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IASMLYB Chapter 10


Chapter 10

Elena and Jane were having tea time in the greenhouse in the center of the garden.

However, Lexion, who appeared just in time, was looking at the flowers outside the garden.

Most of the flowers outside the greenhouse had withered because the weather was getting colder.

As a result, Lexion’s expression turned pale.

“Oh. He must be sad because the flowers have withered.”

The way his shoulder sagged looked adorable.

Elena subconsciously smiled.

At that moment, Lexion’s head turned to the greenhouse.

The pair of eyes of the child met Elena’s, causing his eyes to widen. Soon, a bright smile appeared on his face.

‘It’s just that our eyes met, but I already love it so much.’

She was frankly surprised.

“I’ve never seen Lexion smile like that!”

Jane seemed surprised too.

Not long after, Lexion ran backward and entered the greenhouse.

“Sister Elena!”

Lexion exclaimed with a bright face.

‘You’re calling me sister now?!’

Until now, Elena alone had called Lexion, but Lexion had never called her.

She never expected that she would be called by her name; he would call her by her first name, and not ‘sister.’

But he called her with that stunning smile of his.

‘Ugh. It’s so lovely.’

“Master Lexion.”

Elena greeted, unable to hold back her smile.

Then, Lexion ran to the side and sat down on an empty chair.

“I want tea too!”

When the child spoke to the awaiting maid, the maid immediately set him up.

Lexion smiled in the room and looked up at Elena.

‘Such a pure angel! Ugh.’

The child’s expression was very bright these days, as Killian has been very busy taking classes for his successorship.

Besides, since receiving help from Elena, Lexion has been very close to her.

“Oh! Elena, I heard that one of these days you’ll be taking a magic class.”

Elena was staring at the adorable Lexion when Jane spoke to her.

Mysteriously, Lexion looked straight at Jane.

Fortunately, the gaze didn’t last long, so Jane didn’t notice him.

But Elena noticed it.

‘Why was Lexion staring at Jane?’

She didn’t understand, but Elena answered Jane’s question for now.

“Yes. I want to become a wizard.”

“You already have something you want to do? That’s remarkable. On the other hand, I don’t know what I should do or I don’t want to do anything. I’m afraid I’m being a nuisance to the Halos.”

Jane laughed bitterly.

“Being able to do something doesn’t mean you have to have something you want to do.”

Elena said, gently holding her hand. Before long, Jane’s lips marginally curved.

The two girls gazed at each other, smiling blissfully.

Lexion jumped up from his seat, bowed his head, and tried to leave the greenhouse.

“Master Lexion?”

Elena called to the child, but there was no answer from him in return.

‘Why all of a sudden?’

Elena bade goodbye to Jane for a moment and got up from her seat and followed Lexion.

The child did not stop walking until he left the greenhouse.

“Master Lexion? Where are you going? There is still cake left.”

When she grabbed Lexion’s shoulder, the child stopped walking.

Elena walked in front of Lexion. Then, Lexion puckered his lips and puffed up his cheeks.

‘…Ugh. so cute!’

She felt the twinging pain in her heart, and she looked into his eyes.

“Master Lexion? Why? Is there something you don’t like?”

It looked bluntly sloppy.

She didn’t know what the hell was going on, so when she asked, the child hesitated, then answered.

“It’s not ‘Master Lexion’. It’s ‘Lexion’!”

Lexion, who yelled at Elena, bit his lips.

‘I see. It’s because Jane and I, just now, called each other by our first names, aren’t we?’

Elena opened her mouth without realizing it.

‘Are you asking me to call you Lexion instead of sticking with me?’

‘So that’s why you’ve been staring at Jane a while ago!’

‘Oh my gosh. How can you be so lovely?’

If Lexion wasn’t the Duke’s son, she would have hugged him and kissed him at once!

Elena left her regrets behind and said as if to appease the child, who was still pouting his lips.

“Okay, Lexion.”

Then, the air escaped from Lexion’s cheeks. The child’s eyes twinkled, and the corners of his lips rose in a flash.

But he frowned as if trying not to be affected.

It was obvious that the corners of his mouth were constantly going up, but he was so cute when he tried not to expose himself.

“Ha, one more time, please.”

Lexion pretended to be daunting, but his tone was still polite.

Elena barely restrained the smile that was close to popping out, consenting to whatever the child wanted.


“Once more.”


“Once more.”


