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IASMLYB Chapter 16


Chapter 16

Elena’s lips unknowingly parted.

‘Sold out? Sold out?!’

Elena couldn’t help but react like that.

Although ‘Rose’ was an excellent product, the initial demand for the merchandise was quite large.

No matter how many were distributed across the continent, it wasn’t expected that a massive amount would be sold immediately.

While Elena couldn’t hide her astonishment, Jeremy – who was smiling all the time – opened his mouth.

“As soon as I heard that it was sold out, I went straight to production to supplement our merchandise,” he said.


“Yes. Elena’s earnings will be settled next month. You can have it whenever you want, as long as you visit the tower.”

“Yes. Yes!”

She was still stunned.

It was nice to have a huge amount of profit, but Elena couldn’t tell if the current situation was a dream or reality.

“You seemed very surprised.”

“Yes. I had no idea that our next production would start so quickly.”

“I knew.”

Jeremy softly laughed.

Then he looked at Elena with a puzzled look.

“Of course, it is bound to sell out quickly. It’s very cheap and exceptionally effective.”

At the time Elena developed ‘Rose’ with the Magic Tower.

There was something she emphasized about the potion.

Affordable price.

It had to be cheaper than any pain reliever on the market.

The reason was simple.

Rabbit flowers were very easy to find.

Because of its strong fertility and vitality, it could be easily collected in any season.

Since the main ingredients could be cheaply obtained, the price had to be low of course.

And most importantly.

‘People who need this drug will most likely be the weak.’

Even if you looked at the empire, or even across the continent, there must have been more commoners than from the upper class.

So Elena wanted to make it as cheap as possible.

‘It must be an essential medicine for everyone, especially the destitute.’

Magic Tower initially objected to her opinion.

Because the rediscovery of rabbit flowers, which were classified only as weeds or food for small animals, was a rare breakthrough.

However, Elena constantly persuaded Lani, and in the end, she did as the developer said.

“And I believed it would instantly sell.”

Jeremy was as delighted as she was.

Elena, who had been confused before, smiled after him.

“Ah. And today’s class.”

The two met because it was a class day.

But as soon as Jeremy arrived, she talked about ‘Rose’, so she wasted a bit of time.

“Simply put, it’s experiential learning.”

“Experiential learning?”

There must be something like that in this world.

A smile was drawn on Elena’s lips.

“Where are we going?”


Jeremy took his time.

“To the tower.”

* * *

The Magic Tower was in the desert near the Imperial border.

In other words, it didn’t belong to any country.

However, the formidable might of magic gave power to the tower.

In particular, the influence of the Chief’s name of the Magic Tower and the Archmage was comparable to that of the Emperor of the Empire.

Therefore, magicians belonging to the tower were sometimes treated more precisely than the Imperial nobles.

Not all wizards were like that, but most of the talented ones did.

‘I’m going to visit the tower where great people are gathered!’

While staying at the Duke of Halos, Elena thought that there would be no need to go to the Magic Tower.

The road to the Magic Tower was rough because it was in the desert outside the Empire.

‘Of course, magicians belonging to the tower say that they come and go easily using a special method.’

So would Jeremy.

It wouldn’t be easy to get to and from the Duke in the Imperial Capital from the Magic Tower.

‘I wonder what kind of method it would be?’

Elena thought hard as she followed Jeremy.

After the location for the experiential learning was decided.

She told her maids that she was going to the Magic Tower.

When Duke Halos heard the news, he stopped working and came to visit her.

He was particularly fond of magic, but she didn’t expect him to overreact.

‘Perhaps because he thinks that I will become a magician belonging to the tower.’

Elena laughed softly.

The Duke of Halos politely greeted Jeremy and gave Elena her travel expenses as well.

She would be back in a day anyway, but he acted like her father.

Then he gave Elena and Jeremy the Halos carriage.

The carriage they would be using was the same one she rode on when she went to the market with Lexion.

It was done for Jeremy, who didn’t want much attention.

With the carriage, the two headed to a back alley in the downtown area of ​​the capital.

The two got off the carriage and headed to an old bookstore in the back alley.

‘Why are we here?’

As Elena followed Jeremy, her mind started to fill with doubts.

As she entered the old bookstore, she saw an old man, sitting at the counter and reading a book.

He glanced at Jeremy and then returned his attention to his book.

Jeremy nodded to him and guided Elena.

“Follow me.”

As they walked deeper into the old bookstore – filled with the smell of paper and dust – a dark hallway appeared.

And at the end of the hallway stood a huge bookshelf.

However, it was different from the other bookshelves in the old bookstore.

The bookshelves were pristine as if they were new.


Doubts continued to swell like balloons.

Jeremy stood in front of the bookshelf.

Without hesitation, he pulled a few books out of it.

