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IASMLYB Chapter 37


Chapter 37

Lexion Halos’ successive visits caused turmoil in the Magic Tower.

“Welcome, Duke Halos! Traveling to and fro must be hard for you!”

Hearing that Lexion had arrived, Hugh was the first to run and meet him, crawling like an old loyalist.

Hearing the news, Elena also went out of the room, but Hugh had already arrived.

So she stood for a moment and watched the situation below.

“Hello, Hugh.”

“Hello, Ker!”

Hugh and Ker, Lexion’s subordinate, greeted each other as if they have been friends for a long time.

‘Wasn’t it just yesterday that you two met for the first time?’

Elena laughed lightly.

After their greetings, a few men came into the tower with loads of luggage.

‘I’ve never seen these people in the Halos estate, are they Lexion’s friends?’

As she watched them, Lexion skillfully instructed them.

The men – receiving Lexion’s orders – laid down their baggage in an orderly manner.

“Oh, Duke. What is all this?”

Hugh asked with his eyes wide open. Then Lexion looked down at him with indifferent eyes and answered.

“A gift.”

“Huh… A gift?”

Lexion nodded, and Hugh went forward to check on those gifts.

Then the men in charge opened the packed luggage and showed it to him.

“Oh my gosh!”

Hugh couldn’t help but be astounded.

‘What? What is happening?’

While Elena was moving her head to check the present.

“Hello, Duke.”

Jeremy appeared.

Lexion shook his head roughly and greeted him.

‘No… To our teacher…!’

At that moment, Elena wanted to cry.

“My lord, look at this! The Duke gave a present for the Magic Tower!”

Hugh trembled and called Jeremy.

Then Jeremy walked up to Hugh.

‘Oh, I want to see what it is!’

The gift that Lexion had brought was not visible from the landing where she was standing.

‘What is it that they— Why do they like it so much?’

She was still trying to check the gift by any means, but she suddenly felt a gaze.

Elena pretended not to notice because she thought she knew whose gaze it was.


The other people have been oblivious to her.

‘… Shit.’

“Ha…ha… Lexion came?”

Elena smiled awkwardly and went down the stairs.

‘Ah… I’ll just go downstairs and say hello.’

Elena felt she shouldn’t be acting too embarrassed.

“Why didn’t you come down and just stood there?”

As she went down the stairs, Lexion approached her, probably waiting for her.

“That is…”

‘Isn’t it embarrassing to meet you face to face?’

She couldn’t answer honestly.


Elena struggled to smile, avoiding giving her answer, and approached Hugh and Jeremy.

Then she discovered why the two liked Lexion’s gift so much.

Lexion had his people load a pile of gold and brought it with him.

Gold was the currency used everywhere in the world.

‘No way. By the way, how much is this all?’

An estimate would be over 10 million gold.

If calculated easily, the amount was enough to buy several mansions in the capital.

Was being a generous Duke hereditary?

Besides, the men who brought such a large amount were also amazing.

As Lexion’s subordinates, they seemed to be very strong.

“Sister. Do you like the present?”

After staring at the heap of gold for a long time – which pleased her heart just by looking at it – she heard Lexion’s voice from behind.

Elena turned around in surprise.

“Yes, I like it.”

She really liked it. With this amount of gold, even the Archmage would be very pleased.

It was more than enough for a year’s living expenses in the tower.

‘But it must have been because of me that he brought so much gold…’

Since she had received something, Elena felt like she had to do something.

First, was her decision to decline the proposal, so she set that aside.

As she was contemplating what to replace, Lexion asked her as if he had read her mind.

“I want to see where my sister lives.”

Lexion’s ears reddened slightly when he said that.

“Sure. Let’s take a look.”


First, Elena took Lexion to her laboratory.

The lab was on the 4th floor.

All of the researchers’ labs in the West Magic Tower were on the 3rd floor; but as the chief researcher, she used the spacious lab on the 4th floor.

Lexion’s face brightened when she talked about it.

Looking at the bright Lexion, Elena felt as if she had suddenly returned to the past.

So, the awkward feeling has subsided a little, just a bit.

“There is nothing much to see, but this is my lab.”

“Nothing much to see.”

Elena smiled at Lexion’s answer and opened the door.

“It’s messy because I didn’t organize it, but… There is nothing forbidden to see.”

“Yes, sister.”

Lexion entered the lab and looked at the desk with interest.

‘Is he interested in magic?’

As far as she knows, Lexion has reached the pinnacle of martial arts and swordsmanship.

And she heard that he could handle another form of magic called ‘Auror.’

