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HFA Chapter 81.1


Chapter 81.1 – In the Airwaves

Shi Yuan ran between the food distribution office and the research center.

Work was not difficult, and it was even easier in the research center. He saved a sum of money and wanted to buy flowers for Lu Tinghan, but he asked around, and no one knew where there were flowers.

Guo Yao said: “Two or three months ago, I saw a woman on the street with a bunch of flowers, a bunch of blue flowers, but I didn’t ask her where she bought it.”

“Oh.” Shi Yuan said, “As long as there is still one in the city, I will always find them.”

Shi Yuan also met an acquaintance.

One day, he was busy serving rice and handing out radish soup to customers when a surprised voice came to his ears: “Shi Yuan?

Shi Yuan looked up and saw Lu Bafang.

After not seeing him for a long time, Lu Bafang was now tanned and more muscular, with an additional scar on his right cheek, and still wearing the white armband of a field doctor.

Lu Bafang was particularly surprised: “I really did not expect to meet you here! What a coincidence, do you work in the distribution office?”

“Yes.” Shi Yuan was also very happy to see him.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Lu Bafang narrowed his eyes with a smile, “Here, I’ve been helping in the hospital behind you recently, and I’ll probably come here often to eat.”

Shi Yuan gave him a bowl full of rice, plus a large bowl of radish soup.

Sure enough, Lu Bafang came to the distribution office every day after that.

When Shi Yuan was there, he would always give him more food, and when he had time, he would listen to Lu Bafang’s story.

Lu Bafang was as talkative as ever, telling the stories of the army and the hospital vividly.

He said: “You know, I helped a little boy get an injection yesterday. Wow, that kid cried and howled as soon as he saw the needle. His parents almost couldn’t hold him down, which caused my first needle to stick crookedly. Why suffer more, he originally needed only one shot, but in the end, he received three shots suddenly.”

He said: “Oh, oh, I was on the front line of the main city before, and an old man broke a finger, and I dealt with it for him. He said that fortunately, it was not his ring finger that was broken, otherwise, he would not be able to wear his pure gold wedding ring. I took a look, and oh man, which pure gold ring can float in the water? I told him it must be a fake, but he didn’t believe me! I’m so angry!”

He said, “Wang Yu went to Fengyang City, and you also saw her at the Welfare Center for the Mutants. She withdrew from the main city a month ago, met with me once, and ran to the front line again. She just can’t stay idle, she is really courageous. I heard that she went to pick up corpses when she was in elementary school.”

Shi Yuan listened to him telling stories one by one.

He asked Lu Bafang: “Recently, the power is always cut off, is the hospital okay?”

Lu Bafang replied: “There is a backup power supply to support it, and the ICU and the like are temporarily fine. Thanks to General Lu who ordered the evacuation, most of the energy cores were brought to the main city, otherwise, the hospital and the military region would’ve been done for.”

“That’s good,” Shi Yuan took a sip of vegetable soup.

The soup was a bit bland, but the vegetables tasted good.

Bringing up this topic, Lu Bafang suddenly reacted: “By the way, are you still with… General Lu?”

Shi Yuan nodded.

When Lu Bafang thought of something, his chopsticks stopped moving. He showed a strange look, and after hesitating for a long time, he said, “Looks like you guys are very fond of each other. Shi Yuan, there is something I haven’t told you. I wanted to explain, but I never found a chance, and it took so long.”

“What?” Shi Yuan’s tail bent out a question mark.

“That’s, uh, that’s, um, didn’t I tell you before, ‘1’ means a strong and powerful person…”

Shi Yuan: “Ah, that’s right.”

“That is actually not right,” Lu Bafang said with difficulty, “That is, it doesn’t mean that.” He looked at Shi Yuan’s confused eyes, “You know that two boys or two girls together will be a little different in bed…”

Lu Bafang tried his best to be euphemistic and explained a lot—he still didn’t realize that Shi Yuan was not suitable for euphemism at all.

Fortunately, after more than a year of General Lu’s personal actions and demonstrations, coupled with the influence of Alice’s friendship, Shi Yuan learned a lot.

He miraculously understood Lu Bafang’s meaning.

Shi Yuan’s eyes widened: “Oh! So that’s what the word means!!”

“Yes, yes.” Lu Bafang breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that he understood. “I was just afraid that you would misunderstand and talk nonsense everywhere, but luckily you understood.”

Shi Yuan: “……”

Lu Bafang: “…no way, you didn’t talk nonsense anywhere, did you?”

Shi Yuan nodded.

“…how many times did you say it?”

“I said it everywhere.”

“Which places?”

“Many places.”

