead?”

Lexion, who was looking at Elena, asked.

Elena had to shake her head violently.

“No, that is too burdensome.”

In fact, even being called by her name was embarrassing.

However, she was strangely persuaded by Lexion’s words, and she could not refuse.

“Then I’ll call you by name, Elena.”

“Yeah, yes. Lexion.”

Elena took a deep breath so small that Lexion couldn’t hear it.

“Yes, Elena.”

Lexion held her hand and stared at her.

“Tomorrow is Elena’s birthday.”

“Ah… .”

It was then that she remembered the day she had forgotten.

Since she came to the tower, she was always focused on research, so she often forgot her birthday.

‘It was mostly Jeremy who took care of me.’

Suddenly, when Lexion mentioned it.

She remembered the promise of him taking care of her birthday.

“I wanted to hold a grand birthday party for you… What do you think, Elena?”

Elena smiled softly and shook her head.

Since she was not the daughter of an aristocratic family, there was no need to hold a grand birthday party.

“It seemed so. So tomorrow, instead of a party, we should do something else.”

“Something else?”

Elena never thought that she would spend her birthday with Lexion.

“Would you like to spend time with me tomorrow?”

Lexion asked politely.

“Um, it’s hard to make a reservation in the morning, but… It can be done in the afternoon.”

“Reservation, huh?”

Lexion’s eyes narrowed at her words.

Elena added hastily.

“I’m supposed to meet with the Archmage for a while.”

“Ah… Okay. Then I’ll see you in the afternoon. I’ll wait.”

Then he smiled softly like he usually did whenever he was with her.

‘At the time they met, when he purchased the portal, the Archmage must have given Lexion some kind of magic.’

While Elena was relieved inside, Lexion stood up.

He partially bent down and kissed the back of Elena’s hand again.

“Then take a good rest today, Elena.”

And with a lovely smile, he entered the portal.

After Lexion left, Elena, who was left alone, exhaled heavily.

‘… My heart almost exploded.’

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