IASMLYB Chapter 18


Chapter 18

“The Archmage…?”

Jeremy nodded while Elena looked in astonishment.


She was said to have lived for hundreds of years, was the head of the tower, and was as distinguished as the Emperor.

‘I think the Archmage is better.’

After all, he was a great man who did countless things related to magic and trained numerous wizards.

The current Archmage was a disciple of the first Archmage who built the tower a long time ago.

‘Someone who was deemed as a legend wants to meet me?!’

Elena wanted to see Rose’s manufacturing process, but it would be nice to see it after meeting the Archmage.

She looked at Harry with those eyes.

Then Harry nodded at once.

“Come back later, Miss Elena.”

“Thank you, Harry.”

Elena immediately followed Jeremy.

‘But why does the Archmage want to meet me?’

As she followed Jeremy, her doubts didn’t subside.

‘Why? Is it because Rose was sold out?’

As she tilted her head, Jeremy stopped.

Elena also stopped.

In front of them was a huge stone door.

The door was engraved with the image of a dragon, and the rim was surrounded by gold.

Jeremy lightly placed his hand on the door and inflicted his magic with it, and the dragon split in half.

The door opened and there was nothing in the open space.

The lamp was illuminating, but there seemed to be nothing special about it. Except for the fact that there was a disc at the bottom.

‘About ten people can come in.’

With that in her mind, Elena followed Jeremy in.

“Stand by my side.”

As she followed Jeremy by standing near the center of the disc and stood beside him, a blue light appeared.

The source came from the disk beneath her feet.

She was surprised for a while.


There was a sound from the disk, and at the same time, her body floated.

The disc that emitted blue light gradually began to rise.

‘This… elevator?’

It was quite different from the elevators she had seen in her previous life, but the principle was the same.

‘Unlike in my previous life, there is only the original plate here. I feel as safe as in my previous life.’

Was this also made by the Archmage?

As she thought about it, Jeremy said as if reading her thoughts.

“This is a device the Archmage made. The Archmage is at the top of the central tower.”


“Sometimes there are wizards who ascended through broomsticks, but this is much faster than that.”

While they chatted for a while, the disc stopped at some point.

And on the front, there was a door carved with a dragon pattern similar to the one they saw before riding the disc.

The door opened when Jeremy infused his magic in the same way.

Behind it was a wide hallway, with only one door.

An enormous and magnificent wooden gate was likened to a gate in a castle wall.

Elena instinctively knew that the Archmage was there.

The two walked quietly and stood in front of the door.

Then it automatically opened.

“Come in.”


As Elena followed Jeremy, she saw a huge table inside.

At the table, a woman was sitting on a large red chair.


She was a beauty that could catch anyone’s attention.

She only looked like she was in her 20s, a gorgeous and captivating woman.

She has straight, waist-length black hair, attractive cat-like eyes, and red lips.

No part of her wasn’t beautiful.

‘Amazing, she’s as stunning as the main characters…!’

Elena admired her. Then her mouth slowly opened.

“Hello, Elena.”

“Ah, hello. Nice to meet you.”

“Yes, nice to meet you. I am the owner of this tower, Karen.”

Even the Archmage, Karen, had an alluring voice.

She had a slightly husky but sexy voice that Elena really liked to hear.

“Are you the one who created ‘Rose’?”


Elena stuttered, too nervous to respond fluently.

Subtly, the corners of Karen’s lips rose.

“Fufu. So cute. Why are you so nervous?”

“Oh, that’s because the Archmage is so beautiful….”

“You are honest. So cute.”

Karen’s lips seductively curved.

‘This sister, it’s too bad for one’s heart!’

Elena’s cheeks flushed.

Karen motioned for her to come closer.

Elena walked towards her as if possessed.

“You’re still young, and you’re smart. The future of the tower is bright.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, I should have asked about this. Do you want to be part of the Magic Tower?”

‘She said the law had changed because she was old’, Karen murmured.

‘She’s old…? Where is the part of her being old?’

As Elena thought so and her reply was delayed, Karen’s lips opened again.

“Even if I look like this, I’m 400 years old.”


It was then that she understood.

Elena looked at Karen with a smile and spoke slowly.

