IASMLYB Chapter 22


Chapter 22

“It’s pretty!”

“Yes. It’s pretty.”

Why did the first snowfall have this much?

Since when did it come? Pure white snow covered the garden.

It was truly magnificent.

Elena looked at his sparkling eyes, steadily staring at them.

Seeing the pristine snow field that no one has stepped on made her heart feel clean.

‘It’s only been three days since the banquet ended, but I’m already witnessing the first snowfall.’

The fall season in the Empire was quite warm, so the sudden arrival of winter brought abrupt coldness.

“Sister. If you make a wish on the first snowy day, it is said that your wish will come true.”

As she stared blankly at the snowfield, she heard Lexion’s voice.

The child was looking up at Elena with eyes purer than hers.


“Yes! Sophie said it! So, I also make a wish like this.”

Lexion put his hands together and closed his eyes.

If it was normal, Elena wouldn’t believe it, but she decided to believe it because it came from Lexion.

She followed the child, closed her eyes, and made a wish.

‘I wish for Lexion, Jane, and I to be happy.’

She didn’t know if this wish of hers would come true or how.

However, she hoped everyone would be happy.

‘Time flies so fast.’

The winter season in the Empire was awfully bitter but short.

When this momentary winter ends, Lexion and Killian would go to the academy.

Instead of going to the academy, Jane followed Elena and stayed in the mansion, where she decided to learn various things.

‘The Duke of Halos will also be busier after winter.’

Soon the mansion would be quiet.

‘By the way, according to the academy, only during winter will they have a vacation.’

The Imperial winter lasted only about a month.

That meant she could only see Lexion for one month in a year.

It was refreshing for her not to see Killian, but it was a pity that she couldn’t see Lexion.

‘It is said that children grow up every day.’

It was really disappointing not to be able to see Lexion’s growth.

He has been very friendly lately, as he has been having a three-of-a-kind tea time with her and Jane.

‘Still, I have to send him with a good heart.’

* * *

A week has passed since the first snow fell.

In the meantime, Elena would produce video spheres in her spare time.

When she told Jeremy she was going to make a video sphere for the first time.

He was utterly astounded.

“You’re interested not only in medicinal herbs but also in magical items!”

Jeremy was very fond of Elena’s enthusiasm and, as always, he taught Elena to the best of his abilities.

Thanks to that, the video ball – with the functions Elena wanted – was gradually made.

‘It’s not even half-finished yet.’

Jeremy appreciated Elena’s capabilities every time.

‘Miss Elena is truly a genius! How are you able to discern magic items so quickly?!’

He was so happy that he even shed a tear.

She felt awkward the first time she heard his compliments; but as she often heard them, she eventually got used to it.

Anyway, Elena was preoccupied with the video spheres, and whenever she had spare time, she would spend it with Jane and Lexion.

She was especially trying to spend more time with Lexion as he soon has to leave for the academy.

The three made a snowman together, had a snowball fight, and built a hut similar to an igloo.

Time flew by in a flash, spending as much time as she could.

‘And in three days is Lexion’s birthday.’

She only found out about the child’s birthday a few days ago.

She learned about it because the maids serving her asked, ‘What kind of dress would you like to wear on Lexion’s birthday this time?’

Lexion’s birthday party was to be held in the annex hall just like the previous banquet.

Unlike the banquet held for her, where only relatives and vassals attended, a large number of nobles with ties to the Duke of Halos were expected to attend.

Keepers would also attend, but only those most loyal to the Halos could go.

‘Count Kelton and Viscount Hoarn cannot attend.’

Elena laughed a little.

Of course, Elena and Jane were in attendance.

It was her second party after her banquet, but Jane was strangely excited.

‘It must be because an aristocrat from the empire will appear.’

And for some reason, the Duke of Halos seemed to be excited.

‘Under the name of the Duke, dozens of dresses arrived for me and Jane. The finest dresses in the capital.’

Sending her a few coats wouldn’t hurt the Duke’s reputation.

Anyway, with the help of Jane and her maids, Elena chose a white dress that complimented her.

Jane chose a sky-blue dress to match her timid smile.

