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HFA Chapter 81.2


Chapter 81.2 – In the Airwaves

Cheng Youwen also said that Xia Fang also came to him to apologize, but he ignored him. Later, Xia Fang went to Qin Luoluo, but was almost kicked by Qin Luoluo’s high-heeled shoes.

Xia Fang still wanted to find Wolfgang, but unfortunately, Wolfgang had always been on the front line. Cheng Youwen couldn’t meet him, so he only contacted him via text messages and phone calls.

“But don’t worry, Wolfgang is so strong that he can beat ten of me,” Cheng Youwen said, “Two days ago he also told me that the meals in the army are good.”

Shi Yuan relaxed: “That’s good.” He thought for a while, “But, how are you and Qin Luoluo?”

“Just like that, I told you she doesn’t like me, at least not in a romantic way.” Cheng Youwen wiped the cheese from his mouth with a tissue, “A cultivated gentleman wouldn’t force himself on others, right? We’re still together though.”

Shi Yuan: “…ah?”

He didn’t understand the twist at all.

“When I first came to the main city, I accompanied her to the hospital to treat her leg. After running to several hospitals, she was finally cured. It didn’t affect walking, but it would hurt on rainy days.” Cheng Youwen held the tissue in his hand, and crumpled it up. “Then I confessed to her again. She thought for a few minutes and asked me, do you really want to be with me?”

It was a moonlit night, Qin Luoluo hummed a song and walked with Cheng Youwen on the streets of the main city.

The tram passed by them, the wind picked up, and her skirt swayed. It was a very beautiful black skirt. She brought it to the main city from Gleaning City. It had a few scattered crystals, and it especially flattered her figure. Her four-leaf clover earrings also shone in the night.

So Cheng Youwen spoke again and asked if she would like to be with him.

Qin Luoluo said, “I told you, what I like is a hunk with big breasts and buttocks.”

Cheng Youwen clenched his crutches tightly and stopped talking.

Qin Luoluo quickly turned her head, glanced at him, and asked, “But, do you really want to be with me?”

Cheng Youwen smiled bitterly: “Yes, but what’s the use?”

“If you really want to, I will be with you.”

Cheng Youwen was taken aback: “Are you kidding me?”

“Of course not,” Qin Luoluo replied, “I was thinking, anyway, I don’t have anyone I like, I don’t know if I will die or live tomorrow.”

Cheng Youwen said stiffly: “What’s the point of that? I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t like me at all.”

“Then you can think about it.” Qin Luoluo opened her hands and spun around, the hem of her skirt raised in a beautiful arc. “We may not have tomorrow anymore. “We may not have tomorrow, even if it’s an illusion, we won’t die if we immerse ourselves in it, right?”

She turned around, forgetting that she had just injured her leg, and staggered. Cheng Youwen put aside his crutches to catch her, and the two fell to the ground together.

But in the end, he caught Qin Luoluo.

Qin Luoluo’s face was very close to him, she suddenly smiled, bent her fox-like eyes with a smile, and leaned in to kiss Cheng Youwen.

Then, they were together like this.

Now in the square, Cheng Youwen put away the packaging of the sandwich and told Shi Yuan: “Anyway, that’s how we are, getting by, and living together. At least, I will always be true.”

“Oh.” Shi Yuan felt that their feelings were very subtle, but he couldn’t tell, “As long as you are both happy.”

“It’s not bad.” Cheng Youwen smiled, “I’m with someone I like.”

Another round of shuttles was about to arrive at the station.

Cheng Youwen got up and said, “I have to go back. There are still things to clean up at home, otherwise, I will definitely be scolded by her tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’m going back too.”

“Remember to read my new script!”

“I will. Mr. Cheng, thank you for your sandwich.”

Shi Yuan went home.

In the evening, Lu Tinghan got into bed after dealing with things in the study.

Shi Yuan was leaning on the bedside and reading the script. Cheng Youwen’s new script was called “Unattainable”. It was about a pair of lovers during the war. One was affectionate and the other was about to leave – this story was based on himself at first glance.

“What are you reading?” Lu Tinghan asked him.

Shi Yuan told him.

