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IASMLYB Chapter 15


Chapter 15

Elena hummed and picked a carrot.

She asked the chef to give her the freshest carrots they have; after she got them, she decided on what she deemed the most delicious.

After she opened the window, she drew out the magic within her body.

In an instant, a small, pure white light appeared on her palm.

Elena let it spread lightly.

It was kind of a signal.

After she got to know Lani, she would create a signal to call Lani.

The spirit, who lives on the source of the spirit’s magic, immediately responded to the call.


“Lani, come in.”

Elena grabbed the baby rabbit that appeared in front of the window and embraced her.

[I missed you!]

As always, Lani curled up in Elena’s arms.

Elena took the rabbit and sat down on the bed.

Then she carefully put Lani down.

“How have you been doing?”

It’s been a while since she met Lani because she has been busy with her experiments.

[Yes! I told the spirits the story of the master! Everyone wants to see the master. So they will come to see the master soon!]

Except for Lani, Elena hasn’t met any other spirits yet.

According to Lani, the spirits had to make contact at least once to be able to teleport to them.

So it took a long time for the distant spirits to come and see her.

[And to the other spirits that were close to disappearing, I gave the master’s power little by little. So you don’t have to worry too much!]

“I see. Thank you, Lani.”

Elena affectionately stroked Lani’s fur.

Then she was gently released as if Lani had been intoxicated with her powers.

“Oh. I have a present for you today.”

[A gift?!]

Lani’s eyes widened at the word gift. Her ears also perked up.

“I don’t know if the spirits eat these things….”

Elena spoke shyly and held out one of the carrots.

“I picked the one that looked the most delicious.”

Lani must have loved it.


Contrary to her concerns, Lani welcomed the carrot.

Very intensely.

[Unbelievable! Master gave me carrots! These carrots look so delicious!]

Lani flopped on the bed with carrots in between.

[It’s a carrot! Carrot!]


Seeing that, Elena burst out laughing at the rabbit’s actions.

“By the way, Lani, can a spirit eat something like this?”

[Sure! Naturally, we live on the strength of our master, but we also eat plants when we are too weak. Plants growing on this land have a little bit of power.]

Lani said, eating a carrot with her tiny front teeth.

‘Come to think of it, it is said that spirits are born from the magic that has been spread in the world since the beginning.’

Thinking about it that way, it made sense.

[Huh, it’s so delicious! Thank you, Master!]

Lani, who was eagerly eating the carrots, burst into tears.

“Hey, don’t cry, Lani. I’ll give you carrots in the future, yes?”

Elena hurriedly wiped Lani’s tears.

[Huh, yes! ‘Cause I’m a brave spirit I won’t cry!]

She waited for Lani to finish eating her carrots.

And Lani, who had eaten her carrots, came into her arms and stretched out.

Elena said, stroking Lani’s bloated tummy.

“Thank you, Lani. Thanks to that, my menstrual cramps improved and I developed a drug.”

[Hehe, the master doesn’t have to thank me. I am more grateful to have the master as my owner.]

Elena continuously caressed Lani; until the rabbit, who gave her unbridled affection, fell asleep.

* * *

Lani left after taking a nap, and Elena cleared her desk.

As she arranged all the herbs used in the experiment, she heard a knock.


After a brief reply, she turned around and saw Jane.


She smiled brightly and approached Elena.

“Jane. It’s been a while.”

Elena also delightfully greeted her.

“I heard that the development of the magic potion was successful, and the contract was signed with the Magic Tower. Congratulations, Elena.”

Rumors have already spread.

‘Probably Mr. Jeremy reported it to the Duke of Halos, and the thrilled Duke of Halos spread it.’

A smile spread across Elena’s lips.

“Thanks. But the room is messy… Let’s go to the parlor and have some tea time.”


The two moved.

While waiting in the parlor for the maids to bring the tea.

Jane talked about her daily life.

“While Elena was busy, in fact… I was quite bored.”

Jane’s cheeks turned red.

“Did you?”

“Yes. I spent my time with Yuri while reviewing what I had learned or reading a book. Other than that, there was nothing else to do.”

Elena didn’t know what to say to her.

