IASMLYB Chapter 13


Chapter 13

It took only three days for Elena to read and understand all the books.

In the meantime, she was memorizing the book Jeremy had given her.

‘This is the power of acquiring knowledge.’

Elena closed the cover of the book she had read several times.

‘In the meantime, I memorized the theory quickly. Now, all that’s left is to put it into practice.’

Her two eyes shone.

Elena grinned and got up from her desk.

Today, for the first time, she was thinking of going out.

It has been quite a while since she opened her eyes to this world, but today was the first time that Elena would go out into this world.

Today’s destination was the commoners’ market in the territory.

She was planning to directly buy the ingredients for the potion there.

She could ask the maids, but she didn’t want to borrow someone else’s hand in obtaining the ingredients, which was the start of the production of potions.

Elena put on the robe and ran out of her room.

Before she went out, she had to stop by the Duke of Halos.


When Elena asked the maid, who brought breakfast this morning, about today’s schedule, she told her to stop by the Duke of Halos before leaving.

‘Are you asking me to bother him?’

Elena’s lips twitched.

After he found out that she had a talent for magic.

Duke Halos became quite sincere.

He sometimes gifted her with jewelry and dresses and even sent the doctor and magic supplies when she collapsed from menstrual cramps.

In addition, various gifts often visited her room.

‘Thank you for your generosity, but it’s becoming a burden because it seems like you’re expecting too much.’

Suddenly, Elena’s feet stopped in front of the Duke’s office.


After a small knock, the voice of Duke Halos was heard from inside.

“Come in, my lady.”

The butler opened the door just as she was about to come in.

As she passed the butler and entered, the Duke of Halos, who was reading the papers, welcomed her.

“Come here, Elena.”

“Did you feel comfortable last night?”

“Yes, yes. It was very comfortable.”

Duke Halos put down his papers and stood up.

And he guided Elena to the sofa.

“I heard you are going out today,” he said. “Are you going to the market?”

“Yes. I’m going to go buy some ingredients for the magic potion.”

“Ohh. I see.”

As the word ‘magic’ came out of Elena’s mouth, the Duke’s eyes lit up.

“If you talk to the maids, they will bring you those ingredients you require. Why are you going on your own?”

“I want to do the whole process of making magic potions with my own hands.”

Duke Halos smiled contentedly.

“It’s like the spirit of a craftsman. Hahaha.”


Elena smiled awkwardly after him.

“Okay, then take this.”

The Duke of Halos took something out of his arms and handed it to her.

It was a small brown pouch.

Elena opened it as soon as she received it.

Gold, the common currency of the continent, was brimming inside it.

“Ugh. It’s too many.”

When she was a little startled, Duke Halos said.

“Buy everything you want, not just the ingredients for the potion.”

“Still, this is too much.”

Elena was genuinely astounded.

The materials she would buy today were enough for her to buy even if she only had 1 gold left.

But it seemed that she would pay ten times more.

“Didn’t I say I will give you all my support? So, don’t be afraid to take it.”

At the persuasion of the Duke of Halos, Elena had no choice but to accept the money in her arms.

‘What kind of bribe is this?’

She struggled to hide her smile, which was leaking out due to the unexpected pocket money.

“And since I told the knights in advance, go out with them.”

When Elena was about to get up, Duke Halos added those instructions.

‘After the pocket money, the knights are also included.’

Unlike the pocket money, the knights were a little burdensome.

Elena felt she was being treated like a real daughter.

“I’m fine….”

“I won’t be at ease. It’s not acceptable if our precious sorcerer gets hurt.”

Was the Duke of Halos such a clever character?

Elena tried to recall the original story; but unfortunately, the Duke of Halos was only a supporting character.

“If you still feel burdened about it, let yourself be accompanied by at least two knights.”

“All right. Thank you.”

Elena saluted the Duke of Halos and left his office.

‘It’s a burden, too.’

The elderly butler greeted her as she sighed deeply.

“Miss. I will bring the knights, so please wait in the hall.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

Elena followed the butler and headed alone.

Standing in an empty hall, waiting for the knights to come.

Thump! Thump!

It was noisy from the staircase.

Elena decided to look away.


Lexion rushed out.


At the appearance of the child, Elena’s lips rose by themselves.

Lexion, standing in front of her, smiled brightly.

“Sister, are you going to the market? I heard from the maids. I will go too!”

