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IASMLYB Chapter 14


Chapter 14

Elena and Lexion looked around the market.

They bought and ate the skewered chicken sold by merchants, and also ate the fruits from other territories.

Elena savored it as she took a bite of the blue apple.

“It’s delicious!”

Lexion, who was eating an apple with both hands and was beside her, exclaimed.

‘His mouth looks like it’s about to explode.’

It seemed that she wanted to continue eating, but it was satisfying to be able to capture Lexion’s cute appearance in her eyes.

So, the two of them ate and ate and strolled around the market.

Then, finally, they arrived at their destination.

“We sell food for small animals!”

It was a stall selling food for small animals, including rabbits.

There were a bunch of rabbit flowers she was looking for.

‘If I ask Lani, I’ll give it to her.’

She didn’t want the spirit to run this errand for nothing.

Most of all, Elena wanted to do it with her own hands from start to finish.

“Are all of these rabbit flowers?”

Elena asked, pointing to the basket containing the rabbit flowers.

Then a merchant welcomed her.

“No! There are two more boxes.”

“Then give me all the rabbit flowers, including this one.”

“What? All?”

The merchant’s eyes widened.


The merchant had never sold them out in such a short time.

“I-I’ll prepare it right away!”

The merchant started arranging the rabbit flowers with delight.

The rabbit flowers in the basket were carefully placed in a sack, and a beautiful knot was tied.

And he took out the existing boxes and put them down in front of Elena. Elena took out the gold that she had prepared in advance and handed it to the merchant.

“Thank you, miss!”

The merchant bowed his stretched waist to thank her.

Elena held the bunny flower sack between her hands.

At that time, the knights, who had been watching her from afar, quickly approached.

They too were wearing robes to conceal themselves.

“We’ll carry it, my lady.”


With her knights carrying her rabbit flower, Elena carried on again.

“Sister, why did you buy those rabbit flowers?”

Lexion, who was walking side by side, asked with curious eyes.

“I’m going to make a potion.”

“A magic potion? Does the rabbit flower go into the potion?”

“Well… Originally, it is an ingredient that is not included in general medicines or magic potions sold on the market. But I’m going to try to make it into medicine.”


The child’s eyes incessantly sparkled.

“Are you going to become a wizard?”

“If I keep taking magic classes, it’s possible, right?”


Lexion couldn’t help but admire her.

Elena’s hand subconsciously touched the child’s head.

“Lexion is also wonderful.”

Lexion’s cheeks were tinted red at the praise.

More than the sunset that colored the sky.

* * *

The next day after visiting the market.

After breakfast, Elena immediately stood in front of her desk.

At her feet were three sacks of rabbit flowers the knights had brought, and on the desk were several medicinal herbs from potion books.

They were all purchased at the market yesterday.


She heavily breathed out and organized the medicinal herbs.

After news reached Duke Halos that Elena had received a potion book from Jeremy, her room was changed.

Originally, the Duke of Halos was going to give Elena a separate place and laboratory to study her magic.

However, Elena felt burdened and refused it.

The Duke of Halos did not back down easily, and the two had to negotiate for quite a long time.

Thus, Elena moved her residence.

Her new room was much larger than her previous room; her desk, where she would primarily experiment, was tripled.

There was also a cupboard containing various experimental tools, and the bookshelves were filled with magic books gathered by Duke Halos from all over the empire.

After organizing the herbs, Elena took out the tools she would use to make a magic potion.

And among the countless piles of medicinal herbs, she chose the grass with half-moon-shaped leaves.

“Half-moon grass.”

Elena immediately began to grind a handful of half-moon grass.

She wanted to make a pain reliever using rabbit flowers right away, but she considered practicing magic potion-making first.

Her traditional potion, which she would practice first, was a pain reliever.

‘It can’t be perfect from the start, but let’s do our best.’

After she ground the half moon grass – the main ingredient for painkillers – she ground the other ingredients.

It was a wonder how much time has passed.


Elena observed the liquid in the clear glass container.

“Obviously the book said it should be light pink.”

The color was darker than expected.


Elena let out a sigh.

She didn’t think she would do well on her first try.

Then, soon after, she changed her mind.