After choosing her dress, Elena thought about her present for Lexion.

‘What should I give a child who is about to turn 10?’

He was a child who grew up in an affluent family, lacking nothing. He would probably have all the toys, clothes, and so forth that he desired.

‘Then it would be better to give Lexion a gift that will be beneficial to him.’

Elena knew very well what that child in the future would need.

* * *


Elena put the present she brought for Lexion on the table.

Lexion looked at her with his eyes wide open.

“What is all this?”

“It’s Lexion’s birthday present.”

Elena answered with a bright smile.

“A present?!”

The child immediately began to unwrap the box she had brought.

What appeared were about 10 books.


Lexion stared at the books and cheered.

He was frankly surprised.

‘I never thought that young Lexion would like books.’

But the child was in love with it, his eyes twinkling.

“Thank you, sister! What a wonderful gift!”

“No. I’m glad you liked it.”

Lexion looked through the titles of the books one by one with his tiny hands.

The content of these books contained Eastern Warfare Books, world history, world geography, and so on.

In the next few years, Lexion would go to war, so she prepared this in the hopes that it would be of some help.

Lexion, who was reading a book, spread his arms and ran to Elena.

“Thank you so much, sister. I will cherish these!”

Lexion spoke in a bright voice and tightly hugged Elena.

“I will keep it for the rest of my life!”

Elena hugged the child back as she heard his voice that had sincere gladness.

* * *

“Huh~ I will die.”

Elena shoved ‘Rose’ into her mouth and flopped on the bed.

After developing Rose, there were several bottles of ‘Rose’ in Elena’s room.

It was only natural for her to create it, but she only made Rose in the first place because of herself.

‘I’m glad I have Rose though.’

During her monthly menstruation, she was able to move as usual thanks to Rose, and her fortune grew day by day.

She could even afford to buy a mansion in the capital at any moment.

But Elena had no intention of doing so.

Even if she left the residence of the Duke, Elena planned to live in the Magic Tower.

She had so much fun with her magic.

She could develop potions, craft magical items, or just play with magic.

It was all fun.

Elena chuckled and gathered her magic power with her palm.

Then, at her will, a bright flame bloomed.

Last time, she used her magic to drive out Sabel.

Fire magic was practical magic that belonged to the fundamentals.

‘But ordinary people who aren’t wizards don’t know that it is introductory magic.’

Elena gazed at the flames, and she quickly dispelled her spell.

‘Soon the video ball will be completed.’

She was working hard every day, so it was only natural to finish it early.

‘Get rid of Killian, and let me find my life too.’

Elena lay flat on the bed.

After Lexion’s birthday party, the two would leave for the academy soon.

‘Before Killian leaves for the academy, I have to get it done somehow.’

She didn’t know how, otherwise, she might have to wait until Killian returned.

‘Because I don’t like him….’

Elena decided to take a little break and do it again.

That was the time to think about it.


A cute voice was heard.

It was Lani, who appeared from the open air.


Elena greeted her.

The baby rabbit jumped up and smashed Elena’s face in the cheek.

[I missed you!]

“I wanted to see you too.”

Lani has been around the spirit world except for the time she would come to visit Elena.

She gave Elena’s power to the spirits who were losing their power and informed Elena of her location.

She did it to include Elena, and she was always grateful to Lani.

“Oh. I don’t have carrots now. I’ll go get it right away.”

[Oh! No, master! It’s okay!]

Often, Elena would give carrots to Lani for her to eat.

It was so cute to see the baby rabbit munching on the carrot, and Elena would watch it happily.

[I’m here to introduce a new friend!]

“Oh, is that so?”

Finally! She was about to meet a new spirit!

Elena’s heart began to race.

She quickly lifted her body away from the bed.

Lani hopped and headed for the window.

[Come quickly, Toto!]

Elena followed Lani and stood up.

[Hurry up, hurry up!]

Lani repeatedly urged the new spirit.

“Lani, it’s okay. You can come slowly.”

Elena said sweetly, stroking Lani’s fur.

Then, a figure appeared out of the window.

A creature entered through the window.


It was a baby turtle the size of a palm.

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