“I want to be a member of the Magic Tower. But I can’t enter the tower right now.”

In her mind, Elena wanted to go straight to the tower and do numerous research she wanted to do, learning and using magic freely.

But there was a drawback.

‘Jane and Lexion.’

What would happen to those two if they were left alone in the Duke of Halos?

Killian may be busy right now, but that would change over time.

If the disturber in the original story had disappeared, Jane and Killian might have gotten married as planned.

Moreover, if the two married successfully, the succession could be inherited by Killian.

Elena previously decided that ‘She made up her mind to escape from the original story, but she couldn’t wait to see how the shit goes.’

Also, if the future of Lexion darkened due to the accumulated misdeeds of Killian…

‘… So it would be okay to delay my entrance to the tower a little.’

Magic Tower wouldn’t run away, and Jeremy would continue to visit the Duke’s residence so she could continue studying magic.

‘It won’t be too late to come in after killing Killian.’

When Elena made a firm decision.

Karen, who was looking at her with her deep eyes, parted her lips.

“You’re still young, but you have a lot to carry.”

It was as if she had seen something through Elena’s eyes.


“I don’t know what kind of life you’ve been living, but it seems like you’re not acting like your actual age.”

She whispered it so softly that Karen didn’t let Jeremy hear her, who was behind her.


Elena panicked when she thought her secret was revealed.

Unexpectedly, Karen laughed out loud.

“Haha! Don’t worry, honey. I’m not interested in uncovering other people’s secrets.”

Karen narrowed her eyes.

“It’s just that your eyes appear to be too mature for your age. Don’t worry.”

The tension on Elena eased a little at the friendly tone.

“First of all, you can do whatever you want, because not all magicians belonging to the tower are here. They live wherever they want. And then again, don’t forget to come back here.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“You can come whenever you want.”

She was relieved by the Archmage’s permission.

As Elena inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, Karen reached out her hand again to her.

“Come here.”

Unknowingly, Elena moved closer to Karen.

As she approached the table, Karen held out her hand.

“Catch it.”

As Karen took her hand, a ring of pure white light appeared over the two interlocked hands.

The ring came down towards their hands.

When the ring of light struck the two people.

Karen’s mouth opened.

“You are a child with strong magical powers. From today on, you are a magician of the tower.”

The ring of light soon turned into light and was absorbed by Elena’s hand.

There were no major changes other than the warm light entering her body.

However, Elena felt more intimate with Archmage Karen.

“If you have any difficulties or miss me, come to me anytime.”

Karen said with a wink.

Elena felt her heart pounding hard again.

Elena replied with a bright smile.

“Thank you, Archmage.”

* * *

After registering the wizard.

Elena went back to the ‘Rose’ team to observe the manufacturing process.

She then returned to the Duke of Halos with Jeremy escorting her.

After escorting Elena back, Jeremy returned to the tower and immediately sought out the Archmage.

As he entered, Karen, who was biting her cigarette, exhaled the smoke.

“Did you take her back safely?”

“Yes. I even saw her enter the mansion.”

“Okay. Good job.”

Jeremy approached Karen with an anxious face.

“I don’t think you did anything special to Miss Elena… is it okay?”

“It’s nothing….”

Karen’s lips rose softly.

“Though… It must have been that way in your eyes.”

For an instant, Jeremy felt goosebumps.


“A little while ago, when I enlisted the child in the magic tower. I let my magic flow lightly through the child’s body.”


Jeremy’s pupils shook.

“As you said, Elena has the powers of the spirits. It is also very powerful.”


“The kid is very strong. The amount of magical power she has, the power of the spirits. Not as good as me, but over time….”

Karen sighed and laughed.

“Anyway, what you are concerned about right now, you shouldn’t worry too much.”


“That child is as if the power of the spirits has just blossomed. It will take at least a few years before her soul begins to crack.”

“Then what should I do…”

“First, you have to reinforce that child’s magic. That way she can last a little longer. So watch her, and if anything goes wrong, tell me right away.”

For now, that was the best.

“All right.”

Jeremy sighed in response to her.

“Don’t worry too much. I, too, like her quite a bit.”

At Karen’s smile, Jeremy was a bit relieved.

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