IASMLYB Chapter 17


Chapter 17


At Elena’s call, Jeremy was a little startled. Immediately, he corrected his expression.

He approached her as if nothing had happened.

“As expected, Miss Elena’s magical power is considerable. Don’t you think there is something more extensive than this?”

“Oh. Do you really think so!?”

Elena, who felt strange just now, quickly forgot the odd scene after Jeremy’s praise.

“Yes. It seems that you have the second highest amount of magical power in the Magic Tower after the Archmage.”

“Uh. Really…?”

Jeremy nodded, and Elena’s heart was filled with joy.

‘Because even in the original story, it was said that she could have become a wizard who shook the century. Is that really happening?’

Her cheeks flushed with pride when she recalled it.

Jeremy led her into a hallway.

The next place he took Elena was in front of the silver door at the end of the hallway.

“This is the ‘Rose’ team. Here you can see Rose’s process and sales history.”

According to him, initially, ‘Rose’ did not receive much attention from the Magic Tower when development began.

Because potions weren’t the main source of income for the tower.

But when the secondary production of ‘Rose’ started.

A dedicated team was set up at the Magic Tower, which recognized the true value of ‘Rose’, though belated. Moreover, the location was also moved to the central tower.

“Then I’ll be doing a bit of work somewhere else. You can comfortably have a look around if you want.”

“Yes, teacher.”

“I’ll be back soon.”

After Jeremy left, Elena immediately knocked on the silver door.

‘Rose has a dedicated team!’

Her heart pounded hard after she learned her product was recognized.

After waiting for a while, the door opened.

“We are busy, so just tell me what’s going on.”

The person speaking in a cold voice was a man with a sharp impression and was wearing rimless glasses.

Elena flinched at his cold gaze.

“I… I came to see the production process and sales history of ‘Rose’.”


At her words, the man let out a sigh as if he was getting excited.

Then he added with sober eyes.

“I’m still busy with the secondary production, but what? What team are you from?”

The man’s silent anger intimidated her.

Elena tried to pretend to be calm. She said calmly:

“I’m not a member of the Magic Tower yet…”


“Nice to meet you. I am the creator of ‘Rose.’ My name is Elena Lespel.”

As she greeted him politely, the man’s eyes slowly widened.


* * *

Meanwhile, Jeremy was headed to the top floor of the central tower.

At the top of the tower, which was high enough to touch the sky, only one person lived there.

Standing at the door, Jeremy raised his hand to knock.

But before his hand could reach the door, the door opened by itself.

“What are you knocking for?”

It was the Archmage who greeted him inside.

“The Archmage.”

Jeremy stood before the Archmage with a dark face.

The Archmage, Karen, beckoned to the papers that were floating in the air.

Then the papers quietly fell.

“Hmm. What’s going on?”

Her red lips opened, asking languidly.

Karen reclined deep in the chair, stroking her long, dark hair.

Seeing her like that, Jeremy opened his mouth with difficulty.

“Miss Elena visited the tower today.”

“I know. Therefore?”

The Archmage knew the general situation of the Magic Tower without even having to report it.

Of course, she didn’t know it in detail, but she easily recognized the big change.

Because her magic was omnipresent in the tower.

“She did an accurate measurement of her magic power. Inside her magnificent magical power, the spirit of the spirits resided.”

A fleeting moment, a sparkling golden thread.

It was a power that only a spirit samurai – born once in hundreds of years – could have.

Hearing that, Karen’s expression hardened.

“… Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’m certain. Because I measured it with the measuring sphere that Master Karen made.”

The measuring sphere has never been wrong.


Karen ruffled her hair and pulled a cigarette out of her arms.

When her index finger touched the tip of the cigarette, it caught fire in an instant.

“What should I do….”

Jeremy’s shoulders slumped.

From the moment he saw the power of the elemental in Elena.

He was very anxious.

A spirit samurai – a single entity – was born after several generations.

She possessed numerous spirits and has a strength comparable to that of an Archmage.

However, the Elementalist had a fatal weakness.

“Miss Elena’s short-lived… I don’t want to see it.”

Instead of having a lot of spirits, the spirits shared their life force.

That was the price.

“Okay. You are my disciple, so I know how much you care.”

Karen breathed out a cloud of thick smoke.

“But there is nothing we can do right now.”

“Still, Master Karen doesn’t know much about the Spirit Temple.”

Jeremy looked at Karen with his pathetic eyes.

Karen’s eyebrows twitched as she heard the words that flowed out of his mouth.

“Okay. I know.”