It wasn’t entirely pulled out, but enough to hang on a bookshelf.


All of a sudden-

A heavy sound rang out, and then the bookshelf was pushed aside.


Elena sighed in admiration.

Behind the bookshelf, in a small space with few books, something was dangling.

At first, Elena thought it was a full-length mirror, but it wasn’t.

Like a black hole, it moved as if it were alive with a bubbling blue light.


“Yes. Yes? Where are we going?”

Elena was surprised for a moment when Jeremy uttered those words out of nowhere.

He directed his body into the blue light.

Soon after, Jeremy was sucked inside.

‘Is this real?’

Should she go in just like that?

Anxiety and fear arose at the same time.

But she couldn’t stay for long.

Eventually, Elena closed her eyes and entered through the blue light.

And when she opened her eyes again.

The world has changed.


A gasp escaped from her mouth.

The first thing she saw was a wide, tall tower.

It was so high that it could pierce the clouds, and its end was not in sight.

And it looked as breathtaking as a castle.

‘This is the tower….’

Pure white walls, dotted blue roofs.

Other than that, there wasn’t only one tower.

The largest tower existed in the center, and smaller towers were situated in each of the four directions from the center.

She stared at the endless castle, then lowered her gaze to observe her surrounding.

The place where Elena was standing appeared to be a garden.

There was a high wall behind the garden, which was abundant in plants she had never seen before, while a huge wooden gate stood there.

And just behind her, the same means of transportation like the one in the old bookstore a while ago shook.

Other than that, Elena didn’t see anything special.

She mused, ‘I thought I would see all kinds of magic as soon as I entered the tower.’

Somehow, she felt steamy.

“Miss Elena, what do you think?”

Jeremy, who arrived first, looked at Elena and asked with a smile.

“The tower is tremendously high.”

From the reaction in her eyes, Jeremy quickly read her disappointment.

“It will be more interesting once you go inside.”

Jeremy naturally led Elena.

The place the two were headed to was the tower in the center.

“By the way, sir.”


“What is that blue light that we went through a while ago?”

“It’s a portal.”


A rare masterpiece created by the Archmage.

It was a means of transportation where one could come and go over long distances at once.

“The Archmage used a lot of magical power to make this item, so the quantity is not large. Two in the Empire and one in the nearby Kingdom.”

According to him, when wizards traveled from the tower, they would all use portals.

“But you can’t use it unless you are a magician belonging to the tower.”

“Oh, but how did I…?”

“You came with me.”


Elena quietly laughed.

While they were chatting, they reached the front of the tower at some point.

“This is the central tower. The central tower where the Archmage resides.”

Jeremy fully opened the door.

And Elena’s eyes widened.

Good profit!

A kettle, that was radiating heat, flew in the sky.

“Rein, get out! I mean, you’re busy!”

A male wizard was riding a broomstick.


There was a swift, bird-shaped paper.

“Hey! Grab that one!”

Tortoises were bouncing off the floor and running away while cooking, etc.

Unlike the quiet garden, the inside of the tower was in an uproar.

But Elena didn’t mind those things.

“Aren’t this a little crazy?”

Jeremy smiled shyly.

“It’s crazy, but it’s fun.”

Elena said sincerely.

“The reason we came to have experiential learning today at Magic Tower is simple. I’m going to have Miss Elena’s magic accurately measured, and show the ‘Rose’ sales book.”


“And if Miss Elena wants it, it’s alright to officially register as a magician belonging to the Magic Tower.”

‘Officially belonging to the Magic Tower.’

It felt good just hearing it.

“Shall we go and measure your power first?”


Elena followed Jeremy through the complex central tower hall.

She went into the inner hallway, climbed the twisted stairs, and the surroundings became quiet.

“A ‘silence magic’ was placed all over the tower. There are so many geeks among wizards. So the Archmage – greatly disturbed by the noise – intervened.”

Elena laughed out loud.

Jeremy’s steps stopped in front of the white door.

When she went inside, there was a crystal ball bigger than a human being.


“You have seen it, right? It’s a magic meter.”

But it was several dozen times bigger than the first one she had seen…

Elena swallowed hard.

“Come on, Miss Elena. Just like last time, touch the crystal ball and try to infuse it with magic.”

After nodding her head, she placed her hand on the crystal ball.

And she drew her magic from the depths of her body.

She was considerably more focused than when her magic power was first measured.

The clear crystal ball turned white in an instant.

Similar to Jeremy.

Elena smiled happily and looked at the crystal ball.

But at that moment.


Within the white smoke, she could see something like a sparkling golden thread.

However, it vanished in an instant.

‘What? Did I see it wrong?’

While she tilted her head in confusion.

Jeremy’s expression hardened as he looked at the crystal ball.

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