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HFA Chapter 6.1


Chapter 6.1 – He and the City

Lu Tinghan always appeared suddenly like this.

Ten years ago, on an ordinary day, when the dead tree next to the abyss for the first time pulled out new strips, he came to the observation tower on the bright moon and breeze, and stared at the abyss for a long time alone; On a burning evening, he held Shi Yuan in his arms and fired the bullet that had already been destined.

Although Lu Tinghan didn’t know, each time, it was he who found Shi Yuan.

“Let’s go,” Lu Tinghan repeated, his eyes stayed on Shi Yuan for a few seconds, then moved away.

Lu Tinghan didn’t recognize him.

This was almost certainly the case, no one could have thought that Abyss had gained a human form and was looking for its human.

Shi Yuan was stunned for a few seconds, then followed Lu Tinghan with a flick of his tail. He has always been a timid monster, not knowing what to say, he just grabbed Lu Tinghan’s cuff, his heart pounding.

Lu Tinghan let him hold himself and walked forward, stepping on the crunching dead leaves. This small section of the road was very short, but Shi Yuan felt that the time was long, like a mellow wine constantly expanding, fermenting in the air, making him dizzy. He couldn’t stop looking at Lu Tinghan’s back, just like when his consciousness sank into the black mist, he also traced his face with his eyes over and over again.

In a trance, the years whistled back to the long ten years. At that time, the sky was beautiful in the high summer, and everything was white in the deep winter. There were only two creatures between heaven and earth, he and Lu Tinghan, the abyss and his gazer.

‘He found me again,’ Shi Yuan thought.

Shi Yuan whispered again, “Lu Tinghan.”

Lu Tinghan: “Hmm.”

Abyss got a response and wagged the tip of his tail pleasantly.

There was a steep slope with strange rocks in front of them. Lu Tinghan took a few steps up, turned around, and reached out to Shi Yuan.

He had a pair of gray-blue eyes, which was extremely heroic and compelling.

Shi Yuan took his hand, just about to borrow strength—

“Huh?” He made a puzzled sound in mid-air.

Lu Tinghan directly pulled him up and put him on the ground.

Shi Yuan: “Wow!”

Lu Tinghan continued to walk forward without looking back: “Wow what?”

Shi Yuan: “You are so powerful.” He grabbed Lu Tinghan’s cuff again.

Lu Tinghan still didn’t look back, his tone was light: “Powerful where?”

Shi Yuan explained: “You found me, your marksmanship is so good, and you climb so fast.” He thought for a while, and then added, “And you can pull me up all at once.”

Lu Tinghan seemed to raise his eyebrows: “Then you can wow again.”

Shi Yuan: “Wow!”

Lu Tinghan: “Again.”

Shi Yuan: “Wow!!!”

He had just finished saying wow, but he still didn’t know if Lu Tinghan was fully satisfied or not. At the end of the fallen leaves, a group of soldiers came out from the ambush, with camouflage paints on their faces, holding cold firearms.

If Old He went further, he would have entered the sniper’s line of sight. If it wasn’t for the tire blowing out, he would have died a little faster. His escape could not have succeeded in the first place, and his dream of returning home was simply a fantasy.

The leader of the group was a muscled man. Before he could speak, his eyes fell on Shi Yuan’s hand on Lu Tinghan’s cuff, and his eyes almost popped out.

“General, General Lu…” he stammered.

“Take him back,” Lu Tinghan said.

He tried to pull back his hand, but Shi Yuan tightened his grip on his cuff.

Lu Tinghan turned his head, and the boy raised his head to look at him. His eyes were black, and his head had curved demon horns, with very beautiful lines from his jaw to his neck.

Very familiar, but there is no way to tell.

At this moment, Lu Tinghan somehow felt that Shi Yuan wanted to be touched by him.

His hand holding the gun moved slightly.

Shi Yuan looked at him and asked, “Where are you going?”

Lu Tinghan didn’t answer, the soldiers had already gathered around.

