IASMLYB Chapter 11


Chapter 11

The confrontation with Duke Halos has always been tense.

Elena glanced at the Duke who was taking a sip of tea.

Today, the day after Jeremy went, Duke Halos has called Elena since morning.

‘Probably because he heard the story from Mr. Jeremy yesterday.’


Duke Halos’ lips went up.

He seemed to be in a particularly good mood today.

“I heard from Jeremy that you have the qualities of a wizard.”

“Ah yes.”

Elena laughed awkwardly.

The reason the Duke of Halos was in a good mood was probably the Halos family made contact with the tower because of her.

‘Because magic towers have been a group that even the imperial family could not touch easily.’

So, being ahead of the imperial family would be very satisfying to him.

“I will fully support your magic class from now on. Not only that but whatever you want.”

“Thank you very much, Duke.”

Not only magic but he would support anything.

This was almost a strike check.

The Duke of Halos was a man with a bigger distribution than expected.

“Tell me if you need anything.”

“Yes, Duke.”

Elena saluted the Duke of Halos and walked out of his office.

The event that she could become a magician of the tower would give her full support from the Duke.

It was not for nothing that the magician belonging to the tower had acknowledged the request of the Duke.

Even if one was a commoner, being a magician could get them as much privilege as a noble, sometimes more than a noble has.

Elena raised the corners of her lips and decided.

She would study hard and resolve to become a powerful magician.

To have her own place.

* * *


Elena took a deep breath in vexation.

She was suffering from heavy pain that constantly throbbed in her lower abdomen and her back pain stung even with the slightest movement of her body.

Her swollen hands and feet, and the dripping of cold sweat.

Moreover, even the slightest pain was felt all over her body.

Yes. She was having her period now.


She couldn’t help but swear.

In her previous life, she suffered from menstrual cramps every month, and she had to suffer until she entered the novel!

‘Did I commit any sin in my previous life?’

Otherwise, she couldn’t help but want to get out of the cycle of her menstrual cramps, crouching like a real beggar

Elena was constantly swearing in her thoughts.

‘I had my first menstruation with this body not long after regaining the memories of my previous life.’

At that time, menstrual cramps were not that severe.

But this period was not.

As if it had begun in earnest, the excruciating pain surged in like hell.

Today, she was abruptly awoken from her sleep at dawn.

The pain in her lower abdomen was so familiar that she instinctively opened her eyes.

Elena immediately looked for a maid, and the maid, who saw her chaotic appearance and was drenched in a cold sweat, called the doctor.

The maid brought a hot towel and placed it on Elena’s belly, and the doctor handed her a black pill.

The pills were mixed with all kinds of medicine and had a bitter odor even before they could be eaten.

But on the battlefield, where everyone was dying, they didn’t have a choice but to eat it, even its smell didn’t matter to them.

Elena took it, ate it, and lay down again.

According to the doctor, it was a pill that the imperial family and high-ranking noble women take whenever they have severe menstrual cramps.

Even after several hours of taking the medicine, there was still no significant effect.


She called the doctor back and asked if there was a better medicine, but he said no.

It was not only the medicines the doctors made but also the potions.

There were some painkillers, but the effect didn’t seem to be that great.

The time now wasn’t like the modern times, so Elena could understand… 

‘This is hell!’

Elena wanted to ask him to even call a healing wizard from the tower, but it was exorbitantly expensive.

Healing wizards were rare enough to be counted among the rare wizards.

‘Besides, I don’t know how long it will take….’

In the end, she was forced to lie down, crying and eating mustard.

‘Damn it! Damn it!’

‘Why didn’t wizards make menstrual pain pills?’

‘Even if it were medicine, there should be no limit to magic.’

Among the magic potions on the market, there were painkillers and wound healing agents.

It has the same efficacy as the one made by the doctor but was a bit more expensive.

Because of that, a lot of wizards in the tower basically have a lot of money.

They made various magical items instead of making potions, which took a long time to make and cost little money.

It was easier to make more money that way.

Moreover, rather than making a potion, it was advantageous for them to send an expensive and rare healing wizard.

So, there were more magic potions on the market than drugs for healing, transformation potions, or pranks.

‘I understand, but….’

‘Couldn’t they make one more effective painkiller?’

‘Maybe I’m the only person in this world who suffers from menstrual cramps…? So it’s not that they can’t make it….’

Or was it simply a lack of consideration?

For whatever reason.

“I’d rather eat it myself.”

Resolute, Elena concluded – once this period was over – she would tell Jeremy and would make it for herself.

Elena decided to do so, and she closed her eyes while holding the still warm towel.

