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IASMLYB Chapter 12


Chapter 12

“What’s this?”

Elena asked, taking the flower that Lani had offered her.

Then the little rabbit confidently answered.

[This is a rabbit flower!]

“Rabbit flower?”

Elena tilted her head at the name of the flower she had never heard of for the first time in her life.

If one would look closely at the flower with leaves, it looked like the tail of a rabbit.

[Yes! Humans think that these rabbit flowers are just cute, pretty flowers that rabbits eat, but in fact, they are great for women! The analgesic effect is strong.]

Come to think of it, it was a flower Elena had often seen in the garden.

The gardener thought it was a weed and pulled it all out.

Elena was skeptical and stared at the rabbit flower.

Then Lani prompted her.

[Try it now! It will be very effective!]

Lani added, “As an earth spirit, he’s enough to warrant it.”

‘Okay. It’s not anyone else, it’s an earth spirit.’

Elena closed her eyes and put the rabbit flower into her mouth.

The flower was clean as if Lani had even washed it with her tiny paws.

When she chewed from the stem to the petals at once, the bitter taste spread.

“Ugh. It tastes awful.”

Elena’s fine forehead narrowed. She wanted to spit the grass right away.

But she couldn’t spit it out because of Lani, who was expecting it.

She barely chewed on the rabbit flower, and Elena swallowed it, and she immediately gulped down the lukewarm water that was placed on the side table.

Still, the bitter taste in her mouth did not diminish easily.

As she lay back on her bed, Lani came closer to Elena’s face.

Lani’s eyes were full of anticipation.

[How are you? Do you feel the effect?]

“Lani… It will take more time than what you expect for the effect of the drug to spread… uh?”

Why wasn’t she feeling sick anymore?

Elena jumped out of bed.

She had only been on the pill for about 30 seconds or so.

‘It doesn’t hurt now?!’

Elena’s eyes widened.

[Master! Is the effect good?! You aren’t sick now?]

Lani jumped over Elena’s legs and walked over.

A smile filled the baby rabbit’s face.

Elena patted her Lani and smiled.

“Yes. It really doesn’t hurt at all. Thank you, Lani.”

[Hehe. I’m glad, my lord.]

Elena’s eyes lit up as she felt Lani snuggle into her arms.

‘This is it!’

* * *

The hellish period was over.

The severe menstrual cramps subsided quickly thanks to Lani.

However, due to hormonal changes, the rest of the period was dreadful.

‘I’ve gotten used to it now, but the cloth sanitary pad was uncomfortable.’

Anyway, the anguish from the menstruation was over now.

Elena took her magic class.

She would normally have classes during her menstrual period, but she didn’t know about Jeremy’s busy schedule.

Jeremy, whom she met in a few weeks, was still neat.

He taught Elena how to use her magical powers.

She had enormous magical powers in this body, but she didn’t know how to use them, so it was a natural step for her.

Elena did as Jeremy told her, and she was soon able to harness her magic.

“Miss Elena is really gifted! It didn’t take you a lengthy hour, and already you’ve utilized your magical powers.”

It was break time when Elena and Jeremy sat down at the tea table.

Jeremy was smiling brightly as a sun, praising Elena.


“Sure! Miss Elena may be the genius of the century. If the Archmage sees you, he will be very pleased. Be sure to visit the tower next time.”


Elena half-sincerely answered.

In fact, she wanted to go to the magic tower, as Jeremy suggested. However, the distance between the tower and the empire was quite far.

‘I have to go through the desert…’

So she decided to go in consideration of Jeremy.

‘I heard that magic towers have an easier way to move.’

Since she wasn’t in the tower yet, she couldn’t use that method.

Elena, who was enjoying her refreshments, was reminded of what she had forgotten for a moment in the joy of her learning.


“Yes, Miss Elena.”

“Can you teach me how to make a potion?”

“A potion?”

Jeremy’s eyes widened at Elena’s question.

Few wizards made potions.

Of the wizards, more than half studied actual magic, and the other half concentrated on manufacturing magic supplies.

It was natural. Because it was more profitable.

“I can tell you. But I didn’t know Miss Elena would be interested in potions. Wizards these days don’t really care about potions.”

