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IASMLYB Chapter 32


Chapter 32

“Oh! So what happened?”

When Elena stopped talking at the crucial point, Jane hurriedly asked.

With eyes wide open, she looked as cute as a squirrel when she asked her.

Elena leisurely took a sip of tea and spoke slowly.

“What do you mean? It was obvious. He’s the one I always mention. The evildoer.”

“The one who quarreled with Elena every time?”

At her nod, Jane was startled.


“He’s close with the wizard who placed the barrier in my lab. So I asked the wizard to come over.”

“Oh! Oh! Then?”

“Once I went straight to him, I shoved in front of him the video ball. Jane should’ve seen his face. It was distorted. He made a mistake himself.”

“Oh, my God, how can there be such a person?”

At Jane’s amusing reaction, Elena chuckled.

Seven years have passed since Elena left the Halos family.

In the meantime, she has been studying magic in earnest at the Magic Tower and doing various research.

And Jane overcame her oppressive father and was free to do what she wanted.

Elena didn’t know about it because it didn’t appear in the original, but Jane had a knack for business.

Every business she touched would become profitable, and she now enjoyed as much wealth as the Duke of Halos.

Naturally, Jane’s father had no choice but to acknowledge her.

Elena and Jane were very busy with their own work, but they would meet at least once a month.

The main meeting place was at the residence of Count Oswald, Jane’s home.

They would often spend their tea time in the breathtaking garden Jane had designed.

“So what did you do, Elena? You must have certainly told the Archmage, right?”

She shook her head at Jane’s question.

“No. I didn’t do that.”


Jane was surprised.

“I looked at it because I had all the experimental data and prototypes. First of all, thanks to the data and the prototype, the experiment could be resumed. Also, that conceited man got down to his knees and begged, so I decided to just move on.”

“But what are you going to do next time?”

Jane worriedly asked. Elena smiled to ease her troubles.

“It’s okay. It won’t happen next time.”

“How are you so sure? He’s an envious man, Elena. A man blinded by envy wouldn’t think straight.”

Suddenly, at her words, Killian came to mind.

Elena hastily erased that ugly face from her mind.

“He has nowhere else to go but the tower. You know that too, and there would be no next time. If that happens again, then I plan to show the recorded video to the Archmage.”

With a smile, Jane leaned forward to take Elena’s hand.

“I know. If Elena is fine, then it will be fine.”

Even though Jane was like that, she was still kind.

From the time they first met at the Halos mansion until now.

Her character has always been the same when it came to Elena.

‘From the outside, it seems that her personality has changed a lot.’

Still, Jane appeared to be in a better situation now than in the original.

“Jane, can I stay with you today?”

“Sure! In that case, I’m going to ask the chef to prepare well for dinner today.”

Jane smiled brightly in response.

Because of her frequent visits, Elena often stayed at the Oswald family’s mansion.

The Oswalds had a guest room dedicated to Elena. However, she slept mostly in Jane’s room.

As they didn’t see each other often, they have heaps of stories to tell, so they chatted all night long.

“Ah, Elena. Have you seen this?”

Jane smiled and handed Elena the newspaper.

It was today’s newspaper, published by a famous newspaper establishment in the capital.

“What is it?”

“Look at the article on the front page!”

Elena followed Jane’s words and flipped over to the newspaper’s front page.

On the first page – in bold and prominent words – was an article entitled:

<Soleth’s noble sword, ‘Lexion Halos’ is finally returning to the Empire!>

Under the eye-catching title, it was written that Lexion would soon reach the Empire.

Below that, Lexion’s activities were listed all over the place, but she couldn’t read them all.

Elena was left stunned that she had to read the title over and over again.

This was because Lexion returned a year earlier than the original.


His first battle was when he was 13.

After that, for about seven years, he swung his sword again and again on the battlefield.

From the moment his hands were soaked in red until now, there was no day that he ceased swinging his sword.


On the way back to the Empire.

The exhaustion from the long battle settled in Lexion’s eyes as he gazed with indifference outside the window.

The territorial war, which started seven years ago, ended in about three months.

After a fierce battle, the kingdom’s territory was successfully absorbed into the Empire’s dominion.

