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HFA Chapter 76.2


Chapter 76.2 – Transfer

Once they stayed late into the night, they heard the wasteland whimpering and saw the woods full of moving ghosts.

Shi Yuan was blown by the wind all the way, and even sneezed a few times, making the tip of his nose turn red. They lit a fire by the car and took a small iron pot to boil hot water to drink.

The clear water bubbled, Lu Tinghan added tea, and the faint fragrance of tea filled the air. He filled two cups of tea and handed Shi Yuan one.

“It’s so warm.” Shi Yuan, draped in Lu Tinghan’s coat, held hot water in both hands and drank in small sips.

“If you get blown by the wind a bit more, you will catch a cold,” Lu Tinghan said.

Shi Yuan asked, “Will the abyss catch a cold?”

Lu Tinghan thought for a while: “I don’t know, but it’s better for us not to know as much as possible.”

As he spoke, a bright yellow eye appeared in the high forest.

They didn’t know what kind of creature it was, the vertical pupils were very bright, like a huge lantern, and one eye was as high as a tree. It looked at the two people by the campfire silently, and after a while, it quietly closed its eyes and merged into the darkness.

And then it was gone.

Then came the blue owls, translucent red snakes, a few bright golden birds, and the bushes that writhed its roots. There was a small banquet in the forest at night. When Shi Yuan was trying to find the city, he had seen such a scene countless times, but this time, Lu Tinghan was also by his side.

Halfway through the tea, a rustling sound suddenly came from the bushes.

Lu Tinghan held a gun, Shi Yuan held his tail high, and the two leaned over to look at it together.

Poking away from the bushes, underneath was a white kitten that was about to die. The kitten had a lot of tails, its teeth were made of rocks, and it made a weak meow. Its abdomen was pierced by several fangs, but there was no blood coming out, and it was not known what its blood had mutated into.

Shi Yuan picked up the cat and went to the campfire.

He said, “It’s going to die.”

Lu Tinghan: “Hmm.”

Shi Yuan touched the soft hair of the cat and remembered Tracy. The girl had jumped up and down in the background, with a cat-like cunning in her eyes, clamoring to see Ms. Isabella.

He suddenly asked Lu Tinghan: “Now, what is it thinking about?”

Shi Yuan never understood what the monsters were thinking.

He didn’t know how to observe words and expressions, even with monsters.

Throughout the city and wasteland, only Lu Tinghan was special. Only he could read the thoughts of the monsters, and only he could find a lonely abyss.

Lu Tinghan looked at the white cat silently.

It had a pair of green eyes, which gradually lost their light and became cloudy. If it ran into a human when it was alive and well, it would probably blow up its hair to attack, but it was about to die, so it could only calmly look at Lu Tinghan.

After a long time, Lu Tinghan said, “…it is homesick.”

At the outpost a long time ago, when he dissected the queen ant, Lieutenant Bing Siyun asked him the same question.

Lu Tinghan also replied: “It is homesick.”

This was not random. He had come into contact with countless monsters, not a few of which were near death, and among them, there were those who were homesick from time to time.

He knew what they were thinking, but he rarely said this unbelievable statement.

At first, he was puzzled and didn’t understand what a home was for monsters, until through the “Overlook” plan, they learned that the abyss came from beyond the stars: perhaps in the depths of the starlight, there was their original home.

The flame licked the night silently, making a hole in the darkness.

The kitten slowly closed its eyes.

It was time to return, and the two returned to the car. The wind in the wasteland was howling, bending a patch of dark yellow withered grass. Shi Yuan looked at the scenery flying past the window, and his breath covered the window with a layer of moisture. He stretched out his hand and touched it, and through the glass, the world was cold.

In the wind, Lu Tinghan asked in a low voice, “Shi Yuan, where are you from?”

“I don’t know,” Shi Yuan replied, “Maybe it’s far, far away, farther away than the wasteland and the city.”

Lu Tinghan: “Yes, it may be many light years away, at the end of the universe…or another universe, another dimension.”

“Hmm. I don’t remember the way back anymore.”

Lu Tinghan said, “At least now you know where your home is.”

The off-road vehicle drove through the vast wasteland, turned into a black dot, and disappeared at the end of the world.

At the end of the world was the city, the dim light, and their home.

In June 243, Shi Yuan met Lin Yeran.

