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IASMLYB Chapter 35


Chapter 35

The man was such an exquisite existence that even his voice gave him goosebumps.

It was low and captivating.


Hugh, who had been staring at Lexion, came to his senses and asked.

“I asked where Elena is.”

Hugh trembled at the man’s cold gaze.

“I– This is Duke Lexion Halos, the one who succeeded the former Duke Halos.”

While Hugh quivered from that frigid gaze, Ker introduced Lexion.

It was then that Hugh realized his mistake and hurriedly shook his head.

“I’m sorry, Duke. I didn’t recognize you. I will immediately bring senior Elena.”

It was said that the Magic Tower’s wizards were as distinguished as the noblemen, but Hugh was only a new wizard.

No matter how great he was, he wasn’t as prominent as the Duke.

Hugh hurriedly turned around and headed to Elena’s garden.

Cold sweat ran down his body as he ran.


The people from the Magic Tower did not like humans who did not have magical powers.

It was because of the conflict between humans and wizards a long time ago, although it has already been centuries.

It was in ancient times when magic was not as universal as it was now.

Humans feared and rejected wizards who have magical powers.

Then, naturally, a war broke out, and both sides suffered a lot of damage.

However, the Archmage who appeared just in time interceded between the humans and the wizards.

Archmages gathered wizards to build towers, and occasionally helped humans.

Hundreds of years have passed, and most people have forgotten about the previous wars.

But the magicians of the Magic Tower did not.

Compared to human society, ancient wars were constantly transmitted from the magic tower, which was far too narrow.

Of course, as the years passed, they no longer hated the humans as openly as the wizards at that time.

They just didn’t like it very much.

Still, humans often visited the tower.

It was mainly to buy various magical items or have family members visit their relatives who were wizards.

Unless they notified them of their visit in advance, the wizards wouldn’t let them go.

They detested those who came without a word.

Because even the Archmage and other wizards thought that kind of behavior was very rude.

So, a few years ago, the Emperor who came without sending word in advance was also immediately expelled.

However, it was different if the opponent was a Halos.

‘It started when the Duke hired Jeremy as her teacher.’

When Elena asked the Duke of Halos to learn magic.

Hugh didn’t know it at that time, but it was said that the former Duke personally visited the Magic Tower.

And with a huge donation.

They hated humans, but they liked money more.

Duke Halos was well aware of that fact, so he donated a large amount to the Magic Tower and caught the eye of the Archmage.

Thanks to that, Jeremy, a remarkable teacher, came directly to teach Elena.

In addition, Duke Halos continued to donate to the Magic Tower for Elena until recently.

If one added up all the donations, one could buy dozens of mansions.

So, when Hugh heard the name ‘Halos’ in the tower, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Even if someone from Halos suddenly came to visit, he would look after them.

‘The Emperor, far from donating, was kicked out because he was a man full of greed.’

The Halos was probably the only one in the entire empire that could donate to the Magic Tower.

‘Rumor said that he had more wealth than the Imperial family.’

So, even in the tower, the Halos must be treated in high esteem.

‘… But why did Lexion suddenly come to the tower?’

Did he want to meet her?

It seemed right, but it also didn’t seem right.

She saw an article a while ago that said he had succeeded the Duchy.

If that were the case, then he would be busy.

Elena couldn’t understand why he had to travel for hours to meet her in such a situation.

She didn’t know if it was after she had sorted out everything she have to do.

‘Maybe to ask the tower about something.’

With that thought in mind, Elena entered the hall and froze.

The tall man standing at the entrance was obviously Lexion.

The fine gold hair and jewel-studded crimson eyes were something she was familiar with.

However, the face of the broad and sculpted adult seemed unfamiliar.

‘Even until the last time I saw him, he felt like a boy who was a bit taller than me.’

Seven years – from being a cute boy – Lexion has turned into a beastly man.

Elena stood blankly and stared at Lexion.

His face slowly turned to her.

Red eyes were slowly met.

Then, somehow, she felt as if time was passing slowly.

When their eyes met, Elena let out a small sigh of admiration without realizing it.

‘… He’s really handsome.’

That was then.

Lexion’s face, which had had no expression until a while ago, gradually brightened.


Lexion, who found Elena, strode towards her.

As he drew closer, she momentarily backed away.

‘You’ve grown too big!’