‘No. If it’s the first time you’ve done something like this, you’re talented.’

She grinned and went back to practicing.

* * *

After she started making potions in earnest, Elena’s presence in the mansion decreased significantly.

Except when she really needed it, she would lock herself in her room and devote herself to her experiments.

She woke up in the morning to eat, experiment, have lunch, underwent experiment again, at her dinner, experiment, and by the time she fell exhausted, she would fall asleep.

And when the following morning comes again, she would repeat the same routine from yesterday.

That recurring event happened for a few days.

One day, it was Jeremy’s magic class.


Elena finally completed the potion she wanted.

‘Effective menstrual pain medicine!!’

* * *

Jeremy stared at the pure white potion Elena had handed him.

“You’ve finished it already?”

His gaze was in utter disbelief.

“Yes! Of course, I just made it, so I haven’t checked the effects or side effects yet.”

Elena, who was speaking confidently, blurted out at the end.

“Still, being able to make a new potion so quickly shows that Miss Elena has an outstanding talent.”


“Yes. Usually, it is difficult to succeed in producing existing magic potions.”

Jeremy said, pointing to the potions Elena brought with her.

These were the existing potions that she had been practicing for several days.

Jeremy checked the potions one by one.

When he finished checking their color and sniffing them, his lips raised.

“These potions brought by Miss Elena are perfect. The quality is also remarkable.”

Then Elena, who was relieved, wiped her chest.

Jeremy once said that he had no knowledge of potions, but at one time he had studied potions.

So his evaluation came as something significant to Elena.

“Then we should now find out the efficacy and side effects of this medicine.”

Elena’s new menstrual pain reliever.

Jeremy had never seen a new drug before, so he couldn’t make an assessment right away.

“Is there any way to find out?”

At Elena’s question, Jeremy nodded his head.

Then he pulled out his brown pouch and shoved his hand into it.

“I have something I bought for the potion class.”

What Jeremy pulled out of his pouch was a translucent glass plate about the size of his finger.

“This is an item used when making potions in the Magic Tower. I put a few drops of potion on this plate, and they tell me about its effectiveness and side effects.”

There was such a thing!

‘I only made magic tools for the money, so there are all kinds of great things.’

Elena’s eyes widened.

Meanwhile, Jeremy dropped two drops of Elena’s pain reliever on the glass plate.

After a few seconds.

Two circles appeared on the translucent glass plate.

Both circles were green.

“What do those two green circles mean?”

“You can see the effect of the drug on the left and the side effects on the right. Green efficacy means it has analgesic effects, and the other green means no side effects.”

In other words, it signified that the potion Elena wanted was born.


Joy bloomed on her face.

“Congratulations! Making the right potion from scratch. Do you not need this?”

Jeremy laughed softly.

“No, sir. I was able to do this thanks to the book my teacher gave me.”

“Thank you for saying that. But I haven’t really done anything. Because this was made by Miss Elena.”


Elena’s face softened.

She cherished the potion she had made and held it in her hands.

‘If I have this, I’ll be relieved from pain even during my period. I should also thank Lani.’

If it hadn’t been for Lani, she would have died from the hellish menstrual cramps.

“Miss Elena. There are still important things left.”


Elena, who was holding her vial tightly, looked at Jeremy in amazement.

Having already taken it out, Jeremy’s hand was holding a piece of densely written paper.

“Miss Elena’s menstrual pain relief. How about distributing it at the Magic Tower?”


“Magic tower will take full responsibility for production, distribution, and publicity.”

Jeremy said with a smile.

“Ever since Miss Elena said she wanted to make a potion, I knew a day like this will come one day. Though, I didn’t know it would come so soon. Anyway, that’s why I got permission from the Archmage in advance.”

He pointed to the lower right corner of the paper.

The seal of the archmage was stamped there.

“Of course, it is still in the early stages of development, and the efficacy has not been fully understood, but I think a high-quality potion will be born if Miss Elena and the Magic Tower will work together.”

“The benefits are probably huge.”

It was because Elena ate the rabbit flower and experienced it herself that she was able to succeed.

“Then maybe Miss Elena will be rich in no time.”

At Jeremy’s words, Elena smiled, accepting the contract from him.

And she carefully read each letter one by one.

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