After Lin Yeran returned to the data center, he started his big data analysis again and had been very busy.

They met by chance at the station, and Shi Yuan greeted him: “How are you, Mr. Lin?”

Lin Yeran looked at him and said, “I’m not very good. I’m about to die. That stupid team member is not worthy of a penny of bonus.”

In the next 10 minutes, Shi Yuan listened to Lin Yeran share how many times he caught subordinates coming late and leaving early this year, idling around at work, and how many bonuses he deducted.

The tram was coming soon, and Shi Yuan finally asked him, “Mr. Lin, did you find the message left by Colonel Yan?”

“No,” Lin Yeran said, “If the data is gone, it’s gone. Didn’t I say, if there is no miracle, I can’t find it.”


“He was very old-fashioned, I even taught him how to send holographic text messages,” Lin Yeran said. “One look and it’s obvious he was not into tech.”

When the tram arrived at the station, it was full of people, and Lin Yeran squeezed onto it.

In early July, Shi Yuan found Professor Guan’s well-hidden kidney bean cake.

Professor Guan hid it so well that he even forgot about it. The kidney bean cake had already expired a month ago, but Shi Yuan felt that it was not expired, so it was not expired, the so-called spiritual victory method.

He took a few bites, and the taste was as good as ever, so he thought about bringing a few pieces to Lu Tinghan to taste.

He just didn’t know if his human who liked garbage would also like expired food.

It was time to get off work, and he went home with half a box of kidney bean cakes.

Recently, there had been few trams, so Lu Tinghan directly asked someone to pick him up.

The driver drove him home.

Three huge shadows enveloped the city. Shi Yuan looked up and saw the familiar massive transport ship.

Once, the transport ship took the residents of Gleaning City to retreat.

Now they appeared in Fengyang City.

Shi Yuan asked, “What are the transport ships doing here?”

The driver was silent for a while and replied: “They should be here to transport energy facilities – you know, there are many such machines in the energy tower, as well as energy cores.”

Shi Yuan had heard of these words.

Relying on these state-of-the-art and sophisticated technologies, Fengyang City had become the energy hub of the Alliance.

The driver continued: “There is no factory that can mass produce these instruments. If they are destroyed, the energy system will be completely over.”

“What do you mean?” Shi Yuan asked, “Is Fengyang City unsafe?”

Driver: “Yes, why else would you take them away?” He added, “It’s thanks to General Lu who can defend it for so long. According to past speculation, Fengyang City should have fallen a long time ago.”

Shi Yuan went home and ran to the balcony to watch.

The transport ship was too big, covering the sky and the sun, and every movement was loud and powerful. From such a distance, he could see a group of people busy up and down the energy tower, carrying some huge and unfamiliar instruments. He heard from the driver that in the first wave of evacuation, in addition to the residents, they must also ensure that most core machines were taken to the main city.

With the large population of Fengyang City, plus the need to carry instruments, this task was very heavy.

There was a tense atmosphere in the streets and alleys – last time, when Gleaning City was evacuated like this, the city fell soon after. Lu Tinghan’s judgment had never been wrong, so it would probably be the same result this time.

The Alliance was about to lose another city.

In the evening, Shi Yuan and Lu Tinghan went to the city wall.

This time, there were more than a dozen more residents on the city wall. Under the guidance of the soldiers, men, women, and children quietly reached the edge of the city wall and hung lantern-like lights.

On the edge of Iron City, a group of jellyfish floated and the forest deer wandered.

People looked at Iron City in silence.

As usual, jellyfish were not attracted by light and swam in the ocean of the night sky.

Unlike in the past, they did not wait in silence. They didn’t know who was the first to shout: “Hey!!!”

“Hey!!! You guys, come back quickly, we are about to leave!!!”

Soon someone joined him, put his hands to his mouth, and shouted: “Come back quickly! We are still waiting for you!”

“Come home!”

These calls were swallowed up by the wasteland.

They disappeared without a trace.

Behind them, the huge transport ship slowly rose and flew towards the main city.



Only one city left. I’m still not over Gleaning City, and now Fengyang City is also gone?!

By the way, Chapters 1.2 and 2.2, turns out they were skipped, 1.1’s next button skipped to 2.1, and 2.1’s next button to 3.1. Please check again if you happened to skip those 2 chaps. It’s fixed now.

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