IASMLYB Chapter 20


Chapter 20

What came to Elena’s mind was a video ball.

Like the portal, the image sphere was a rare invention invented in the Magic Tower.

By injecting magical energy into the sphere, it was possible to record the surrounding situation for a certain period and replay it by replenishing it.

‘Like a CCTV from my previous life.’

However, the video sphere sold at the tower was as big as a human head, and the recording time was short.

Besides, it was expensive.

As it was a rare invention, its worth was like buying a mansion even if the efficiency wasn’t especially high.

‘I have money to buy it, though.’

Rose’s profits were substantial, so Elena could purchase it.

‘Though its efficiency is not I want.’

What Elena wanted was its size to be as small as her own fist, to record for a longer duration, and, above all, to be transparent.

‘But no such item existed.’

She knew it because she didn’t see it when she visited the tower.

‘Maybe good.’

If the kind of video sphere Elena desired existed, it would be of great help in defeating Killian.

But they weren’t even selling them in the tower, so maybe that was a good thing.

While she was worried about Jane, her eyes suddenly twinkled.

‘…Can’t I just do it myself?’

She made a drug that didn’t exist in this world, couldn’t she just create a video ball?

‘With the help of Mr. Jeremy, it might be possible.’

Elena’s eyes sparkled.

* * *

But contrary to her will, she had work to do early in the morning.

So it was hard to wake up her tired body.

“You are so pretty, miss!”

At the words of her maid – who admired her long hair – Elena repeatedly touched her hair, smiling broadly.


She was currently being dressed up by her maids.

‘At this time, Duke Halos will hold a victory banquet.’

The victory banquet was usually held right after the war ended.

However, Duke Halos was very busy with the aftermath of the war and overdue work.

So, naturally, the scheduled banquet was delayed. Until, eventually, they have reached the present time.

Duke Halos, who had now become a little more relaxed, suddenly held a banquet.

However, since the event was delayed – even if it was a leisure occasion – there was always a lot of work to do. Thus, they decided to hold it with a small group.

‘It was said that only the relatives and vassals of the Duke would participate.’

It was the first banquet Elena had attended after her memories from her previous life returned.

Therefore, the news about the small banquet brought her joy.

‘A place with too many people… It’s a little burdensome though.’

Even in her previous life, Elena didn’t like places with too many people.

However, Duke Halos kindled such a character.

Elena often heard about the Duke of Halos from her maid.

Duke Halos occasionally attended noble meetings and imperial palace meetings, and it was said that he and her father would talk about her whenever he had spare time.

He thanked the benefactor for saving his life and began to support the benefactor’s daughter, who turned out to be a wizard.

Recently, he boasted that Elena was now an official wizard of the Magic Tower.

‘It sounds like you are simply bragging about yourself.’

In the end, it was a method to increase the prestige of the Duke of Halos.

A child who became a wizard with the patronage of the Duke of Halos.

These words would become corrupted and spread quickly.

‘The Duke of Halos has become closely connected with the Magic Tower.’

In other words, even the Imperial family wouldn’t be able to easily touch the Duke.

‘Of course, even if it’s not me, the Imperial family won’t touch the Duke.’

Nonetheless, it would feel different to other nobles and commoners.

Especially from the perspective of the Imperial family, their pride would be hurt.

‘Please, I don’t want to get caught in the middle.’

Even such concerns were a problem that could be resolved if she left the Halos’ mansion.

“It’s done, miss.”

“It’s so beautiful!”

“It’s worth it when it’s splendidly done!”

While Elena was deep in her thoughts, her makeup was over.

She had asked her maid to lighten it because she was still young and she didn’t like dark makeup.

The maids did as she requested.

‘By the way, how were they able to make this into something marvelous?’

It looked like she had little makeup on, but her eyelids were painted with a hint of red at the end.

Her lips were a blend of pink and red, and her skin appeared smoother than usual.

And the pale green dress she was wearing covered her whole body, but it didn’t feel too heavy.

It was comfortable as it wasn’t too tight.

‘I love it since it’s appropriate for my age.’

Elena smiled happily and turned to her maids.

“It was hard. But thank you, everyone.”

The maids were moved by her words of gratitude.

“No, miss!”

“Isn’t this normal?”

“Sure! I didn’t have much trouble!”

“It was rather fun!”

The maids made a fuss and left the room.

Elena moved and sat on the bed for a while.