As if Lexion had already heard all about her from the maid, he was wearing a robe just like Elena.

It was a child-sized robe. However, because of Lexion’s short stature, the ends of it dragged to the floor.

The smile on Elena’s lips did not diminish from his cute appearance.

‘I was just going to buy the ingredients and come back,’ she thought. ‘Should I take Lexion?’

She pondered for a moment.

These days, Killian did not touch Lexion at all.

Elena didn’t know if it was because of the Duke of Halos’ orders, or if he was simply busy.

Thanks to that, Lexion became a lot brighter, and he seemed more at ease.

“Okay. But we’re not going to be on the market for long. Will that be alright with you?”

Elena asked, gently holding Lexion’s hand.

Then the child’s eyes twinkled like a puppy.


He looked as if he was delighted just going out with Elena.

After the decision of having Lexion accompany her, the butler returned with two knights.

When Elena informed the butler that she was going out with Lexion, he hurried to the Duke of Halos.

Fortunately, the Duke willingly allowed Lexion to go out.

There was no one else; only Lexion was with Elena.

Meanwhile, the knights politely greeted Elena and Lexion and introduced themselves.

The brown-haired knight was Tony, and the black-haired knight was Max.

“Are you Cain’s daughter? I heard a lot.”

“You look a lot like Cain.”

Cain Lespel.

The one the knights were talking about was Elena’s father.

Unlike her parents in her previous life – who didn’t even remember her anymore – her father, always cared for her.

Before memories of her previous life came to mind, Elena followed her father very well.

So, hearing his name from those who lived in the Knights Templar with her father, her heart was moved.

“Yes. Nice to meet you. I am Elena Lespel.”

Tony and Max were as sweet as her father.

They saw Cain as a hero.

Although Cain was only a regular knight, his courage remained in the hearts of the knights.

After a short greeting, Elena and Lexion left the mansion with the knights.

In front of the mansion, there was a carriage; not a carriage engraved with the pattern of the Duke of Halos, but a common carriage.

It was Elena’s request that she didn’t want to be noticed.

She was escorted by the knights and climbed into the carriage, and shortly thereafter the carriage moved.

On the outside, it looked like a carriage used by commoners, but on the inside it was different.

It was a carriage used by Duke Halos to inspect the territory, so the ride was more comfortable.

Elena looked out the window.

It was spectacular to see the warm sunlight illuminating the garden.

And Lexion, who sat across from her, was watching.

‘He really looks like an adult.’

When Elena first saw him, she thought he was just a beautiful person.

But when she saved him from his brother.

She felt like the strongest person in the world.

Although they were only four years apart, Elena always felt like an adult.

Besides, the expression he would make every time he met her…

Thump, thump.

Lexion placed a small hand on his chest.

It was a strange feeling he had never felt before.

The inside of his chest tickled.


At the child’s actions, Elena looked at Lexion with concern.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

Lexion, who raised his head at the sound of him being called, couldn’t continue his thoughts.

His musing of Elena who treated him with respect, and the sunlight shining on her. All of them felt like a fantasy.

There was silence for a while between the two.

It was Lexion who broke the silence.

“No. It’s okay.”

Lexion, as he had always done, curled his eyebrows and smiled.

* * *

The carriage was parked in a sparsely populated alley near the market.

Elena and Lexion adjusted their robes again and started walking.

The knights, who followed the two, walked from them from a distance as far as possible so as not to be seen.

On the first outing, Elena was excited.

‘Even though it’s just a commoners market, I’m excited.’

She walked along the alley, holding Lexion’s hand.

‘By the way… Lexion…it was a little strange in the carriage.’

The sight of the child looking up at her with his hand near his chest made Elena feel like he was an adult for a moment.

But he soon returned to his original demeanor, as if he had always been.

‘I must have misunderstood.’

Elena shook her head and looked straight ahead.

As they left the alley, they saw a crowd of people.

“The fish is very fresh today!”

“I want some candy!”


Vendors selling goods, children running around laughing, and women walking around busily.

When they entered the marketplace, Elena felt like she was in another world.

‘I’ve only been living in a quiet mansion.’

She smiled and gazed at Lexion.

Lexion had his eyes opened wide, admiring everything he sees.


“Lexion, is this your first time coming to the market?”

“Yes! There are a lot of people.”

The child enthusiastically looked around, nodding his head.

Elena smiled happily, took the child’s hand, and headed into the market.

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