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IASMLYB Chapter 36


Chapter 36

Elena rolled her eyes.

What did he mean?

Nothing has changed since seven years ago or now?

Outwardly, not much has changed.

Compared to seven years ago, he wasn’t that tall either, and his face didn’t change at all.

However, his voice and the style of clothes he was wearing changed quite a bit.

While Elena was staring at Lexion, not knowing whether it was an insult or a compliment, he spoke again.

“And we can celebrate this coming birthday together.”

His words reminded her of the time when Lexion left seven years ago.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be at your birthday party. When I come back, I’ll make sure to celebrate it with you.”

That was what he said.

‘At that time, my birthday was a few days after Lexion left. Come to think of it, next week is my birthday.’

“It is.”

Elena appeared awkward, but she raised her lips without showing any effort.

It was awkward. It was very awkward.

Seven years was absurdly long, and the awkwardness could not be easily shaken off.

Besides, his appearance was so different that it was even more awkward.

‘It would have been less awkward if we had met when we were a little younger than now.’

In Elena’s mind, the image of the young Lexion before he went to the academy remained vivid.

So it was very awkward to face him who has grown up like this.

Conversations were also sparse, and the gaps between conversations were long, so the discomfort only heightened.

‘What is Lexion thinking? He’s going to think he felt uncomfortable just like me.’

Many thoughts were running through her head, but Lexion pulled something out of his arms.

“It’s been here for 7 years….”

What he held out in front of Elena was an old piece of paper.

“I never forgot you, even for a moment.”

Hearing Lexion’s low voice, Elena looked down at the paper placed in front of her.

It was a document that seemed to have been kept somewhere with a notable title that caught her eye.

[Engagement Pledge]

No way.

Elena immediately looked down.

In the lower right corner of the old document, Lexion’s name and her own name were written in crooked lines.

‘Oh My God. You still have this?’

Unable to hide her surprise, she raised her head and saw Lexion, who was smiling softly, met her gaze.

Then his mouth opened and a sweet voice fell.

“Please marry me, sister.”

Elena’s eyes widened as if they were about to pop out.

‘… Did I hear it wrong?’

Lexion, whom she met after 7 years, suddenly appeared before her and asked her to marry him.

‘Why? … No, and why do you have the paperwork I signed as a kid?’

Elena gazed at Lexion with a bewildered face.

Unlike her, who was stunned, Lexion looked very calm.

Then he smiled and added.

“Don’t think I’m just here to say that we’re playing house.”

It was a nice voice to hear, but somehow it felt cold.

‘… It’s supposed to be playing house, what should I do?’

Did Lexion not realize that it was a childhood prank now that he was an adult?

‘If I had known this would be the case, I shouldn’t have signed it…!’

But at that time, Elena did not know that things would turn out like this, and it was already too late.

Should she just claim that they were playing house?

However, Lexion now was a little scary.

Even though he was smiling, she felt a sense of intimidation.

Besides, it was her own mistake to not recognize the sincerity of a pure child.


“Uh… Well, so that’s…”

Elena should say something, but she wasn’t sure what.

First of all, if she should say that they were playing house, she must be mindful of her answer because she might hurt Lexion.

“First and foremost, I need time to think. Furthermore, it’s so sudden…”

No matter how good-looking Lexion was, even if it made her heart feel heavy, even if they were close when they were young, marriage and such things were different.

Because marriage was a very important matter in life.

So, when she cautiously gave her response, Lexion’s expression became grave.

He seemed to think for a moment, then spoke.

“… I see. Then I will give you time to think.”

Then he got up from his seat.

“I’m going to go back today.”

His face was gloomy, but somehow his eyes felt vague.

“Yes. Return safely, Lexion.”

Elena followed him and saw him off.

Lexion and Ker, who accompanied him, left the tower as quickly as when they visited.

As the entrance to the tower closed, Elena could feel her power being drained from her body.


Although it was a short time, Elena slumped into her seat because she was so nervous.


As she calmed her pounding heart, Hugh and Jeremy ran to her.

“Senior! How do you know Duke Halos?”

Hugh asked, eyes twinkling.

“I am a peasant that was taken care of by their family before.”

“Aha! So, are you in a relationship?”

Hugh grinned and said brightly.

A lover…!

“That’s not right!”

Elena, who was somehow embarrassed, jumped from her seat and went passed them.

Then she climbed the stairs and quickly headed to her room.

‘Lexion and I are lovers? Do other people see it that way?’

If she thought about it, Lexion’s attitude today was like treating her as his lover.

“Sister, I missed you.”

“Marry me, sister.”

His eyes and sweet voice clearly expressed his feelings.

Elena didn’t know why he treated her like that.

‘I was just helping and loving a miserable child.’

Could it be that she accidentally flirted with him without knowing it?

‘If that’s not the case, then why is Lexion…?’

And there was one more problem.

It was that she didn’t like Lexion’s attitude that much.

First of all, Lexion was so cool.

Much more than what was portrayed in the original.

Faced with the real thing, her heart raced nonstop.

It was a fictional world, so she often ran into good-looking people.

Jane’s lover, Hayes, was also the male protagonist of the original novel, so Elena felt that he was very handsome.

But Lexion was one step ahead.

Lexion didn’t just have a handsome face. He has this unique aura around him.

What was it?

‘Should I call him a decadent beauty?’

Even just taking a sip of tea, even that composed gesture felt very sexy.


Elena took a deep breath.

‘I know he is all grown up now, but how can he be this cool?’

No, it was not her fault.

This was because Lexion was breathtakingly handsome.

Besides, they had known each other since childhood.

That was why the intimacy with him – that was inherent to her – could not push Lexion away.


It was too sudden to propose.

She had time to think.

‘You just came back from the war. It’s the first time we’ve met after seven years, and you unexpectedly propose to me.’

She had a strange feeling.

It wasn’t even asking her to be in a romantic relationship. Even more so, it was a marriage proposal.

Wouldn’t it be better if she had said that they should get engaged before getting married?

‘No, I guess I’m crazy. Engagement.’

Elena shook her head.

‘For now, I must refuse.’

He has a gorgeous face, she should be happy for a while if they got married.

But this marriage could not be directly achieved.

Moreover, in the first place, Elena had no intention of marrying anyone, even Lexion.

It was nice to work now.

Researching magic, experimenting with potions, crafting magic items, and more.

Also, the things she wanted to learn, things she wanted to see, places she wanted to go to, and so on.

There were so many things she wanted to do.

So, let alone getting married, Elena did not even think about dating.

‘… Sending a rejection letter right away. It will feel like a rejection without even giving it much thought, so I’ll say no in a few days.’

She felt sorry for Lexion.

‘But why did Lexion propose to me?’

With the appearance and ability of Lexion, the noble ladies in the Empire – vying for him – could form a long line.

Not only that, but he was a talent that even the Imperial family would covet.

It was beneficial to both Lexion and the Halos name to choose and marry a lady from the most outstanding family.

Elena was a magician who was treated as highly as a noble, but that was all.

There was no title, and of course, she has nothing to call a family.

Although she had accumulated considerable wealth thanks to her hard work, she was still a commoner in terms of her status.

‘You’re proposing to me like that…’ 

If she even married Lexion, there would be a large-scale of malicious articles in the Empire.

[The Duke of Halos’s bride is a commoner?!]

Well, with such nuance, it would spread like wildfire.

‘Ugh… no.’

Elena would have to send a rejection letter within a few days.

That was what she thought.

However, the next day, Lexion came to the tower again.

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