But he did not immediately return home.

Still not enough. The status where he was was not enough.

So he circled the continent.

Thanks to the greedy Emperor, the war did not stop, and monsters abounded throughout the continent.

He effortlessly conquered the lands coveted by the emperor, and he mercilessly cut down anything that stood in his way.

So Lexion made a stack of achievements for himself.

It took him seven years to earn the nickname: ‘Soleth’s Noble Sword’.

It was enough time for the boy to grow into a seasoned adult.

It has been a long time, so his appearance and personality have changed a lot.

However, there was one thing that didn’t change.

Lexion touched the crimson magic stone and remembered the girl who gave it to him.

The day he departed.

The girl looked up at him with moist eyes as if she was about to cry.

His feelings towards her have not changed.

No, it intensified as time went on.

She was the driving force that pushed himself to the limit and reached the apex.


A faint smile was drawn on Lexion’s lips as he called out the girl’s name.

It would be nice to see her brilliant smile.

The soft lips that called him, the dainty hands that held his hand.

‘You don’t know how much I missed you for the past seven years.’

He wanted to go to her side as soon as possible.

“I want to meet you soon.”

Lexion briefly kissed the Magic Stone.


The capital of the Soleth Empire, Antisium.

In the central square of Antisium, there was a large welcoming crowd.

Today was the long-awaited return of the war hero.

A boy who jumped onto the battlefield at the age of 13 and became a hero on the continent.

Now he was called ‘Soleth’s Noble Sword’.

A large crowd had gathered to see him and welcome him.

Shortly after, a cavalry came into the square.

People opened fire, threw flowers, and warmly welcomed the heroes of the war.

Then, as the leading star appeared, the cheers grew louder.

The man who appeared on a pure white horse had an exquisite appearance.

Short golden hair neatly curled up and emotionless red eyes.

He was a handsome man with thick lines.

Moreover, his image in a uniform was like a painting, and many women exclaimed with admiration.

However, the admired man was not interested in the crowds gazing at him.

His subordinates encouraged him to wave to the crowd at least once, but he didn’t listen and just stared straight ahead with a cold gaze.

His head was filled with only one thought.

‘This is boring.’

He wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible.

However, promptly returning home was not something he could do on his own.

Today’s hero was him, and there was a lot of work to be done.

He was to have an audience with the Emperor, who was looking forward to meeting him. He also has to attend the victory ceremony and commemorative party prepared by the Emperor for him.

By the time the magnificent Imperial palace came into view, he was already suffering from a throbbing headache.

Lexion thought.

‘The war hero will be absent.’


“Hahaha! It’s a party for you, and you decisively didn’t attend. You are a great man!”

Duke Halos chuckled as he recalled his son’s remarks a while ago.

The son he met today – after seven years of absence – did not hesitate to utter before the Emperor:

“I will not attend the celebration.”

It was a welcome party without the main character.

It must have been terrible, but fortunately, the Emperor showed the same reaction as Duke Halos and gave his permission.

The Emperor had set a celebration for him, but he brazenly skipped it.

“So, what were those seven years like for you?”

They were on their way back to the mansion.

The Halos father and son, reunited after a long time, rode together in a carriage.

Duke Halos asked Lexion, who was sitting across from him and looking outside the window.

Then, Lexion’s gaze returned to him.

He was no longer a cheerful boy but had the eyes of a sophisticated adult.

Duke Halos’ mouth slightly raised at his son’s noticeably different appearance.

Then a low voice came out of Lexion.

“It was very dull.”

In response, Duke Halos was slightly impressed.

War was boring, ha.

‘Is he the same as me?’

Soon he burst out laughing.

“… Father.”

Lexion, who was silently listening to his laughter, called him.

Duke Halos stopped laughing and stared at his son.

Then, the eyes of his son, which appeared dead, changed.

“Seven years… I have considerably proven my ‘worth’.”

At those words, Duke Halos remained silent for a moment.

Proof of worth. It was the fundamental reason that made the little boy plunge into battle on his own.

And successfully proving his worth meant it was time to step down.

“… Alright. I get it.”

Duke Halos smiled softly and slowly nodded.

“Now, I will leave Halos to you.”

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