After hearing his name three times, Lexion’s gloomy expression was pacified.

The child smiled and looked up at Elena.

The smiling face – full of satisfaction – was truly an angel itself.

“Thank you, Sister Elena.”

Lexion softly whispered and ran away.

Looking at Lexion’s tiny back, Elena quietly grabbed her heart.

* * *

“Nice to meet you, Miss Elena. I’m Jeremy, Chief Researcher of Magic tower.”

Elena couldn’t control the corners of her lips from soaring.

It has already been two weeks since she told the Duke of Halos that she wanted to learn magic.

Finally, the magic teacher visited the mansion.

‘Not even a magician, but a senior researcher in the Magic Tower.’

It was clear that Duke Halos had poured a lot of money into it.

If it wasn’t for that, the proud magic tower wouldn’t have sent a senior wizard.

Even Jeremy, now in his early 20s, was a fairly handsome man.

How to learn from a teacher like this!

“Hello. I am Elena Lespel.”

Elena greeted the teacher as politely as possible. Then he displayed a nice smile.

‘Wow. Pretty.’

His azure hair and green eyes were so captivating that she thought he was an elf.

“Now, let’s first measure Miss Elena’s magic power, shall we?”

What should come, must come.

Magic was a special power possessed only by a wizard or those with the qualities to become a wizard.

In other words, in order to continue taking magic classes, Elena must prove that she was eligible by producing magical powers in this magic index.

Thinking like that made Elena nervous.

‘Okay, what if I don’t have magical powers?’

Suddenly she was worried about that, but when she thought of Lani, her worries faded away.

‘It will be fine.’

Unlike Elena, who sighed lightly, Jeremy was smiling brightly.

Then he pulled something out of a brown pouch that he was holding in his hand.

It was a transparent sphere the size of a human head.

‘No way! You can get something like that out of a pocket the size of the palm of your hand?’

As Elena admired it, Jeremy set the sphere down on the table.

“This is a magic meter. Would you like to put your hand here and infuse it with magic?”


Elena followed him and placed her hand on the quantifying sphere.

‘But how do you infuse magical powers?’

She gave it a try first. However, no reaction occurred on the sphere.


As Elena tilted her head, a distinctive laugh was heard.

“Haha! Just because you gave it power doesn’t mean having magical power.”

Then he placed his hand on the sphere and gave her a demonstration.

“Inhale slowly and relax your body while remaining calm. Then….”

A soft light rose from the sphere, and the transparent interior turned pure white.


Elena gave him a marveled gaze and he shrugged his shoulders as if Jeremy didn’t care.

“The measuring sphere has the power to draw out the user’s magic. So, once measured, you can easily operate your horsepower. Of course, only those with magical powers in their body can do it. Well then, Miss Elena, do it.”

Elena nodded and placed her hand back on the measuring sphere.

And, as he had told her, she drew strength from her body, keeping herself calm.

Then gradually the color of the sphere began to change.

However, it wasn’t dyed white like Jeremy, but it was at the level of a scant fog, like a mist.

Since the sphere reacted, fortunately, it seemed she has magical power.

But the shape was odd.

‘Is this okay??’

As she struggled, she heard his exclamation.

“Five! You have more power than I originally thought. Much more than the average wizard.”

“Yes? Really?”

When she asked in astonishment, he explained.

The standard for measuring the amount of magic with a magic sphere was the ‘color’ inside the sphere.

It would appear as one of the colors of the rainbow, depending on the amount of magic power produced; meaning that white, which wasn’t included in the rainbow, couldn’t be measured with a sphere.

Like Jeremy.

“By the way, I’m not as clear white as you are, it was like a wave of mist?”

“It’s because the magic is still unstable. As you continue the class, you will come out as clearly as I did. Would you like to stop by the tower sometime soon and measure the exact amount of magic power you have?”

“Is that okay?”

“Sure. Magic Tower always welcomes talented people like Lady Elena.”

At his words, Elena couldn’t hide her laughter.

‘Not only the fact that I have magical powers, but the amount of magic I possess is much greater than I thought!’

Besides, he had a look that wanted her in the tower.

Though, she didn’t know if she would become a wizard of the Magic Tower if she took her magic class diligently.

‘Nevertheless, even if I leave the Duke’s house, I’ll have a place to stay.’

Elena felt relieved.

Unlike having a spirit companion whose origin was unknown, the profession of being a wizard was more stable.

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