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IASMLYB Chapter 27


Chapter 27

“Elena. Hang out with me.”

At Killian’s voice, Elena’s forehead lightly furrowed.

The video was streaming from the video sphere that was placed on the table where she was sitting.

The video that appeared in the air sufficiently contained the scene where Killian confessed to Elena.

Killian’s expression and voice, and Elena’s voice were all included.

“Lani, you’ve worked hard. You did a good job.”

Elena stroked Lani’s fur.

Lani rubbed her face at her owner while eating a delicious carrot.

Elena stared at the bunny tiredly, then she turned her gaze back to the video.

‘What should I do? Should I show this to Duke Halos right away?’

Killian asked her to date him even though he has a fiancée.

It was obviously an adulterous act.

Of course, because Elena refused, it barely even started and it was already over.

‘I don’t think it’s okay to just confess like this, but what about the Duke?’

If it was the Duke of Halos, then he was the one who turned a blind eye to Killian’s atrocities.

There was a high probability that this kind of thing would also be hidden.

‘Not enough yet.’

Elena let out a soft sigh.

Meanwhile, Lani – who had finished eating her carrots – laid down and clutched her bulging belly.

Elena said, stroking Lani’s plump belly.

“Lani, what I asked for. Can you give me a few more days?”

[Okay, Master! Can I monitor that stupid person again?]

Lani’s eyes lit up.

Elena smiled softly and nodded.

Killian has been hiding ever since he gravely offended his father.

But there was still time.

‘If you’re not in luck, you might miss Killian.’

Such an opportunity was exceptional.

* * *

The next day. For some reason, Lexion came to her room early in the morning.

Elena, who had been reading leisurely for a long time, welcomed him.

“Good morning, Lexion.”


The appearance of the enthusiastic Lexion, approaching her like a puppy, warmed her heart.

“Sister, this!”

Lexion grinned and handed the piece of paper he was holding tightly in his arms to Elena.

“What’s this?”

Asking with interest, the child even held a quill.

“Use this!”

Elena flipped through the given paper.

The paper was densely engraved with letters, but she could tell what was in it at a glance.

Indeed, it was an ‘engagement vow.’

‘But why did Lexion bring this?’

Elena looked at Lexion in bewilderment.

Lexion then said with a boyish smile.

“You can write your name here!”

The part the child pointed to was the signature line at the bottom of the oath.

Lexion’s name was already written on the groom’s side in crooked letters.

‘Hah. We’re playing house.’

So cute.

It seemed that once in a while, the child liked to play a joke like this.

A fanciful game for noble children to play with, Elena as the mother, Lexion as the father, and Jane as their daughter.

Elena thought that Lexion’s behavior now was simply an extension of that time.

“I understand.”

She smiled and gave her signature as the child wanted.

The child’s face brightened when he saw their signatory names side by side.

Soon after, Lexion bowed to her, thanked her, and left her room.

‘I thought you’d like to play more…’

Elena wondered, disregarding her disappointment and leaving her unprepared for the impact the document would bring to her in the future.

* * *

“Time goes so fast.”

Jane said with a sad face.

“I know, right? In a few days, he said that Lexion will be leaving for the academy.”

Like Jane, Elena’s eyes were layered with regret.

“I am very… I’m sorry.”

Lexion said, his eyes moist as if he was about to cry.

Currently, the three of them were enjoying a long-awaited break.

After Lexion leaves, it would be difficult for him to have tea time in the garden like he was in now.

Unexpectedly, an uninvited guest appeared when the three were discussing the upcoming occasion.

“Can I sit down too?”

It was Killian.

He too had to leave for the academy soon, so the classes he had been taking had been stopped.

‘It seemed like there is still time left.’

Thanks to this, Lani was able to record Killian’s petty atrocities.

Of course, it wasn’t as big of an accident as Elena had hoped.

Because it was sometimes annoying to users.

Fortunately, Killian didn’t bother Lexion during his spare time.

‘I believe something will finally happen.’

As Elena glanced at Killian, her gaze met with his.

Immediately, Killian took an empty seat.

Jane and Lexion’s complexions darkened in an instant.

However, Lexion wasn’t as afraid of Killian as before.

He just looked a little annoyed.

“Every time the three of you are like this, I feel envious.”

Killian, aware of the sudden frigid atmosphere, commented with a sly smile.

He smiled and added.