“Yes. I know. But I have a potion that I really want to make– No! I have to make it.”

A potion that would make her life a little easier.

“What kind of drug is it?”

Jeremy’s eyes lit up as if intrigued.

“It’s a drug for women. It’s called a menstrual pain pill.”

“Hmm… Aren’t there any painkillers on the market? There are also magic potions.”

“Yes. There is. But it doesn’t work very well. Especially for people with severe menstrual cramps, who only use mana to relieve their pain.”

She looked it up, and decades ago, there were painkillers that worked really well.

However, it was made with drugs as a base, so production was banned in the Empire or the Continent.

And until now, an effective painkiller has not yet been developed due to the limitations in medical science in the olden times.

Wizards fell into the lucrative manufacturing of magic supplies.

“I see. It’s something I’ve never experienced before, so I wasn’t aware.”

Jeremy said with a sad face.

Then he thought about it for a moment, and then happily nodded his head.

“Okay. From the next class onwards, we’ll take a potion class together. Miss Elena is very talented, so she will be able to incorporate it with her basic magic class.”

“Thank you, sir!”

Elena was so happy that she grabbed Jeremy’s hands and shook them vigorously.

“Then next class, I’ll bring you the potion book.”


She was already looking forward to the next class.

Jeremy looked at Elena, who had an overflowing passion for learning, with satisfaction.

Although his own pupil, Elena was a truly outstanding student.

Throughout her classes, she would enthusiastically listen to him and bring her passion into practice.

Besides, she was perfect.

Maybe in a few years later.

His own disciple may have surpassed him.

His disciple had Jeremy smiling proudly.

Elena suddenly called to him.



“Do you know anything about spirits?”

Jeremy’s eyes widened slightly at her cautious question.

Then he blinked, but it was only for a moment.

Jeremy opened his mouth with his usual semblance.

“How does Miss Elena know about spirits?”

“Ah… I saw a book in the library. Only the names of the spirit are listed, so I don’t know exactly.”

Elena looked at Jeremy carefully.

‘Somehow, I was deceived. When I saw the teacher’s reaction, I was a bit too honest about it.’

Although it was only for a brief moment, Elena noticed his unusual reaction.

“Well. That’s right.”

Fortunately, Jeremy was talking to her without being skeptical.

“Actually, since the spirits are a forgotten existence, I was surprised that Miss Elena knew about them.”


That was why there weren’t any books about spirits.

“A spirit is born from magic which has been spread throughout the world since the beginning. They are born with nature as their attribute.”

Just like Lani, an earth spirit.

‘Then there must be other spirits.’

Elena nodded her head and listened to Jeremy.

“A spirit has a formidable power as it has the original magical power. However, ordinary people do not even notice the existence of spirits. Except for the spirits who are born once every few hundred years. That’s why I don’t know much about spirits other than these facts.”

“Okay. Thank you though. Thank you for letting me know about the spirits.”

Even when Jeremy finished his story, he didn’t take his eyes off Elena.

‘Ordinary people don’t know anything about spirits, so there would be no books about them. How did Elena know about them?’

Jeremy didn’t even bother to ask Elena about it.

He claimed that unless Elena told the truth, there was no point in asking her further.

* * *

“Oh my gosh!”

Elena’s face brightened.

“Jeremy sent it.”

The maid who brought her gift to her also smiled very happily.

“Thank you, Rene.”

“You’re welcome, my lady.”

Elena took the gift she had received from Rene and headed straight to the desk.

“Then I will leave. Call me anytime if you need anything.”


After Rene left.

The corners of Elena’s lips did not come down.

Jeremy’s gifts that Rene brought over were two books.

And on top of the book was a card with Jeremy’s elegant handwriting.

{To Miss Elena.

Rather than bringing it to our next class, I think it would be better to deliver it in advance, so I sent it first.

Study hard and see you next time.


“Thank you, sir!”

Elena moved the card to the side and checked on the books.

Two books from Jeremy.

They were the potion books she asked for last time.

‘Understanding and Manufacturing Magic Potions’

 ‘Dictionary of Mysterious Magic Medicines’

Elena’s eyes lit up, and she began to read the book at a frightening pace.

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