Lu Tinghan leaned over, hugged him, and read the script with him. After reading seven or eight pages, Lu Tinghan commented: “It’s well written. Not to mention anything else, the wording is very precise and delicate.”

“Mr. Cheng is very good,” Shi Yuan said, “If it can be performed, it will definitely win many awards.”

“Hmm.” Lu Tinghan rubbed his head.

They got together and slowly read the script until late at night, ready to turn off the lights and go to bed.

Lu Tinghan said, “I will go to the research center with you tomorrow.”

Shi Yuan: “Why?”

“I’ll take a look at the ‘Deep Dive’ project.”

The next day, Shi Yuan took Lu Tinghan’s car to the research center.

Lu Tinghan and Professor Guan met.

Shi Yuan sat in the office, eating Professor Guan’s plum candy while listening to the conversation between the two of them, talking about things he didn’t quite understand.

The only thing he understood was that the “Deep Dive” was not going well. For one thing, the abyss could not be simulated, and for another, the search for the underground buildings of the Empire would take quite a long time – they had the coordinates of two underground cities of the Empire, and the Alliance Air Force had just confirmed that one of them had been largely destroyed and could not be used as an alternative, while the situation of the other city was not optimistic either.

Professor Guan took off his glasses and sighed heavily.

Lu Tinghan was as calm as ever, and took Shi Yuan out of the research center, saying that he was free today, and asked what he wanted to eat.

Shi Yuan thought for a long time and said, “Why don’t we eat beef noodles?”

This was the first meal that Lu Tinghan took him to eat. He had never forgotten it so far, and it could be called his first love.

Lu Tinghan also remembered, gave a low laugh, and ordered his subordinate. The black car went to the canteen of the military region.

They ate the fragrant beef noodles, the taste was still so delicious, no different from what he remembered.

They left the cafeteria and walked home.

It was just a half-hour walk, like an after-dinner walk.

Shi Yuan raised his tail and walked with Lu Tinghan, happily, before arriving home, he suddenly remembered something and said, “Lu Tinghan.”

Lu Tinghan: “Hmm?”

“Today, you guys talked about ‘Deep Dive’… Professor Guan also talked to me before, I am not that miracle,” Shi Yuan said, “This is the second time I want to be a savior, but I still failed. It seems that I can only achieve it in the script.”

Lu Tinghan didn’t speak.

When they arrived at the door of the house, he said, “It’s fine now, you are always a witness.” He paused, “Humans still have to rely on their own strength, but it doesn’t matter, we have always walked like this.”

Shi Yuan’s tail was still a bit wilted.

They entered the house, turned on the lights, and the warm yellow lights flooded them like a tide.

Just as Shi Yuan wanted to go to the living room, he was hugged by Lu Tinghan.

Shi Yuan made a confused sound: “Huh?”

Lu Tinghan lowered his head slightly, looked at him, and whispered, “Besides, who said you are not? You coming to me is a miracle that belongs to me.”


“Of course. You bear witness to the story of mankind, only I am your story.”

Shi Yuan’s eyes widened slightly.

As soon as his tail began to sway happily, he was kissed by Lu Tinghan.

On this night, they hugged each other and their body temperature blended.

Meanwhile, the main city communication center.

A huge signal transmitter was in operation, silently sending electromagnetic waves to all parts of the world.

This was the core of the “Echo” plan. Even though the Alliance never heard back, the machine continued to operate, broadcasting their presence to distant lands for more than a decade.

Unfortunately, in a few months or weeks, it would be completely shut down due to energy shortages.

There was only one correspondent in the huge communication room.

He wore headphones and was yawning, listening to this forever silent channel. Presumably, this was another silent night.


It was a subtle electric current sound.

The correspondent was taken aback for a moment.

“Shaaaaa—shaaaaa—zziiiii, zziiii—”


A strange feeling crept over him as the sound came from the headset. Almost subconsciously, he jumped up and stood in front of the screen, calling urgently, “Anyone? Can anyone hear me? Do you copy? Please respond!”




In just a few seconds, the correspondent was drenched in sweat. He called again: “Can you hear me? This is the Alliance, please answer if you can hear me!”


“—repeat: 58.8911,-120.7298—”


“Shasha—shasha—this is the Empire—Shaaa—Please respond! Please respond!”

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