She couldn’t sleep, but she wondered if she would get better if she slept a little.


While her naps were intermittent.

A knock was heard.

She thought it was a maid, so she didn’t dare open her eyes.

She heard a sound approaching her side cautiously.

It seemed to sneak in, not wanting to make a sound.

Suddenly, Elena felt the person standing close to her stop.

Either the person was crying or sniffling.

‘What…? Is it the maid?’

“Sister Elena…”

This voice was from Lexion.

‘What happened to Lexion that made him come all the way here?’

Elena struggled to open her eyes.

Then, she saw Lexion looking down at her, with his tears dripping down. There was also Jane, standing next to him, teary-eyed as well.

‘No, why did they come here?’

‘I clearly told the maids not to tell anyone for a few days…’

Because, when she menstruates, she would be sharper than usual.

During her first menstruation, she didn’t feel any pain in her, so she was fine, but now she wasn’t.

‘That’s why I didn’t let the children come because I was afraid that the children would get hurt.’

That seemed to be more of a concern.

“Lexion… Jane…”

Elena looked at them and moaned out the names of the two.

She has almost fallen asleep, so her throat was a bit rough.

As soon as he heard her voice, Lexion hurriedly grabbed her hand.

“No, no! Okay, are you okay? uhhh….”

And he started crying and bawling.

“I’m okay. So don’t cry…”

Elena meant it.

“Sister Elena….”

He shed tears like a child, even Jane.

“Ooh, don’t cry.”

Elena sternly said.

‘Stop crying, you guys. My head hurts.’

She was too weak to further express herself.

Then Lexion asked while holding her hand tightly.

“No, no. You’re not going to die… Right…?”

Lexion’s red eyes were wet with tears.

‘Do I look like I’m about to die?’

‘It hurts enough that I want to die, but I won’t die easily.’

Elena nodded her head hard.

But Lexion’s tears did not stop.

“It’s all right. Uhh… Don’t get sick though….”

‘I don’t want to get sick either.’

“I’m going to get better in a few days… Both of you shouldn’t worry.”

Elena spoke to the two who were crying, like chicks who were about to lose their mom.

However, their faces soon became distorted.

‘To what extent is my negligence…’

Fortunately, though, Jane removed Lexion from Elena’s side.

“Master Lexion, we must go back now. So that Elena can rest.”

“I know… Sister, you need to get well soon.”

Elena nodded her head to the two.

Then Lexion and Jane left the room.

It seemed it liven a bit since the surroundings were quiet.


Elena sighed deeply and vowed.

Proper medication for menstrual pain, developed by herself.

* * *

However, despite her determination, the menstrual cramps continued for quite some time.

On the second day of menstruation, afternoon.

Elena was still lying in bed.

‘Ughh. When will I get better?!’

With a silent scream, she grabbed her belly.

Currently, there was a magic towel, made by the Magic Tower, on her belly.

It was an item that could keep itself cold or warm, depending on the temperature of the water that touched the towel, and one of the maids had it urgently.

‘If it wasn’t for this, I might have really died.’

Elena took a deep breath.


It was then that the cute voice was heard.

Fluffy tufts of fur rose from the air.

Before long, the bundle of fur landed on Elena’s stomach.

Perhaps it was because she was riding on the owner’s body, so strangely, she didn’t feel any weight.

“Yeah, Lani?”

A hoarse voice came out of Elena’s mouth.

She was a little startled by the sudden appearance of Lani, but she unconsciously smiled at the appearance of her adorable rabbit.

[Ugh! Where are you sick?]

Lani, who appeared with a bright smile, quickly grasped Elena’s condition.

Lani’s eyes widened when she saw the owner pitifully lying on the bed.

“Yes… Menstrual pain. Can you tell me if it’s menstrual cramps?”

Elena muttered helplessly.

[Hey, did you take any medicine?]

Lani asked, hurriedly approaching Elena’s face.

“Yes. I ate it, but it didn’t work…”

At the sight of the owner who seemed to close her eyes at any moment, the corners of Lani’s eyes became moist in an instant.

Soon Lani raised her front paw and wiped her eyes, and said with unflinching eyes.

[Please wait!]

And she disappeared as quickly as she came.

It wasn’t until some time passed that Lani reappeared.

In the meantime, Elena was sweating profusely from the increasing pain.

[Ma–Master! You can’t die yet!]

The little rabbit ran towards Elena’s face in surprise.

“Hah, I’m still alive.”

[Hey, eat this!]

Lani pressed something near Elena’s mouth.

The first thing she noticed was the smell of dirt.

‘What is this?’

When Elena looked down, what she saw was a small, pure white flower.

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