While she was choosing her answer, her maid served the tea and sweets and left.

Elena took a sip of the fragrant lemon tea.

“Actually…  I have a lot of trouble these days.”

“What is your concern?”

‘Could it be that Killian was harassing Jane?’

Elena’s eyebrows furrowed at the foreboding.

‘Killian, weren’t you busy?’

But the words that came out of Jane’s mouth were not what she expected.

“Elena is so good at it that you take magic classes, and you even make potions… On the other hand, I don’t know how to do anything, and there’s nothing I want to do.”

Jane was smiling, but her eyes looked awfully sad.


“So I thought I might be a nuisance to the Halos….”

Jane’s words were muffled.

She seemed to be holding back her tears.

Elena quietly raised her hand and grabbed Jane’s hand.

“Being able to do something doesn’t mean you have to have something you want to do.”

Jane’s eyes widened slightly.

“The main character in life is only you. What do you want to do? You are the one who can decide.”


“Now Jane is in Halos, but he’s making Jane’s life hard.”

Of course, Jane had to come to the Halos residence because of her bridal lessons.

However, Elena didn’t want to see her withered to such a degree because of the name ‘Halos’.

“… I became impatient as time went on. Actually, I feel like I’m the only one stuck.”

Jane cautiously spoke and gazed at Elena.

It wasn’t jealousy.

How could she be jealous of the woman whom she admired herself, who was always dignified, strong, and pretty?

But little by little, Jane herself wanted to be like her too.

But she didn’t know what to do and how to do it.

She never got the hang of it.

So Jane painstakingly confided her feelings to Elena.

And Elena tightly grasped Jane’s hand.

“Cheer up… You might think so. But Jane, being in a hurry isn’t something crucial.”

Elena smiled softly.

“The important thing is what kind of life you lead, Jane.”

“What kind of life….?”

Jane’s hardened face softened a little.

“Find what you want to do from now on. Then, naturally, Jane will know what she is good at and what she likes.”

“… Will it really happen?”

“Sure. I try to do other things outside of class time with Yuri.”

“What would you like to do?”

Jane asked with a bright face.

Her eyes lightened her burden even a little, so Elena’s expression brightened even more.

“Well, on a warm day, I can paint in the garden, run around the lawn to my heart’s content, and when I want to sweat, I can swing a wooden sword in the training room. Oh! I can also take lessons from the knights.”

“Is that okay? Father said that only men could handle swords…”

Elena’s eyebrows narrowed slightly, and then they loosened.

‘Incidentally, in the original story, Jane’s father, Earl Oswald, was the patriarch himself.’

Growing up with such a person, she hadn’t been freed from the scum man Killian for years.

“Of course, you can. We also have two arms and two legs. Anything can be.”


Jane’s eyes fluttered as if in shock.

‘I must have surprised her especially when I denied what her father said.’

Elena was a little worried.

She was afraid that Jane would falter again.

But soon Jane’s eyes changed.

“Right. Anything can be done.”

Jane was still beautiful and innocent.

But her heart was even bolder.

‘I hope my words have given Jane some courage.’

She hoped Jane’s father’s words wouldn’t be like shackles, hampering her to do the things she wants to at least do.

Elena sincerely hoped.

* * *

Time went crazy.

Elena took Yuri and Jeremy’s classes, and during the rest of her time, she worked on developing medicine for menstrual cramps.

Since she signed a revolutionary 9-to-1 deal with the Magic tower.

Through Jeremy, she continued to develop potions with the magicians of the tower.

After countless hours of hard work, she finally finished developing the drug.

Finally, the finished drug was found to have tremendous efficacy through the verification of the Magic Tower.

Not only was it safer and more beneficial than the drugs on the market, but the pain relief effect was several times substantial.

And finally, the sale of the menstrual pain medication, ‘Rose’, started.

Thanks to the promotion and systematic distribution of the Magic Tower, ‘Rose’ was sold not only in the Empire but also throughout the continent.

“Miss Elena. Don’t be surprised and listen.”

From the start, it was impressive how successful the sale of the ‘Rose’ potion was.

And at Jeremy’s class, he gave a big, hoarse cough when he gave her the staggering news.

“It’s sold out!”

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