She had no strength left because she woke up early in the morning to get dressed and had only to eat meager foods.

‘By the way, will Duke Halos introduce me to today’s banquet?’

It was a speculation that had to come out because he boasted about himself in front of numerous nobles and even before the Imperial family.

‘… I don’t like being in the spotlight.’

In Elena’s mind, she wanted to hide from Duke Halos.

But she didn’t want the Duke to be shamed after he bragged like that in front of a lot of people.

‘No. I should attend rather than hide from it.’

It was nothing for me.

Of course, even if she did get kicked out of the mansion right now, her body was in good health.

But when it happened, Jane and Lexion would have fallen in love.

‘In any case, if you want to get rid of Killian, you need to win some favor from Duke Halos.’

Even now, the Duke adored her very much, but not as much as his own child.

‘I hate to be noticed, but I can’t help it.’

Once in a while, you just have to do what you must.

Elena sighed deeply and stood up.

As the time for the start of the banquet drew near, she had to leave the room.

The main venue for the banquet was the party annex located on the west side of the Halos residence.

Today’s banquet was also scheduled to be held there.

‘I used to pass by the annex whenever I take a walk. I wonder what it looks like inside.’’

The exterior of the party annex was pure white.

And the width was narrower than the main building, and it was high like a castle.

‘Though it’s not as high as the tower.’

It looked like something out of a fairy tale.

‘The exterior is amazing, so I’m looking forward to what’s inside.’

Elena smiled and opened the door.

As soon as she came from the hallway, someone was walking from the other side.


It was Jane.

She was as beautiful as ever, wearing a cream-colored dress, her steps light.

The appearance of her running towards Elena with a bright smile and pure eyes was like an angel.


Elena was also delighted to see her. With a bright smile, she approached her.

“Wow, Elena. You are so lovely today! It feels like a rose became a person right before me!”

Jane looked at Elena, her eyes twinkling.

Elena’s green dress was like a stem, and her red hair and makeup were like petals.

‘I’m friends with such a beautiful and wonderful person!’

Jane couldn’t believe it, even with Elena in front of her.

As Elena grabbed her hands, she realized that Jane was real.

“Jane is so beautiful today too.”

A soft smile appeared on Elena’s lips.

Jane, the original female lead.

She appeared neat, beautiful, and fragile, but she was actually a strong person.

“Then, shall we go?”

Elena reached out her hand to Jane as if escorting her.

Jane shyly held Elena’s hand, blushing.

“It’s my first banquet, so I’m very nervous.”

As they went down the stairs, Jane said.

“I’m nervous also because it’s my first time too.”

Jane looked at her and commented.

“Is Elena trembling too? You don’t look nervous at all.”

Jane – with her eyes wide open – looked adorable. Elena couldn’t help but smile softly.

“I am human too. It’s natural to be nervous.”

“Oh! I didn’t mean that!”

Jane hurriedly answered her, patting her hand.

“I know.”

Elena nodded, and Jane was relieved then.

When the two entered a hall away from the mansion.

They saw a child waiting at the front door.


When Lexion saw the two ladies, he ran toward them.

Lexion, wearing a tailcoat for children, had a different attitude even when he was young.

‘Even though he’s a supporting character, he’s so pretty!’

Elena admired inwardly and greeted Lexion.

“Lexion looks great.”

“I– Really?!”

Lexion’s face turned red to the tips of his ears.

The child bowed his head in embarrassment and carefully grabbed the hem of Elena’s dress.

He said as he slowly moved closer.

“Not really. You are beautiful too.”

The three left the main residence, walking side by side.

Elena in the middle, Jane on the right, and Lexion on the left.

‘Walking like this is like holding flowers in both hands.’

Elena thought as she looked at the two enjoying the sunshine.

The three of them walked slowly through the sunny garden and headed towards the annex.

Then, a small, cute voice was heard.

[Master! You look great today!]

It was Lani.

Lani appeared from the air and sat lightly on Elena’s shoulder.

[I heard there is a banquet going on!]

There were two people beside her, so Elena couldn’t answer Lani’s statement.

Instead of verbally answering Lani, Elena nodded her head.

[Ah! Thanks to the people next to you, you can’t talk. Then I’ll be watching you from afar! Call me if you need anything!]

Lani quickly left the place.

Elena, Jane, and Lexion finally reached the annex.

That was then.

“Isn’t that half of the Halos family?”

An insulting remark was heard.

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