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HFA Chapter 8.1


Chapter 8.1 – Convince

Wang Yu and Lu Bafang stood side by side outside the tent, the cold wind whistling, the sky and the earth bleak.

Wang Yu looked up at the sky. Her eyes were deep, her white robe fluttered in the wind, and she was still holding a bottle of…soapy water that she had used most of, she opened her mouth and said, “So, Shi Yuan left with the general just like that?”

“Right.” Lu Bafang also looked into the distance. “They got on the aircraft and left together.”

“What did he do, did he just go up and hug the general?”

“Right.” Lu Bafang still looked into the distance. “That’s it, it’s simple and effective.”

Wang Yu sighed for a long time: “The coin didn’t lie.”

Lu Bafang’s expression was calm and peaceful. Looking closely, he had a sense of transcendence after being overly shocked, and as if he had great enlightenment, he said, “I was wrong, I was really wrong. We have been measuring and speculating on things by the standards of ordinary people, but Shi Yuan is not an ordinary person. He doesn’t care about rules and regulations, he is really good-looking enough to do whatever he wants. And General Lu is also a man after all…”

Wang Yu was silent for a moment: “Is there a possibility that the two of them know each other?”

“How is that possible?” Lu Bafang said, “Even so, General Lu has been an abyss watcher for ten years, and it is impossible for Shi Yuan to know him.”

“Then who knows,” Wang Yu said. “Who knows, this world is full of wonders after all.”

The two looked into the distance together again, that was the direction where the aircraft disappeared.

Lu Bafang: “Sister Wang, do you think if I did what he did, I would be put on the aircraft?”

Wang Yu: “Your ashes should be able to get on it.”

Lu Bafang: “Yes, you’re right.”

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There were many mutants on the aircraft. Shi Yuan was too scared and stuck to Lu Tinghan’s side closely and did not dare to leave. Lu Tinghan could only take him into his office cubicle.

He untied Shi Yuan’s tail.

Shi Yuan tried to flick his tail, his tail swayed in the air, and his movements finally became smooth.

His eyes lit up: “You are so amazing.”

Lu Tinghan asked, “What else do you want me to help?”

Shi Yuan: “No more.” He was already very happy.

Lu Tinghan looked at him and asked, “Have I seen you before?”

More than seen, he had stared at him for ten years, and he still perceived the sense of familiarity hidden in the dark. Shi Yuan was entangled. He knew Lu Tinghan’s position. If he told the truth, it would be impossible for him to stay with his human, and maybe he would be torn apart by those terrible mutants.

He didn’t want to lie, and he was not good at lying, but he was a little liar from the beginning, so he was able to infiltrate the crowd.

‘I’m not going to do anything bad,’ he thought. ‘It’s just a very, very small lie.’

Shi Yuan whispered, “I don’t know, maybe you’ve seen me…”

He was very guilty, feeling that his voice was dry, and he didn’t dare to look at Lu Tinghan.

“Shi Yuan, look up at me,” Lu Tinghan said.

Shi Yuan stiffened, slowly and cautiously raised his head, and looked at Lu Tinghan.

Lu Tinghan had a pair of gray-blue eyes. Shi Yuan had seen them many times. Those eyes were cold blue in the moonlight and had a unique color. Now the indoor light was not strong. Lu Tinghan stood against the light, and Shi Yuan could only see the gray clouds.

Lu Tinghan must have seen his guilty conscience, but he didn’t ask. He carefully examined Shi Yuan’s face, from the tip of his eyebrows to his eyes to his jaw, taking in every inch of detail in his eyes.

Then he said, “I have seen you.”

His tone was firm and unquestionable.

He added, “A long time ago.” He reached out his hand and rubbed the side of Shi Yuan’s face, stopping at the back of his neck with a slight coolness.

Lu Tinghan’s movements were actually very light and restrained, his expression was no different from stroking a gun. But this was the most vulnerable part of the human body, and this move brought some deterrence and a desire for control.

He lowered his eyes slightly, looking at Shi Yuan thoughtfully.

In Shi Yuan’s body, in addition to the sense of familiarity, he was intuitively aware of the potential threat.