Lexion, whom she met after seven years, had grown tall enough for her to look up.

“… Lexion?”

Elena cautiously called out his name as he approached her.

Then, Lexion’s eyes squinted nicely.

“Sister, I wanted to see you.”

He was so pretty that Elena almost drooled.

And Ker couldn’t keep his mouth shut at the scene unfolding before his eyes.

‘My master, who I thought was an unfeeling human, was smiling at the woman.’

It was also very bright.

They swept the battlefield together for seven years, and it was an expression he had never seen before.

Ker had never even seen him display a small grin, let alone a huge smile.

Fortunately, there were a few times when he could see the change in his expression.

That was when he looked at the necklace, which appeared to be given to his master by a very precious person.

At that time, his master had such a look as if he missed someone.

Although he did not express it outwardly, it was clear that he was drawing strength from the necklace that the person had given to him.

‘Is it that person before him?’

Probably right.

Because the master – who looked down on everyone – was exploiting his title and wasn’t respecting others.

It was certain.

‘By the way, she’s a very beautiful lady…’

Ker gazed at the woman who his master had approached as if he was possessed.

That woman was as beautiful as his master.

Red hair that reached her waist and bright blue eyes.

The bright features on her small face were likened to a rose in full bloom.

Although she was wearing a comfortable shirt and pants, her beauty could not be hidden.

Besides, standing beside his master, they looked like a picture-perfect couple.

‘Is that the master’s hidden lover?’

Ker had not heard from his master regarding his family or lovers in seven years.

However, it was only a guess, looking at the magic crystal necklace that was obviously made by a wizard.

Moreover, the overjoyed expression on his Master Lexion, who seemed to have everything in the world, made that speculation true.

‘But I think she was surprised too. Besides, he called her sister…’

It seemed too affectionate to be called a family.

Also, he knew that his master only had an older brother.

‘Then, a lover…!’

Ker felt his heart skip a beat for some reason.

Observing the pair, he felt a sudden thrill inside him.

‘What should I do?!’

Ker’s cheeks were flushed and felt a vicarious satisfaction.

Elena, who was just looking up at Lexion, opened her mouth awkwardly.

“Uh… Lexion, it’s been a while.”

“Yes, sister. It’s been 7 years.”

“But what did you come to the tower for?”

Elena asked, hiding her awkwardness.

She was genuinely curious. What reason did Lexion have to visit the tower, especially when he should be busy at this period?

Then Lexion still smiled beautifully and answered.

“Of course, I came to see you.”

At his answer, Elena only thought that her heart stopped for an instant.

‘It’s a sin to say things like that with that face…!’

As she struggled to calm her pounding heart.

The two wizards standing near her were also taken aback for a moment.

Hugh and Jeremy wondered if the Lexion Halos standing in front of them was the Lexion Halos he knew.

‘I’ve heard rumors that he’s a battlefield monster…?’

Hugh swallowed his saliva.

Jeremy, who was standing next to him, pondered for a moment on what to do with this situation.

‘I don’t think he visited the tower to buy something, so I don’t need to report it to the Archmage. Besides, he’s the Duke of Halos, so there’s no need to send him back right away.’

Then Jeremy walked over to the two and said with a friendly face.

“You two go to the drawing room and take your time while you catch up.”


Elena followed Jeremy’s suggestion and went to the drawing room because it seemed like a nuisance to keep talking at the entrance.

The old-fashioned drawing room wasn’t as spacious as her old room in the Halos estate.

Elena and Lexion sat down with a table between them.

She drank the tea Jeremy had brought.

But the problem was, she didn’t know if the tea went through the nose or the mouth.

The Lexion sitting before her was so handsome.

‘Shit. How can a person be this ravishing…?’

To the point of swearing.

The restrained movement while drinking the tea, and the smiling face when their eyes meet from time to time.

It felt as if the statue made by God came to life.

Elena even wondered if this was enough for the world to step out and protect this beauty.

‘But you came to see me….’


She did not understand it.

It was true that the two were quite close back when they were young. But with time passing, she thought that they would naturally become estranged.

‘But you came all the way to the tower to see me…’

When Elena was staring blankly at Lexion.

He smiled softly and opened his mouth.

Ugh so cool.

Elena felt her heart throb.

“You haven’t changed at all.”

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