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IASMLYB Chapter 29


Chapter 29

“Sister, I will go now.”

“Be careful always. You must study hard.”

“Yes! Do not worry.”

Lexion said bravely.

Elena held the child in her arms.

Today was the day that Lexion would finally leave for the academy.

Not long ago, Killian was kicked out, and Jane immediately left the mansion.

And now when the child was about to go to the academy, it felt strange.

Elena stared intently at the wagon as Lexion made his way to the front door.

‘I should be fine now I guess.’

Her wish had come true.

She drove out Killian and remarkably altered the original.

Jane would find her own happiness, and Lexion would live a blissful stable life out of the shadow of his older brother.

So it was time for her to leave the Halos manor too.

‘Because in the first place, I was playing the role of Jane’s friend.’

She was able to live in their mansion because she was the daughter of Duke Halos’ benefactor who saved his life, but the real reason she chose to stay for a long while with the Halos family was Jane.

But now that Jane was no longer there, it was time for her to depart.

Besides, the life Elena wanted was in the tower.

So it was right for her to leave the estate.

‘But why do I feel sad about it?’

She didn’t stay long in their home.

Although she settled there for less than half a year, she felt at home.

It was a place where Elena spent time with Jane and Lexion, making it a happy space.

Sometimes, unbelievable things happened.

‘… Lexion will come back every time it’s his vacation. What should I do then?’

As she was contemplating, the butler approached her.

“The Duke is looking for you.”

“The Duke…?”

Elena tilted her head and followed the butler.

When they arrived at the office, the butler opened the door for her with a smile.


The Duke of Halos greeted her with a smile on his face.

“Duke… What do you need me for…?”

“Sit down first.”

The Duke led Elena to the sofa.

As the two of them sat down on the sofa, a maid served the tea.

“Now you are the only one left in the mansion.”

Duke Halos, who drank a sip of tea, strongly expressed his distress.

“So it seems…”

“I’m just asking, Elena, are you planning to leave the mansion too?”

“Ah, that… I am quite troubled by that.”

Originally, she resolutely planned to go to the tower.

But for some reason, it wasn’t easy to make up her mind.

Was it because of Lexion, who would return someday, or because of her memories?

She didn’t even get caught.

“I see. So, if you’re thinking about it, could you please do me this favor?”

“Yes? What kind of request do you have?”

“Actually, after my sons left, I realized I was a bit hostile. Moreover, I already see you like my own daughter, and if you leave… I’ll be more miserable.”

Duke Halos smiled bitterly.

It was the most humane face he had ever shown.

He was cold-hearted toward his children, and would always place the reputation of his family first.

But it must have been something like this.

‘After all, humans are three-dimensional beings.’

As she was immersed in her thoughts, the Duke added:

“I have two sons, but one of them is the worst in the world, and the other is distant to me. But you weren’t. I really liked the way you were always confident and said everything you had to say to me. You are also very talented.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

As Elena smiled awkwardly, the lips of Duke Halos rose.

“I meant what I said. It would be great if you were my daughter. That’s why Elena.”

His expression became serious.

“Have you ever thought of wanting to become my adopted daughter?”

“… Yes?”

Elena’s eyes widened at his sudden suggestion.

“I really want you to be my daughter.”

It wasn’t at all rare for a noble to support a commoner and adopt them as their child.

It was to show off their wealth and fulfill the moral obligations of their position.

But Elena was very upset.

‘I knew very well that the Duke is good to me; he even said that he wanted me to be his daughter…’

Duke Halos’ eyes were sparkling, staring expectantly toward Elena.

“Oh, Duke. I’m sorry, but I think that would be difficult.”

“… Really?”

Was it an illusion? Suddenly, Duke Halos’ shoulders seemed to sag.

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

“If being my adopted daughter is hard… How about being my daughter-in-law?”

Duke Halos asked seriously.


“You and Lexion are close, and an arranged marriage between children is normal among the aristocrats. Hahaha.”

Elena’s mouth was wide open.

‘Me with Lexion…?’

It wasn’t easy to even imagine.

From playing house to suddenly getting married?

Lexion was still a child who had just turned 10.

Of course, although it said he would be an outstanding gentleman when he grew up.

‘Lexion is just my little cute brother who delights me every time….’

Elena immediately shook her head.

“Well, that’s a bit….”

“What’s wrong? Lexion looks like me and he will be very handsome in the future. Also, when you become part of the Halos family as my daughter-in-law, all of our wealth is in your hands.”

Elena awkwardly laughed.