“To how many people?”

“Already lost count.”

Lu Bafang and Shi Yuan were silent together.

Lu Bafang scratched the ground with his toes, but Shi Yuan thought about it after two seconds and said, “Forget it, I don’t care about that either!”

Shi Yuan happily continued to eat.

Lu Bafang still scratched the ground with his toes, and finally realized that he had ruined a child and caused very irreversible consequences, turning social awkwardness into a real social awkwardness.

After the meal was over, Lu Bafang said again: “Although the situation has not been very good recently… But Shi Yuan, we are still very hopeful. I heard that they plan to let the Abyss Watchers return to their posts. Although their psychological assessment requirements are very high, and they will not be allowed to go to the front line, it can reduce the pressure on employment. As for the hospital, we make do with what we have, and the production line of inhibitors can still withstand it. The patients are very cooperative and nothing will happen.”

He patted Shi Yuan on the shoulder: “Well, I have to go back to the hospital. There are two beds of patients still waiting for me. I admire General Lu very much, he will always have a way. It’s not my place to say this, but you two should stay together and live happily.”

“We’re fine,” Shi Yuan replied to him, the tip of his tail swaying happily, “He always helps me untie my tail, and even took me to see the meteor shower.”

“That’s good,” Lu Bafang smiled, “I also saw the meteor shower. I was on the top floor of the hospital. Many people saw it. At that time, they watched the night sky with you.”

Lu Bafang returned to the hospital, and Shi Yuan continued to work.

Lu Bafang’s presence reminded him that he had several other friends in the main city, all of whom he could visit. So he contacted Qin Luoluo and Cheng Youwen first.

Still unable to make a private call, Shi Yuan dialed the transfer center and waited in line for a long time before connecting the two of them.

Qin Luoluo told him that she was still working at the hospital in the northern district and was very busy these days, so she didn’t have time to meet for the time being. And Cheng Youwen said he had gone to the broadcasting center to help write the radio script.

On the phone, Cheng Youwen said: “Shi Yuan, you must have heard of the manuscript I wrote.” His tone was proud, and he was as narcissistic as in the past, “Hmph, with my literary talent, going to that kind of place is not a downgrade blow, I became the team leader in no time, and the old employees had to listen to me.”

“You are so powerful, you are so good at writing everything,” Shi Yuan said, “Then Mr. Cheng, when will we have time to meet?”

“Let me see – well, are you free the day after tomorrow?”

They made an appointment to meet at six o’clock in the afternoon the day after tomorrow, in the square downstairs of the broadcasting center.

Shi Yuan went as promised. When he arrived, the broadcasting center had just gotten off work, and a wave of people came out. The square was crowded, and everyone wanted to catch the first round of shuttle buses. And the pale man on crutches limped from the crowd and waved at him.

Cheng Youwen walked too hastily, in front of Shi Yuan, he couldn’t help turning his head and coughing for a long time.

Shi Yuan patted him on the back to ease his breathing.

It took a long time for Cheng Youwen to get better and straighten his lower back. He looked at Shi Yuan and said with a smile: “Damn, you really haven’t changed a bit!”

Shi Yuan said, “You too!”

They found a bench in the corner of the square. Cheng Youwen took out two sandwiches from his messenger bag and asked, “Want to eat?”

The sandwiches were thick, with lettuce, ham, eggs, and cheese, which was a real luxury nowadays.

Shi Yuan asked, “Where did you get it from?”

“The benefits of the broadcasting center, I have been working for almost two years and it is the first time I have come across it. And it just so happens that you ran into it,” Cheng Youwen said, “You are so lucky to have a friend like me.”

They each took a piece of thick sandwich and ate it, the cheese was shredded, leaving a nice taste on their lips.

Shi Yuan told Cheng Youwen his story in Fengyang City while eating.

After hearing this, Cheng Youwen was amazed: “I like your Tower 4. If there is a chance, I will definitely write it into the script.”

Shi Yuan asked, “Are you still writing the script?”

“Never stopped,” Cheng Youwen replied, “Of course, I wrote it secretly. I wrote a few pages and changed a few pages while I was free after work, and I haven’t shown it to anyone else. Those people don’t know how to appreciate my art. Of course, Shi Yuan, if you sincerely ask me for it, I will still show it to you. After all, you are the “rising star” of the theater.”

“Yeah, I really want to see it! I also like the “Waiting for Godot” you gave me.”

“Yeah, I like it very much.” Cheng Youwen hesitated for two seconds, “You went to find Ms. Isabella, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, her home has become a children’s welfare home, and I donated the money you gave me to the welfare home.”

“That’s good, she likes children the most.”

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