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IASMLYB Chapter 40


Chapter 40

Even after hearing those words, Elena did not immediately understand what he meant.

The gaze and voice of Lexion both felt cold to her.

His eyes were glistening wet.

It looked as if he was holding back his tears.

Why was Lexion making such an expression in front of her?

To be honest, Elena didn’t quite understand it.

Then she remembered what he had said.


‘… Did my type change? Why did that word come up?’

Utterly confused, she just stared at Lexion.

Suddenly, she recalled a conversation they had a long time ago.

Not with Lexion, but the conversation she had with Killian.

“Young master is not my type.”

“If I must say, your younger brother is more my type.”

“What? Do you like my younger brother?”


It was at that time when she had a maddening encounter with him.

When she refused Killian’s proposal to have an affair.

She mentioned that to aggravate him.

Of course, at the time, Lexion was very cute, so it was a bit selfish of her.

He was so adorable when he brought flowers to her with his mischievous smile.

But did Lexion hear their conversation at that time?

“Does my type matter…”

Elena asked Lexion carefully.

Then Lexion answered in a deadpan voice.

“When you were young, didn’t sister tell me? You like me.”

Oh. Everything made sense then.

Lexion seemed to think that Elena’s type had changed from himself to Jeremy.

If Lexion had seen her hugging Jeremy in the hallway, he might have thought so.

“… So, has your type changed? It’s no longer me, but someone else.”

Lexion was staring intently at Elena.

His eyes and his voice were still stone-cold as if he was going to kill Jeremy right away.

The emotion in his red eyes was like a plea.

Elena was silent for a moment.

She was not sure where to start, or how to explain it.

Then, she suddenly felt eyes looking at them.

Elena turned her gaze slightly and looked to the side, and saw several wizards walking around the hallway and staring at her.


“Lexion, let’s go inside and talk.”

Elena gently grabbed Lexion’s hand, which was still holding her waist.

His eyes softened and the hand that was holding her waist gradually let go.

Elena took him into the lab. Fortunately, Lexion followed her obediently.

At times like this, he was like a gentle, large dog, but… 

Until a moment ago, he appeared to be like a cruel beast.


Elena sighed and closed the lab door.

Lexion stood still and gazed down at her.

“Sit down first.”

Elena brought the chair to Lexion and headed to the kitchenette.

Then Lexion tried to move after her.

“Just stay on your seat.”

Saying it again, he followed and sat down.

‘… He’s really like a puppy.’

Elena looked at him for a moment, then turned and made the tea.

Taking some cookies and a tray of hot tea, she approached Lexion.

Then she handed him a cup of tea and sat across from him.

Lexion – receiving the teacup from her – held it with both hands.

The scene was really adorable as he securely held it against his big body.

It felt like the big dog realized his mistake and felt vulnerable from it.

Elena asked, looking at him happily.

“Have you calmed down?”

Lexion nodded.

‘Now it looks like you’re ready to hear my story.’

“Master Jeremy.”

Lexion’s eyes became fierce even though she only brought up her teacher’s name.

“He is like family to me. The scene that Lexion saw today of us hugging is only a common behavior between us.”

Lexion’s posture eased even more at those words, but he was still dissatisfied.

Hah! Elena was trying not to say this.

“For reference, Jeremy likes to associate himself with others. He even has a crush right now.”

Lexion’s expression lightened slightly. However, his expression was still ugly as he cautiously asked.

“But for you….”

“I don’t like older men.”

Then, Lexion’s face brightened in an instant.

His beast-like momentum had all disappeared.

‘Are you sure you’re the one who really swept the war?’

“Then do you still like me?”

Lexion asked with a mischievous smile.

It was a foul to ask with a smile like that.

Because, as an adult, Lexion… 

‘Because he really became my type.’

Elena didn’t know if those words became seeds, but his appearance was just her taste.