The muscled man said, “General Lu is very busy and still has a lot of things to do. We will send you back to the garrison.” He thought that Shi Yuan was frightened, which was why he clung to Lu Tinghan and did not let go. He gave a smile that he thought was friendly – in reality, it was just a squeeze of flesh and long scars across his face. As soon as he grabbed Shi Yuan, he shook him hard, “Congratulations, you are safe!!!”

Shi Yuan was shaken by him, and Lu Tinghan’s cuff slipped out of his hand.

Shi Yuan: ?!

He said, “Wait, wait, I’m going with Lu…”

“General Lu has no time.” The man laughed, “It’s enough to have me.” Before Shi Yuan could react, the man’s hill-like body stopped in front of him, firmly covering Lu Tinghan. He did not say anything and simply took Shi Yuan towards the car not far away, his strength was too strong and almost lifted Shi Yuan up.

Shi Yuan tried to remove the hand on his shoulder, but it was like a pincer. He tried to look back, Lu Tinghan’s figure had long been blocked by many soldiers, several people came and went, the shadows were intertwined, and the ground was trampled with messy footprints. The sound conversation continued far away, and there were two cars driving in the distance, the whole area was suddenly full of life, and he couldn’t find Lu Tinghan no matter how much he looked.

He wobbled for half a second, then was stuffed into the car by the man, the door was locked, the accelerator was stepped on, and they took off.

Shi Yuan: ?!!

The scales on his tail exploded.

The big man’s name was Xing Yifeng, and he was one of Lu Tinghan’s capable subordinates. He sped all the way, humming a song out of tune, ready to bring the poor hostage back to the camp.

“Shi Yuan, I heard them say, your name is Shi Yuan, right?” He laughed boldly. “I was kidnapped before, I was so scared that I cried with snot and tears, and finally picked up the axe and chopped the kidnappers to pieces. Hahahaha! Did you also cry? Don’t worry, with your brother Xing here, I promise to send you back safely and unscathed.”

He looked back in the rearview mirror, expecting to see a grateful face.

But he only saw the head sticking out of the back seat.

Shi Yuan was afraid of people and angry. He held the back seat with only half of his face exposed, staring at him hatefully, his raised tail swaying quickly – at this moment, Xing Yifeng thought of his own cat, and the gesture of being provoked was exactly the same as this one. , he suspects that Shi Yuan will slap a paw on his neck in seconds.

Shi Yuan’s temper is obviously better than that of cats.

He’s a polite abyss.

So he just stared at Xing Yifeng and said in the fiercest tone he could: “Stop, stop now, and let me go back to Lu Tinghan.”

Shi Yuan looked scared and angry. He held the back seat with only half of his face exposed, staring at him hatefully, his raised tail swaying quickly – at this moment, Xing Yifeng thought of his own cat, and the gesture of being provoked was exactly the same as this one. He suspected that Shi Yuan would slap a paw on his neck in seconds.

Shi Yuan’s temper was obviously better than that of cats.

He was a polite abyss.

So, he just stared at Xing Yifeng and said in the most fierce tone he could muster, “Stop the car, stop the car now, and let me go back to Lu Tinghan.”

“General Lu is really busy – don’t worry, he has saved a lot of people, you don’t have to thank him in person.” Xing Yifeng grinned broadly, “Go back to the camp and drink some hot soup, you can sleep well and forget about this problem. Hey, I said you, why are you acting like a spoiled child in front of me? It makes me weirdly embarrassed.”

Shi Yuan: “…”

He was really angry.

No matter what Shi Yuan said, Xing Yifeng dutifully took him to the camp.

Shi Yuan finally realized that Xing Yifeng was not as smart as himself, and sometimes could not understand human words. He stared at Xing Yifeng angrily again, and solemnly announced: “I hate you.”

Xing Yifeng: ?

From his perspective, he and Shi Yuan had a great conversation all the way.

Shi Yuan said, “I’m going to tell Lu Tinghan later.”

Xing Yifeng: ??

Xing Yifeng felt that he had lost his mind, how else would he hear the flavor of telling with pillow talk?

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