—What Shi Yuan didn’t know was that Abyss No.0 was recognized as the most dangerous abyss. It had been in a safe “dormant period” for a long time, but judging from the monitoring data, it would lead to the most intense contamination and mutation once it broke out.

Lu Tinghan rubbed the back of Shi Yuan’s neck, the skin under his hands was delicate and warm, but his eyes became darker.

Lu Tinghan had seen his blood test results as early as when he rescued Shi Yuan. After getting on the aircraft, Shi Yuan drew blood again, but the result was still no infection.

According to alliance standards, Shi Yuan was absolutely safe and healthy.

The evidence was conclusive and irrefutable.

But he had seen too many monsters and witnessed too many infections, he surpassed ordinary people’s intuition, and could perceive that something was wrong with Shi Yuan. On the one hand, there was cold and sharp doubt in his heart, and on the other hand, there was a warm and nostalgic sense of familiarity. The two were mixed and tangled into extremely complex emotions.

Shi Yuan looked at Lu Tinghan for a while, and he wasn’t so nervous anymore.

He had no self-consciousness of being under control at all, he curled his tail, stretched out his arms and hugged Lu Tinghan, looked up at him, and said, “Do you want to touch my head? You can, oh.”

Lu Tinghan: “……”

Shi Yuan looked at him expectantly: “It’s fine, I don’t mind.”

Lu Tinghan did not respond.

After waiting like this for a while, Shi Yuan realized something and looked at him with wide eyes: “…Ah, don’t you want to touch me?”

He was obviously sad, his tail drooped down.

After a few seconds, Lu Tinghan quietly removed his hand from the back of Shi Yuan’s neck.

Then he tentatively stopped his hand above Shi Yuan’s head and did not drop.

Shi Yuan looked at him, the tip of his tail wagging obviously faster.

He withdrew his hand.

The tail immediately slowed down, and after shaking it two or three times, it stopped directly.

He stretched out his hand again, and the tail began to swing happily again, obviously looking forward to it.

So, Lu Tinghan touched Shi Yuan’s head, and the silky black hair ran between his fingers, fluffy and soft, and felt good.

Shi Yuan was so comfortable that he half-squinted his eyes and rubbed against his hands. Occasionally, he would touch the pair of curved devil horns.

Shi Yuan: “Purr, purr, purr.” It’s very low, like the intimate and happy voice of a feline.

Lu Tinghan didn’t hear clearly: “What are you saying?”

Shi Yuan: “Purr, purr, I didn’t speak.”

Lu Tinghan said, “Try saying it again.”

Shi Yuan: “Purr, what do you want me to say?”

Only then did Lu Tinghan understand that this was probably the sound that Shi Yuan makes when he’s happy.

Those who had been infected would take on the characteristics of the infected object. For example, people infected by wild animals, some liked to eat raw meat, some would wolf howl in the middle of the night, and some were addicted to grooming and catching mice. In contrast, people infected by plants were much more peaceful, most just liked to sunbathe quietly and would occasionally complain about the bad water quality today.

Like Shi Yuan, even Lu Tinghan didn’t see that he had been infected by anything.

He heard his subordinates secretly call Shi Yuan “little devil”.

A strange little devil who would purr when he was happy.

Shi Yuan: “Purr, purr, Lu Tinghan, are you very powerful? I heard others say that you have defended many cities.”

Lu Tinghan said, “Three cities.”

Shi Yuan: “Purr, purr, they also said that you are the youngest general, and those mutants listen to you.”

Lu Tinghan said: “It was just a fluke that I got reappointed.”

Shi Yuan: “Everyone knows your name.”

Lu Tinghan asked, “Who told you all this?”

“My friend,” Shi Yuan replied. He remembered Lu Bafang’s shocked and twisted face, and trembling hands when he saw him plunge into Lu Tinghan’s arms.

He was very happy to be touched, and said, “You saved me and untied my tail. You are really amazing.”

“…but I can’t remember where I saw you.” Lu Tinghan finally rubbed Shi Yuan’s head and withdrew his hand. “Maybe one day you can tell me.”

Shi Yuan felt guilty when he heard this topic, he buried his head and stopped talking.

But he finally found his human, and after a few minutes, he put this guilt behind him and became happy again.

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