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He was right. As her fiancé he was her partner everywhere, just like her couple. Whether she attended a social event or appeared at a public event, he always accompanied her.

However, the Grand Duke and Eve had never been so friendly. Because the Grand Duke hated Eve so intensely that he never went out with her.

“So you’re saying let’s act like real lovers?”

The Grand Duke looked at her with a puzzled look and asked.

“Isn’t the biggest reason I’m accused of being a murderer that I hate the princess?”

“That’s right.”

Yes, of course. In the first place, the Emperor came up with this plan because the Grand Duke hated her so much.

The Grand Duke looked at her and said in a firm tone.

“If we become real lovers, there will be no reason for me to kill the princess. Isn’t it?”

She finally understood what he meant.

“So you’re saying that we should act as if we became lovers in front of others.”

– Pretending to be a lover in love. –

The idea itself was not unusual. Actually, that was the way she thought of it too. It was the most plausible reason to go out in front of people with the Grand Duke while avoiding the present danger.

If the Grand Duke fell in love with her, the Emperor’s plan to ‘kill Eve and make the Grand Duke a murderer’ would collapse from the root. In the original work, the Grand Duke and Sorel acted as if they were in a fake relationship. In the second half, when it was discovered that Sorel was in a relationship, the partner was, of course, the male lead, Mikhail. However, the two had to hide that they were in a romantic relationship. It would be a big scandal if it became known that the princess was dating an illegitimate knight, a commoner. If she made a mistake, Mikhail could have been kicked out of the position of vice-captain of the Knights. So, inevitably, the Grand Duke pretended to be Sorel’s lover and acted together. But there was a problem there.

‘This man… he can’t act.’

The performance of the Grand Duke, who played the role of a lover, was beyond imagination. The Grand Duke was very good at deceiving opponents for political reasons, hiding his true feelings, or maintaining a poker face in social circles. However, he was seriously unable to play the role of ‘a man in love’. Still, no one doubted the two in the original work. It was natural. Because the opponent was Sorel.

It was a story everyone could believe that the Grand Duke fell in love with the lovely and good-natured Princess Sorel. Thanks to this, the Grand Duke’s squirming acting skills have been glorified to the point of ‘looking awkward because it’s the first time dating’.

But the Grand Duke suddenly fell in love with Eve? Even if they put on a legendary performance, no one would believe it, but would the two of them be able to fool everyone…? 

No matter how positively she thought, she was not confident.

“Why are you looking like that?”

Seeing her embarrassed face, the Grand Duke frowned. She answered in a roundabout way so as not to offend him as much as possible.

“That’s a good idea. But wouldn’t it be so sudden that people would suspect it?”

“We need to make sure that there is no doubt.”

“But it’s strange to say that we suddenly became close. There was no reason for that…”

“I heard that the princess apologized to me as if she had changed her mind over the past few days, and that she was kind to the people around her. I may belatedly see that side of the princess and fall for her.”


No, that’s a far-fetched development.

“People believe what they see. Even if someone had doubts, they wouldn’t think I was acting. At this point, isn’t there any reason to pretend that I’m in love with the princess?”

It was. Due to the Grand Duke’s personality, there was no way he would have acted to kill Eve. If he really wanted to kill Eve, it’s better to poison her little by little after marriage, or kill her under the guise of an accidental death. Why would he pretend to be nice to Eve when the wedding is about a month away? Rather, it would only focus on people’s attention?

She agreed with him.

“Yes. If we’re lovers, that’s why we’re always together.”

Once she was stuck with the Grand Duke she would be safe. Since they’re lovers, it’s no wonder they attend social events together and spend time together at the princess’s palace. It was also possible to go to the Grand Duke’s mansion and stay for a day or two. Since as a prospective hostess, she could visit to supervise the redecoration of the mansion, and then stay for a while due to circumstances. In the meantime, she would meet the Grand Duke, the people around him, and other nobles, and she would be able to have visions through them.

“There is less than a month left until the wedding. Until then, we just need to be able to pass it safely.”

As he said, they only need to pass safely until the wedding.

She nodded in agreement with his thoughts.

“I’d definitely like to do that.”

After all, there were still 35 days left until the wedding. Until then, they just have to act. In a situation like now, it might have been better to draw people’s attention that way. If everyone was watching them with curious eyes, there would be less chance of anything dangerous happening. If necessary, contract marriage and contract dating were possible, but, well, a fake relationship with a fiancé seemed normal.

“There is also a good opportunity to show people. The Duchess’s ball.”

It was the quickest social event the two of them could go out together.

“Are you able to attend?” the Grand Duke asked anxiously.

She couldn’t go out without the Empress’s permission.

“I have a method in mind.”

She didn’t know if it would work, but she had been thinking of a way to attend the ball in her own way.

“I will send a maid tomorrow, so if you need anything, you can send her there.”

“A maid?”

“She is the person who can protect the princess nearby until the wedding.”

Was she a maid serving as an escort?

She nodded without speaking.

Having a lady-in-waiting from the Grand Duke’s family would be useful in many ways. It should be easier than now to communicate with the Grand Duke for example.

“All right.”

She nodded to his comment and added one more thing.

“Come to think of it, I have a favor to ask you for the day of the prom.”

* * *

The conversation with the Grand Duke ended quickly, but she stayed for a while after that. It took quite a long time to hear about the whereabouts of the jewels she donated while eating tea and refreshments prepared by the High Priest, and to receive thanks from the priest. Unlike the high priest who was still embarrassed in front of her, the lower priests and priestesses seemed to be sincerely grateful to me. In fact, it would be the low-level priests and priestesses who directly give alms to the poor and go out to serve.

They thanked her for donating to the poor.

She was held in the temple for the rest of the afternoon, and only got into the carriage when the sun went down. It was already after the sun had set when he left the Great Hall and returned to the imperial palace.

‘Well, I’m glad the conversation ended well…’

But another problem arose.

She was going to a ball, but she couldn’t dance at all.

She asked a question to Nell, who was sitting across from her.

“Nell, do you know how to dance?”

“Sure. I learned all the basic dances.”

“I see.”

In a world where even court ladies could perform all basic dances, what if the princess couldn’t dance?

“Can you teach me the easiest one? Like a waltz.”

Was the beginning of the ball Cadreille? Or a minuet? Learning anything by practicing in a short period of time was a difficult dance that could not even be dreamed of. At least, the waltz seemed the most satisfying.

Nell immediately nodded her head, as if she had expected her to ask such a favor.

“Do not worry. Originally, the princess was really good at dancing. You will learn again soon.”


It’s surprising, but this… Eve danced well. Everyone would be suspicious if she croaked awkwardly at the ballroom.

‘I’ll have to practice hard somehow for the rest of my time.’

That way, she would be able to dance at least one song with the Grand Duke.

* * *

The day after the meeting with the Grand Duke, the lady-in-waiting of the princess’s palace knocked on her door.

“Princess, a new lady-in-waiting has arrived today.”

The skinny, dark-haired lady-in-waiting, who was standing behind her maid, stepped forward and bent her waist.

“She’s called Chloe, and she’s been working here since today.”

She was said to be a lady-in-waiting to act as an escort, so she thought she was a bit older. She was the new lady-in-waiting, a young woman with her black hair neatly tied up. She had the impression of being quiet and calm against her pure white skin like snow. Was she from the north and her skin is that white? But other than her height, she didn’t look much different from the other ladies-in-waiting.

“Thank you very much, Her Highness the Princess.”

“Please take care of me too.”

Chloe went downstairs after that and was not seen.

She thought it would look strange for her to call first, so she just pretended not to know. It wasn’t until evening that she saw Chloe again.


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