So he seemed to be interested in the same yet different magical power.

“Sister, what are these liquids used for?”

What Lexion pointed to were the colorful potions arranged neatly on the desk.

Elena said, pointing to the one close to them.

“Ah, this is a potion that enhances memory. The person’s memory could improve twice as much as usual, but its effect only lasts about a day. And the translucent potion next to it is a potion that will keep you from getting tired even if you haven’t slept for a day.”

Excited, Elena didn’t stop until she explained all the potions on the desk.

Then, realizing that she had been talking to him for over 10 minutes, she belatedly shut her mouth.

“Sorry. Was I talking too much?”

It seemed that the enthusiastic researcher in her had been awakened.

Wizard gnomes were usually too busy talking about the things they’ve studied, so they would frequently be inattentive to their surrounding.

So when she met someone – other than Jane – to listen to her research for the first time, she was thrilled without her knowing.

“It’s okay. Hearing sister’s story is very enjoyable for me.”

Fortunately, Lexion was smiling happily.

Even that figure felt like a self-illuminating light.

‘Besides, it’s fun to hear my story…’

When Lexion – who was no stranger to her – said that, Elena’s face brightened with glee.

“Hey, Lexion, no need to say things like that.”

Elena spoke courageously.

If she kept listening to claims like that, one day her heart would cease to exist.

Then, Lexion’s eyes squinted charmingly.

“No. That smile is forbidden.”

It was also bad for the heart.

Obviously, little Lexion was cute even when he smiled like that, but why did it look extremely sexy to the adult Lexion?

Even when she was young, it was several times more harmful to her heart. Now, it was close to being fatal.

Haa~ Ha~ 

While taking a deep breath to calm her heart, Lexion approached her.

From a distance of only one step, he looked down at Elena.

“Are you shy?”

How dare he asked that so openly!

“It’s not like that. Because Lexion is so beautiful…!”

Distracted, she stuttered.

‘Maybe my face will turn into a tomato now.’

Elena stepped back to get away from him.

But felt the hard bookshelf behind her back.

There was no more place to retreat.

Meanwhile, Lexion leaned close to her nose.

Oops. Just as she wanted to evade, Lexion’s large hand grabbed her hand.

He stared at Elena’s smaller hand for a moment, then gently brought it to his face.

She felt his warm face touching the palm of her hand.

The sound of breathing came closer to the soft skin.

She could see her reflection in Lexion’s crimson eyes.

Seeing those eyes, Elena was unable to take any action.

It felt like his heart was beating right next to her.

When she could no longer even breathe properly.

Lexion’s low voice continued.

“If I am beautiful, please look at me more.”

Lexion rubbed his face against Elena’s hand.

It was like a dog begging for love.

Then his lips twitched once more.

“… You can do that.”

Lexion’s face – seeing it up close – was really pretty.

He was so stunning that all Elena could think was that he was more gorgeous than those women.

It felt like her heart would jump out when she met his bright eyes.

In such a situation, if one heard a word that sounded seductive… Their heart would go haywire.

So Elena pushed Lexion hard.

And hurriedly turned around.

“I’m sorry, but please leave. I suddenly remembered that I have an urgent report to write…”

It was clear that it was an excuse.

Because if she stayed with Lexion even a little longer, her heart would burst out and die.

A low laugh was heard from behind.

Lexion seemed to see through her excuse.

“… Then, I’ll see you later.”

Then there was the sound of the door closing.

After Elena confirmed that Lexion had left the lab, she sat down.

“… Crazy, really.”

Why was he so captivating?

Elena’s face grew hotter and hotter.


Lexion, after leaving Elena’s laboratory, walked alone into the Magic Tower.

Inside it, there were various plants everywhere. As if the forest had been transferred there.

There were vines of unknown species on the walls, and carnivorous plants with their mouths wide open in the hallway.

Lexion walked down the hall, scanning them.

Then, suddenly, at the end of the corridor, he found something vibrating.

It was a full-length mirror slightly smaller than him.

However, the strange thing was that the mirror was blue in color and bubbling.

‘Is this also some kind of magic?’

Lexion stood in front of the mirror for a moment and observed.

The magic that came out of the mirror wasn’t that impressive.

If so, what was this object and why was it here?

After observing for a while, he heard the clear voice of a familiar young man from behind.

“Duke, you are here!”

It was Hugh.

He smiled brightly and approached Lexion.

“What is this mirror?”

Lexion immediately asked to clear his curiosity.

Then Hugh glanced at the object behind him and explained.

“Ah, this is a portal!”

“… Portal?”

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