He appeared cold, but he has a sculptured countenance and a sexy body with strong muscles.

All of them were Elena’s ideal type.

So that was the problem.

Although she kept rejecting his proposal, she was afraid that one day she might fall in love with that face and accept it.


Elena sighed deeply and nodded her head.

Then, the corners of Lexion’s lips gently rose.

His moist eyes were shining as if they had ever been.

“I’m glad.”

Seeing Lexion’s smile made her heart beat faster.

‘I really hate this. I hate myself for being stupid….’

Elena was immersed in the creepy feeling of shame.

Lexion put down his teacup and got up.

And he approached Elena’s side.

“… Lexion?”

She called his name out of curiosity, but Lexion did not answer.

Instead, he sat next to her.

‘What are you trying to do?’

Without knowing, she just looked at Lexion, and he cautiously grabbed her hand.

A large hand guided Elena.

“Then please love me a little more.”

Then he put her hand to his cheek.

Then he smiled and closed his eyes.

Surprised, Elena did not take any action and remained still.

Her heartbeat rang in her ears.

Thump, thump.

She wondered if this sound could be heard by Lexion as well.

Lexion remained still with both eyes closed.

Elena moved her hand carefully and took it off his cheek.

Then she caressed his golden hair, which shone brighter in the sunlight as if it was the sun itself.

The hair that fell between her fingers was as soft as silk.

How long has it been since she stroked Lexion’s hair?

Elena stroked his hair and looked carefully at Lexion’s face.

Eyelids that were silently closed as if asleep, nose bridge that stood tall, and lips slightly raised at the tip.

The sight of Lexion with his eyes closed and only feeling her touch made her experience peculiar emotions.

Excited and restlessness came at the same time.

What kind of emotion was this?

‘I turned down his proposal for a moment.’

Why was Lexion coming to her like this?

‘And what should I do next?’

When several questions arose at the same time, Lexion’s eyes opened.

His eyelashes fluttered lightly, and Elena’s eyes met his red ones.

Surprised by this, Elena momentarily took her hand off his hair.

But Lexion’s hands were faster.

The hand held by Lexion was dragged helplessly.

Then his lips touched the back of her hand.

At the same time, a firm voice was heard from him.

“Only me. Please only look at me.”

His eyes were staring intently at her, engraved with deep emotions that could not be described in words.


From those dark eyes, Elena instinctively sensed the danger.

She averted her gaze from Lexion, and hurriedly pulled out the hand that had been caught by him.

Her cheeks were flaky, and when she fanned herself with her hand, Lexion didn’t come and hold her hand again.

“Hahaha. It’s hot.”

Elena smiled awkwardly and turned around.

Instead of answering, Lexion just stared at her.

At the persistent gaze, Elena gibbered.

“Well, by the way, Lexion. I’ve been out of my mind for the past few days, so I haven’t been able to say this. I’ve been struggling all this time. From fighting in the war, I’m really glad you’re back and in good health.”

Elena said while looking at Lexion with difficulty.

Lexion’s lips rose slightly at her sweet and gentle words.

“It was thanks to my sister that I was able to come back healthy.”

Then, Lexion took out the magic stone he had in his arms and showed it.

It was a magic stone, which he had never taken out of his arms for a moment.


Elena’s eyes widened slightly.

When Lexion went to the academy.

The magic stone he always gave her was broken and returned.

But the magic stone, which had been on the battlefield for several years, has returned unscathed.

As Elena couldn’t contain her surprise, Lexion’s smile deepened.

Elena’s eyes met him, and she finally smiled.

Up until now, the young Lexion and the current Lexion used to feel like different people from moment to moment.

But when she saw the magic stone, Elena suddenly felt connected to that time.

So her troubled mind was freed.

Lexion noticed that fact right away.

Because Elena looked at him and became more comfortable.

He carefully grabbed Elena’s hand.

And only said to her while squinting.

“Elena, please go out with me.”    

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