“Duke, I’m really fine.”

Elena had never thought of it that way with Lexion, and there would be no such thing.

Besides, his wealth was considerable.

“… If that’s what you want, I understand. But, if you change your mind later, please let me know.”

“Yes. Yes.”

It wouldn’t happen.

“Anyway, Elena, until you come of age… I want to continue my guardianship. Of course, I respect your wishes first. I hope Halos will be a home to which you will return.”

Duke Halos’ sincere words were enough to shake Elena.

‘Just because I won’t go to the tower right now, it doesn’t mean that the tower will disappear. Jeremy will keep visiting the mansion…’

Besides, Yuri’s classes were also fun.

‘And Lexion… He will come back every winter.’

Should she stay a little longer?

Elena pondered for a moment, then nodded.

“All right, Duke. I will stay in the mansion until I come of age.”

At her answer, Duke Halos’s face brightened.

* * *

Time passed quickly.

Two years have passed since Lexion left for the academy.

Meanwhile, Elena turned 16 and Jane – who turned 17 – celebrated her coming-of-age ceremony.

And this year, Lexion turned 12.

Lexion… He would come back to the mansion every winter break, and he grew up every time she saw him.

He was about the same height as Elena, even though he was now 12 years old.

He truly was a monster of growth.

He was still cute though.

Every time Lexion returned to the mansion, Elena made sure to bring a magic stone as a birthday present.

She has been working hard on training her magic for two years. She was now able to craft high-grade magic gemstones.

However, she didn’t think of giving Lexion a magic stone every year.

Instead, she was compelled to.

‘Lexion, what kind of life do you have at the academy that the magic stone I gave you gets broken every time?’

‘The shield was activated in between fights and would break.’

Once the magic in the magic stone was activated, the stone would shatter.

So it made sense for it to be destroyed during a match.

Smirking, Lexion once said that he loved bringing it with him the whole time as it brought him good fortune.

‘Still, sister will make it again.’

It was cute, so Elena decided to turn a blind eye.

Once Lexion returned to the mansion, he wanted to spend a lot of time with Elena.

She understood the child’s desire to be with the person he was attached to, so she decided that in the winter she wouldn’t take Yuri and Jeremy’s classes.

Even Elena thought she was on winter break, and she was having so much fun with Lexion.

From time to time, she would stop by the Count’s mansion to see Jane.

The two years have changed Jane a lot.

Jane said she was now able to articulate her own wishes.

She hated what she didn’t like, and she fancied what she liked. The way she spoke fluently was very pleasing to the ears.

Though it wasn’t the only one.

Jane started with painting and progressed through martial arts, cooking, swordsmanship, gardening, and so on.

She learned everything she wanted to learn.

She was initially opposed by Count Oswald, but he raised his hands and feet as Jane stubbornly stood her ground.

Elena was proud of Jane’s growth as if it was her job.

When winter came, the three of them had fun.

It was a lot of fun to spend time doing small things together.

Elena hoped that this joy would last forever.

* * *

Duke Halos’ office.

As the Duke scanned over the papers, a knock was heard.

“Come in.”

Duke Halos grabbed his throbbing forehead, thinking of the butler who must have been carrying a mountain of work.

However, it wasn’t the butler who entered the office.

It was his second son, Lexion.

Two years ago, the little boy who was abused by his older brother grew up like a young man within a short time.

The boy, who was about to turn 13, was taller than his peers.

Besides, he had a very good reputation among the Academy professors.

Not only did he not miss being at the top of his class since he entered the school, but he also basically stood out in any subject.

In particular, he heard that his son was unparalleled in physical areas such as martial arts and swordsmanship, where there were many practical lessons.

‘Yes, if it’s Lexion…’

It was enough to make him his successor. Since he was a child, he was often told that he was a genius.

Moreover, the position of the Duke’s successor was vacant.

After Killian was expelled from Halos, no one doubted that Lexion would become his successor.

However, the Duke of Halos didn’t make Lexion his successor immediately.

Because there was one thing that Lexion lacked.

It was to have a personality.

Killian, who was full of arrogance and confidence, also had a spirit.

However, probably because he was harassed by his older brother from an early age, Lexion took a particularly passive stance.

Therefore, he couldn’t instantly make the child his successor, and just observed for a while.

“Yes, what’s going on?”

Duke Halos asked Lexion, who stood tall in front of him.

The boy gazed at the Duke with a more solemn look than usual.

He then slowly opened his mouth.

“Father, can I be your heir?”

Lexion’s eyes were determined as if he had decided on something.

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