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HFA Chapter 96.2


Chapter 96.2 – Long Table Feast

Di Wen weighed the heavy meat and threw it out with her hand.

Pieces of raw meat swept through the air, and the mole people scrambled for them in turn. She walked slowly on the long table, kicked over the candlestick, wrinkled the tablecloth, and threw out monster meat as she walked. Lu Tinghan shone the extremely dim light of the flashlight, elongating her shadow, and falling on the gorgeous ceiling like a monster. Every time Di Wen waved her hand, the mole people surged forward, their shadows flying over their heads, like a group of entangled snakes.

Di Wen looked at the mole people, let out a chuckle, and whispered, “Eat, eat until you’re all full – eat quickly!”

Shi Yuan looked at her for a while, then bent his tail in confusion.

He never knew how to observe words and expressions.

But at this moment, he felt strangely that Di Wen’s feelings for the mole people…were very subtle.

He glanced at Lu Tinghan, and Lu Tinghan was also looking at Di Wen.

“Eat, eat,” Di Wen murmured, “You are all good kids.”

She stretched out her hand and raised it, and two pieces of meat “slapped” on the painting on the wall. It was a portrait of Alicia, the little princess wearing a black dress, sitting by the lake like a swan, her expression a bit arrogant and haughty.

The mole people rushed up in a swarm, competing for pieces of meat, and tore the portrait and her pride to pieces.

Di Wen threw several more pieces of meat on the painting.

Alicia loved beauty, and most of the portraits were of her. The mole people tore her crown, cat-eye gem necklace, white skirt like wings, and her beautiful smile.

Di Wen walked to the end of the long table.

In the middle of the hall hung a portrait of the king.

Morton von Cavendish was as strong as a lion, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist, wearing a dark red cloak, and his right hand resting on the hilt of his sword. The roots of his hair were gray, his momentum was unabated, and his ambition would never tire and make people feel old.

Di Wen looked at him for a few seconds and dumped all the remaining raw meat at his feet.

The mole people flocked to the long table and ate at his feet. After many years, there was another feast here. Di Wen seemed tired, she sighed and let them grab food, walked back to the table, and sat down slowly.

Her back bent even more, and she said, “General Lu Tinghan, you—tell me about those three plans.”

Lu Tinghan told her everything.

He briefly described the situation of the Alliance, and then said that they were going to take a frigate to the bottom of the abyss to observe and imitate the signals of the abyss to cover the entire city. And only underground cities were the safest.

This was a brand-new thing for the people of the Empire.

Di Wen took some time to digest and said, “So, you want to find a relatively intact underground city and hide it using the simulated abyss signal?”

“Yes,” Lu Tinghan replied, “It’s not necessarily Elton, if you live in a place where it is possible, of course, it’s fine too.”

“No, the place where we live is not called a city, it’s just a “lair”, not suitable for humans.” Di Wen said hoarsely, “You have to find another place.” She sighed deeply, “I kind of know why you are obsessed with Elton.”

“We only have seven or eight months,” Lu Tinghan said, “After that, the monsters will come out of the black crystals, and it is impossible for the main city to survive.”

For the purpose of protection, he concealed Shi Yuan’s existence, and only said that Abyss No.0 froze the monsters by chance.

Di Wen was silent for a while, and said, “Your idea… is also very attractive to me. We haven’t lived in a place that can be called a “city” for too long, and I almost forgot how it felt.”

Lu Tinghan asked, “What is your “lair” like?”

“It’s a terrible place, underground, damp and dark, and we have to dig it out little by little. In recent years the Gamma Abyss has become less agitated, and the mole population is much smaller,” Di Wen said, fiddling with her long sharp nails, “In the early years, we were forced to move every once in a while and dig out “lairs” in new places.”

Lu Tinghan looked at her, “So, would you like to help us?”」

“I really want to say yes,” Di Wen smiled with a distorted face, “But it’s hard for us to even stay alive. The food in the lair is almost gone, otherwise, we wouldn’t risk coming here to find food. Besides, we can’t see the light, we are thin and weak, how can we help you?”