As Jeremy said, no one in the world knew more about Elemental History than her at this point.

And she knew well about the Spirit’s death.


Smoke came out like a sigh.

“… Bring that kid.”

As Karen continued, Jeremy’s face brightened a little.


* * *

The man who had treated Elena coldly before changed his attitude as soon as she introduced herself.

He brought Elena inside and introduced himself.

“Goodness, I didn’t expect you to come so suddenly. I’m Harry Cantwell, the team leader for the ‘Rose’ team. I apologize for being rude.”

Harry bowed to his waist and apologized to Elena.

“It’s alright. It can’t be helped. You must be busy.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I’ve been crazy busy with the secondary production of Rose… I was nervous. I apologize again.”

“It’s okay.”

Elena held back Harry’s repeated apologies.

She was genuinely fine.

When a person was unreasonably busy, he couldn’t help but get nervous.

‘I was like that in my previous life, huh?’

Speaking of, she was worried that her arrival was untimely.

“You must be busy. I guess I came here at an inappropriate time.”

“No. You’re the creator of Rose. You can come anytime. For a while please.”

Harry apologized to Elena and went inside.

Elena looked around.

She thought it was the inside of the room, but the interior was bigger than she thought.

It appeared to be an enormous laboratory.

There was a small paperwork space near the entrance, and there was a massive laboratory inside.

And in it, close to ten, were bustling people.

Harry walked up to them and said something.

Elena couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying because he was farther away from her. However, she had an inkling of what he was saying as all the eyes of those who were moving became focused on her.

And after a while.

As expected of Elena, she was surrounded by the staff from the Rose team.

“Nice to meet you! To meet the creator of ‘Rose’!”

“Rose is truly a revolution!”

“How can you think of that?!”

The staff of the dedicated team enthusiastically welcomed Elena.

She was blown away by the fact that they were asking so many questions.

Fortunately, Harry saved her.

“Everyone, get back to work. You know we don’t have ample time!”

“Hey, the developer is finally here after a long time, so let us talk with her.”

“Isn’t it because you don’t know that the date for the second delivery is just around the corner?”

Under Harry’s pressure, the team went back.

“Sorry. Everyone just wants to meet the creator. Are you alright?”

“It’s okay. But everyone wants to meet me. I’m surprised.”

Elena blushed and smiled.

Harry then followed her and grinned, guiding her to the table near the entrance.

“Of course, they want to meet you. Potion-making is a field that is slowly dying out because talented people like Miss Elena rarely appeared.”

At his strange compliment, Elena didn’t know where to put herself.

“Everyone wants to develop various drugs with Miss Elena, so it has become a riot. Everyone here, including me, studies potions. So, when we first saw Miss Elena’s ‘Rose’, we were all amazed. Rabbit flowers are a common ingredient, so I didn’t know that such medicine could be made.”

Harry continued talking like an exuberant child.

According to him, in addition to the team dedicated to ‘Rose’ in the Magic Tower, there were other people researching potions.

However, the total number was less than 10.

There were nearly 200 magicians registered in the tower. But among them, only 20 were researching potions.

‘It’s a field that has really faded.’

Therefore, everyone was delighted with the development of ‘Rose’ as if it were their job.

“Oh! Look at the time. Did you say you were curious about the sales history of ‘Rose’?”

“Yes. I heard it was sold out, but I’m still curious.”

“That’s right. You’re the developer, it’s natural for you to know it.”

Harry beckoned lightly in the air.

Then a nearby drawer opened, and a bunch of papers flew out.

The documents landed in front of Elena.

“It’s a sales record. Feel free to take a look and ask if you have any questions.”


Elena smiled happily and looked at the documents.

She didn’t know who organized it, but she could see how meticulously detailed they were.

It was specified in which country, how much was sold, and what the total profit was – excluding material costs, labor costs, and publicity costs; everything was precisely noted down.

Reading them, Elena realized.

‘I’m going to be very rich….’

It wasn’t as good as the Duke of Halos, but it could have been a pawn.

Elena was smiling from ear to ear.

By this time, she was almost done reading the papers.

Suddenly, the door opened.

“Miss Elena.”

“Teacher! Why are you here?”

Jeremy went straight to Elena.

“Are you done looking around?”

“I haven’t seen the manufacturing process yet, but I’ve seen all the sales.”

“Ah. Yes… Well, if….”

Jeremy prolonged his words as if troubled.

“What’s wrong?”

Elena’s eyes were filled with doubts.

“The Archmage wants to meet Miss Elena.”

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