“Especially, my younger brother, Lexion, who is the most begrudging. Because he is often with these two beautiful people next to me.”

Elena’s eyes sharpened.

Then she turned her gaze to Lani, who settled in front of Killian.

Lani was still working today.

“You two, why do you like Lexion so much?”

Killian asked the two ladies.

Jane bit her lip as if she didn’t even want to deal with him.

In contrast, Elena raised her lips with a cold look.

“Why not? Lexion is kind.”

“What? Lexion?”

She smiled as if to piss off Killian.

“Now, Elena. What do you mean by that? I find it odd since I am also quite friendly.”

“Haha. It seems that the young master does not understand the meaning of affinity.”

Elena was steadily smiling at him, blatantly ridiculing Killian.

It was possible because she was well aware of her current place in the Halos manor.

Killian’s expression skewed at her words.

But soon, he also found out that his opponent was Elena and smiled.

“I don’t know, Elena. The joke was funny.”

Subsequently, Elena’s face hardened.

“I am not joking.”

“Why, Elena? We’re just having the usual tea time. Please don’t make it awkward for everyone.”

Killian spoke skillfully, but Elena was still aloof.

“The only person who is an anomaly in this place is the young master. After the young master appeared, the pleasant tea time became awkward, like pouring ice water over it.”

There was silence following her words.

In fact, there was a reason for Elena talking so disdainfully.

‘I have to provoke Killian into hastily causing an incident.’

It was also accompanied by anger over the fact that their peaceful tea time was disrupted by the appearance of Killian.

“Is Miss Elena finished talking now?”

Killian clenched his fists and shot at Elena.

“No. I am not done yet.”

As she retorted, Killian’s face grew increasingly grim.

“No matter how you say it, if you provoke me more than this, I won’t stand it.”

Killian bit his lip.

Elena didn’t even care.

“But it is true. Right now, there are two victims here who the young master harmed. Isn’t it a bit odd that the assailant comes with a smile like that?”

Elena chuckled.


“I’ve seen with my own eyes how the young master coerced Jane, and I’ve also seen what you did to Lexion with my own eyes. Where did I say something wrong?”

“How dare you!”

Killian jumped up from his seat.

Elena inwardly sighed.

She preferred the scenario where Killian would hit her, his eyes brimming with wrath.

After all, she was capable of using shield magic, so she could easily block Killian’s attack.

It just needed a scene where Killian would assault her.

Elena immediately waited for Killian to attack her.

But at that moment.

“Stop it!”

Lexion stopped Killian.

“Get out of the way, you bastard!”

Killian growled and glared at Lexion.

“No. I won’t move. Don’t hurt my sister!”

Lexion raised his head proudly and faced Killian.

Seeing that, Elena felt in conflict.

Since she was being harassed by Killian, Lexion – while terrified – has to grow up; he has to confront Killian.

She was proud, but at the same time, she was worried.

She feared that Lexion would get hurt.

“This child!”

And Killian, who was already riled up, threw his fist at Lexion.

However, at that moment, a translucent curtain appeared in front of Lexion.



Killian slumped to the floor, writhing in pain.

A shield materialized and protected Lexion.

Elena smiled softly and cleared her hands, which had her magical powers.

Then she got up from her seat and walked over to Killian – who was rolling on the floor – and whispered.

“Did it hurt?”

“Ouch, aww!”

Having her break his bones, Killian complained about the drawn-out pain.

But Elena just smiled and whispered to Killian.

“Are you hurt?”

“Hey, Elena. Help me. Heh, it hurts so much.”

“What if I don’t want to help?”

Killian looked at Elena in despair.


“You did the same to Lexion. How does it feel to experience the same thing? No. What you did to Lexion was incomparable with the blood on your feet.”

Elena raised her hand.

A red flame rose in her palm.

“Why don’t you suffer a little more?”

As the fluttering flames drew nearer, Killian’s whole body trembled.

With his intact hand, he grabbed the hem of Elena’s dress.

“Hey, save me. It’s my fault.”

“You’re begging at the wrong target. You shouldn’t ask me.”

Elena’s hand approached as if it was about to attack Killian.

But at that moment, someone grabbed her wrist.

When Elena turned her head, Lexion was looking at her.

Lexion shook his head toward Elena.

“… Don’t want sister’s hands to get dirty.”

At that moment, Elena’s awareness returned.

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