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HFA Chapter 91.1


Chapter 91.1 – On the Road

Later, they went to many more places.

Xingshui City was magnificent and broad.

In the high-tech zone, the unique building was still there. Half of them collapsed, and they looked even more strange in shape, some sharp and some round. From a distance, they looked like a huge ancient figure engraved in a mural.

Shi Yuan followed Lu Tinghan and placed a signal transmitter on the city wall.

The sky was clear, he looked far away and saw a large area of pure white buildings in the wasteland on the edge of the city. It glistened in the sunlight, and the outer walls had a shellfish shiny feeling.

“What’s there?” he asked Lu Tinghan.

“Xingshui Aerospace Center,” Lu Tinghan replied, “Space-based weapons were developed here.”

It was a pity that they had a tight schedule and couldn’t investigate.

When the aircraft took off, Shi Yuan stood by the window and watched. He brought a poster left by Wu Zhengqing and posted it on the wall of the bedroom, showing the universe.

The pure white aerospace center in the field of vision was getting farther and farther away, and the stars on the wall were flowing and shining with the dreams of the past.

They also went to Pingwan City.

Lu Tinghan found a well-preserved city wall outpost and placed the transmitter.

It was noon, and the heat in the city was unbearable. Nearby was a desert area, and several mutant cacti lived stubbornly in the yellow sand.

Shi Yuan squatted beside Lu Tinghan and watched, and was melted by the heat – as soon as Lu Tinghan looked back, he saw a soft, wilting tail.

Lu Tinghan touched Shi Yuan’s forehead: “Are you okay?”

Shi Yuan: “Purr purr…”


The abyss was at risk of heatstroke, so Lu Tinghan quickly dragged Shi Yuan to a shady sentry box and let him sit.

The sentry box was airtight, and there were guns and viewing ports on the wall. A few pieces of harsh light leaked in, and the light spots made people’s eyes uncomfortable.

Shi Yuan drank most of the bottle of water, and became lively again.

He leaned to the observation deck, squinted, and looked at the desert in the distance. He said, “You told me that humans ride camels in the desert?”

“Yes,” Lu Tinghan said while organizing the equipment.

“I seem to have seen a camel.”

Lu Tinghan also leaned over and looked next to him. He saw a group of unknown creatures walking over, with humps on their backs, but their bodies were horses, and they had slender red bird legs, running fast on the yellow sand.

Lu Tinghan said, “No, this is not a camel.” He added, “They are a little bit like camels, but they are not.”

Shi Yuan bent his tail in confusion.

Lu Tinghan went to adjust the instrument, and Shi Yuan continued to guard.

Whenever a new creature appeared, he would ask, “Lu Tinghan! Is this a camel?”

Lu Tinghan answered him: “No, camels don’t grow feathers, they can’t fly, and they don’t lose their hair while flying.”

After a while, Shi Yuan said again: “What about this?”

“No, it’s like a running cactus…”

“This one!”

“That’s a large mass of tumbleweed, or the mutated kind. You see, it has already started digging pits.”

The mutant tumbleweed dug a pit, screamed a few times, called out a few young tumbleweed, and the whole family of tumbleweed rolled away.

Shi Yuan couldn’t wait to see the camel, his eyes were open wide. The sunlight made his eyes uncomfortable, he rubbed his eyes, and then saw a hazy shadow: “Lu Tinghan, is that a camel?”

Lu Tinghan glanced at him: “No, that’s just Adjutant Bing who came down.”

“Oh.” Shi Yuan was disappointed, “It would be great if he was a camel. Can he transform?”

Lu Tinghan said, “I don’t think so.”

The adjutant in the distance sneezed fiercely.

He thought to himself, ‘how could I catch a cold here?’

When the signal transmitter was installed, Shi Yuan didn’t see the camel, only Adjutant Bing, and left Pingwan City regretfully.

The next stop was Clock Town.

After the end of the world, 99% of the relatively complete buildings were big cities, and other small cities and small towns had long since became complete ruins.

Clock Town was an exception.

The population here was small and it was abandoned early. Without the attraction of flesh and blood, monsters rarely came here. When Shi Yuan and Lu Tinghan arrived, the houses were covered with vines. These green mutant plants pierced the foundation, pierced the walls, and surged along the roofs of the buildings to the whole town.

Walking on the abandoned street, Lu Tinghan told Shi Yuan: “This town is famous for its clocks and watches.”

Shi Yuan: “Clock and watches?”

In his impression, it was something used to see time, a whole piece hung on the wall, and most of it was black needles on white background. He didn’t understand what tricks this kind of thing could do.

“Hmm. There were many types of clocks and watches in the past. According to the oscillator, there are mechanical watches and quartz watches. According to the size and purpose, there are wristwatches, pendulum clocks, wall clocks, etc,” Lu Tinghan said, “We will see it later.”

They found the roof of a bungalow, cut off the nearby vines, and put down the signal transmitter.

While Lu Tinghan adjusted the instrument and waited for the signal to start, they walked around the street downstairs.

Lu Tinghan took Shi Yuan’s hand… to be precise, Shi Yuan dragged him into a watch shop.

After many years, many of the clocks and watches in this shop were still there, and some were even working.

Shi Yuan saw colorful dials, wood grain, metal, solid colors, painted with birds, animals, and flowers… The grandfather clock was heavy and huge, with dark golden pendulums shaking and gorgeous hands; old-fashioned desk clocks were placed on the table, hourglass-shaped and translucent; all kinds of watches were under the counter glass, quartz watches were driven by electricity, and they stopped moving decades ago, while mechanical watches relied on clockwork and could still be used.

Lu Tinghan took out two mechanical watches, wiped the surface with his cuffs, wound the clockwork, and showed it to Shi Yuan.

The gears rotated, the movement ran, and the second hand glided smoothly across the surface.

Shi Yuan: “Wow!”

The exquisite structure dazzled him.

“Do you want to take a piece you like?” Lu Tinghan asked.

“Can I bring two pieces?” Shi Yuan raised his head and asked him.

Lu Tinghan smiled: “Of course.”

Shi Yuan picked and chose in the store and found the most beautiful watch. Before leaving, he took a fancy to a small cuckoo clock, moved it to the car, and brought it back to the aircraft.

That day, Shi Yuan put them in the bedroom.

The second hand moved silently, Shi Yuan lay on the table, watching intently, fascinated by the mechanical feeling.

He thought again that although he could give monsters endless life, his concept of time was actually very weak.

He once slept for thousands of years, and time passed like a flash, and it could be squandered with a flick of his finger. He didn’t know if the abyss would die, just like those collapsed, dead stars, he only knew that the past few years by Lu Tinghan’s side were better than anything in the past.

For the first time in his life, he had meaningful time.

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