Lu Tinghan, ” Your information about this place is the biggest help. Within our ability, we will also help you. Regardless of the past of the Alliance and Empire, we now have a common front. If you want, we can use the aircraft to take you back to the “lair” and discuss the future.”

Di Wen smiled more deeply, “General Lu, what you said is so moving. If all the Alliance people were the same as you, our relationship would be much better. Unfortunately, neither you nor I were in that era.”

“No, it won’t,” Lu Tinghan said, “If I was born in wartime, the whole Empire would have heard of my name.”

——In what way?

The enemy’s top general, of course, they’d hate him to the bone. With Lu Tinghan’s talent, he’d surely become a nightmare for the Empire.

Di Wen was taken aback and burst out with a sharp laugh. “General, you are really a very interesting person… Should I be glad you were born too late?”

She laughed until her features crinkled together and she laughed until she couldn’t straighten her waist. The mole people on the long table finished eating the meat, licked their mouths contentedly, and crawled to her side again.

Di Wen stretched out her old hand and stroked their distorted facial features, sharp claws, and black fur.

The long table was in a mess, and the portraits were torn into pieces.

She giggled, “We’ll do our best to help you see what’s going on in Elton and if there’s a miracle. Let me introduce myself again! “Di Wen” means “ugly beast” in Empire slang.”

“I was born in Milton, and I was the first mole person in the world. They all called me “Di Wen the Kingslayer”!”

Two hours later.

The sandstorm stopped, and the mole people came to the edge of the city with food on their backs and a few guns and ammunition found from behind the hall.

When the aircraft approached, they became restless.

Di Wen blew a long whistle and they reluctantly stood in place.

Everyone got on the aircraft.

When Adjutant Bing and others saw Di Wen, they were so surprised that they couldn’t speak. Lu Tinghan told them the situation, and everyone was shocked and saddened.

“But,” Adjutant Bing said, “there’s still hope in Elton. I still believe there are survivors there.”

The aircraft left the ground and headed straight in the direction of the “lair”.

The mole people were afraid of the light, so they stayed in the warehouse of the aircraft one after another, turned off the lights, and rested. Di Wen could bear the light a little bit, and stood in the corridor, watching the earth fly by outside the window.

It was too late, and the earth was pitch black. Perhaps the infection gave her the ability to have night vision and be able to see the scenery outside the window clearly, but at this moment, no one knew what she was looking at.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Shi Yuan played with his tail on the sofa for a while, and secretly observed Di Wen by the way.

Her facial features had been distorted and her eyes had become cloudy, but judging from the contours of her face, she should have been a beauty when she was young. Except for the deformity caused by the infection, she was really old and her hair was extremely gray.

Shi Yuan’s human observation plan didn’t take long before it was interrupted by Lu Tinghan.

Lu Tinghan said, “Go to bed, it will be dawn soon.”

Di Wen also went to the warehouse to accompany the mole people, and Shi Yuan followed Lu Tinghan back to the room.

They exchanged a lingering kiss.

At the end of the kiss, Shi Yuan whispered, “Lu Tinghan…”

“Hmm?” Lu Tinghan stroked his temples.

“I was thinking about what Di Wen said.” Shi Yuan raised his head and looked into those gray-blue eyes, “I was thinking, if we met in another era… I don’t know what kind of person you would be.”

Lu Tinghan smiled, “I am who I am, and I won’t change.”

“Oh.” Shi Yuan bent the tip of his tail, “Anyway, no matter what era we meet, I still want you to rub my head.”

“I believe this,” Lu Tinghan smiled deeper.

Shi Yuan was still imagining. Perhaps in another era when there was no more death knell, the general and his little monster could leave work together, walk slowly on the street together, and then squat on the side of the road, and watch a budding wildflower.

Watch as long as they want.

Lu Tinghan rubbed Shi Yuan’s head, and Shi Yuan purred in satisfaction.

They hugged each other and prepared to sleep.

Shi Yuan asked in a low voice again, “Are we really sticky?”

Lu Tinghan: “Hmm.”

The aircraft skimmed the earth.

The hills in the distance were undulating and endless.

This was an excellent place to dig, it’s where mole people lived. Its lines were beautiful, graceful, and lifeless. In the dim light of dawn, it looked like a plain-faced female corpse lying in the wasteland.

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