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HFA Chapter 76.1


Chapter 76.1 – Transfer

Shi Yuan finally sneakily finished the professor’s last box of black bean cakes.

He didn’t finish it alone, he also took two pieces home and fed them to his human. His human expressed satisfaction and they had a good time in bed that night.

And Professor Guan was heartbroken: “Sure enough, the abyss is the top predator.”

Shi Yuan looked at him and asked, “Is there any more?”

“Not even a little bit! Don’t think I don’t know that General Lu will also share the spoils with you!”

Shi Yuan looked at him with wide eyes, his tail wagging gently: “There’s really nothing left?”

Professor Guan: “……”

“Professor Guan, you have always been the smartest professor I have ever seen.”

—Shi Yuan was telling the truth, he only knew such a professor.

Professor Guan stood still, and after a long time, he slowly spoke: “…Cough, cough, oh, you kid really, you just like to randomly tell truths… Ahem, to be honest, there is actually a box in the drawer on the left.”

Shi Yuan pulled out Professor Guan’s tightly hidden green bean cakes from the drawer on the left.

While eating green bean cakes, he watched Professor Guan sitting next to him, with countless curves and data on the computer.

Professor Guan sighed: “It would be nice if your infection wavelength was not so complicated. The power that can change time is not yet within the reach of Alliance technology. Shi Yuan, can you find a way to become weaker? Become an ordinary abyss?”

“It shouldn’t be possible,” Shi Yuan continued to eat green bean cakes.

“You can become a human being, why can’t you become a little more ordinary?” Professor Guan said, “If you become more ordinary, I will also give you my treasured kidney bean cakes.”

Shi Yuan silently remembered that there were kidney bean cakes, and then told him: “It’s really impossible. But becoming a human being is a very simple thing. As long as I am sad enough, I can be sad enough to transform.”

Professor Guan: “……”

No matter how you think about it, it’s incredible!!

Professor Guan ran to have a meeting with the researcher. Shi Yuan ate half a box of green bean cakes and took three more pieces to give to Lu Tinghan.

Before getting off work, Professor Guan suddenly said, “By the way, the scientific research center has been cleaning up the warehouse these days and found an astronomical telescope. Do you need it?”

“Yeah.” Shi Yuan was a little surprised.

He had been using the telescope left by Wu Zhengqing to look at the universe when the weather was good. But after all, the telescope was quite old and not very useful.

They went to the warehouse, and Shi Yuan took away the telescope sealed in a foam box.

Professor Guan leaned against the wall and said, “However, it can’t see other infected planets. They are in another star system, far away.”

“I know.” Shi Yuan said, “Someone taught me a lot about astronomy.”

Professor Guan stopped talking: “… Although I have asked many times, don’t you really remember where the abyss came from? How did you get here?”

“I don’t remember,” Shi Yuan replied, “At that time, I may not have self-awareness, or I have been sleeping and don’t remember.”

No matter how he recalled it, he could only think of darkness.

“Oh.” Professor Guan still sighed, his white hair swaying in the wind, “It’s a pity. If one day I could know how the abyss travels through the universe, I would have no regrets even if I died.” He smiled. “The universe is too grand, humans are too small, and there are so many things we have yet to understand.”

Shi Yuan took the telescope home.

That night, the night sky was clear, and he and Lu Tinghan watched the stars together on the balcony.

They have seen the stars many times together. Shi Yuan told Lu Tinghan: “I got a better telescope today, I’m sure I can see it very clearly.”

He adjusted the focal length and aimed at the planets. This telescope had an autofocus function, which was very convenient. If Wu Zhengqing was there, he would definitely like it. He saw the clearly visible galaxy in the camera, and quickly urged Lu Tinghan: “Come and see!”

So Lu Tinghan leaned over, head to head with him, and also saw the brilliance of the Milky Way.

Shi Yuan said, “I’m still waiting for the shooting star.”

Lu Tinghan said: “This kind of thing is rare. I only saw one when I was a child. At that time, I happened to be on the energy tower.”

“Does it look good?”

“It was too far away, I couldn’t see clearly, I could only see a track very vaguely.”

“Well, then maybe one day we can see it together,” Shi Yuan said again, “And I haven’t been able to find Mr. Wu’s spaceship yet. Tell me, will he pass through the sky above our heads?”

Lu Tinghan: “It’s possible.”

“I hope he has found the aerospace center,” Shi Yuan continued to look through the telescope and saw a reddish gaseous star, “and those spaceships he likes. He can drive a spaceship to his favorite planet.”

Lu Tinghan touched Shi Yuan’s head.

When they were lying in bed at night, Lu Tinghan suddenly said, “There’s an observatory over in the main city, the starry sky is the most beautiful from there.”


“If we have the opportunity, let’s go over and have a look,” Lu Tinghan said, “I haven’t been there much.”

Shi Yuan agreed with great enthusiasm.

After another week, he and Lu Tinghan went to the outpost together.

Since knowing his identity, Lu Tinghan had taken him to the front line from time to time. Shi Yuan spent most of his time doing nothing, staying in the lounge to play with his tail, occasionally carefully observing other soldiers, and carrying out routine human observation plans.

Professor Guan thought that Shi Yuan might be able to scare away a few waves of monsters, but in fact, he couldn’t do much.

Monsters were attracted by human flesh and blood. There were many warriors in the outposts, which were quite attractive to them. In addition, during the peak period, their restlessness was dozens of times higher, and once they go crazy, they wouldn’t know how to be afraid.

Occasionally, he would put up his tail to scare away some monsters, but the area that Rattle Tail Abyss could protect was very limited.

Shi Yuan could kill them directly, but killing them meant infecting them and humans would be finished. In the words of Professor Guan: “Shi Yuan, you doing nothing is the greatest help to mankind, really.”

Overall, Shi Yuan was a mascot in front of the outpost.

The mascot also had the benefit of a mascot. He could stay with Lu Tinghan and drink the potato broth from the outpost.

The broth tasted good, and after it was boiled, it’s aroma was spread all over the room. Lu Tinghan often smelled the broth on Shi Yuan’s clothes – when he was warm in his arms.

No one dared to gossip about his relationship with Lu Tinghan in person, but anyone with a discerning eye could see that this one was the standard “general’s wife”.

‘But why did General Lu bring his family to the front line?’ This problem bothered everyone, but they quickly got used to Shi Yuan’s existence, and they secretly felt that he was courageous, and his face did not change when he saw the swarm of infected creatures. He was worthy of the general’s fancy.

The hero became a prisoner of love, which looked quite pleasing to the eye.

No one knew that this beautiful, soft, and harmless “general’s wife” was more like coming on vacation. He was the most terrifying monster on the wasteland.

The smaller the number, the less attractive to the monster.

When other abysses were quiet, Rattle Tail Abyss still had the deterrent power to protect one or two people.

Therefore, there was no scene of a hero saving the beauty, and the “general’s wife” secretly took the general for a walk in the wasteland.

Lu Tinghan could be said to have borrowed Shi Yuan’s light, and the two drove to the depths of the wasteland several times. Lu Tinghan listened to the roar of the monsters in the wind, smelled the smell of soil, tree roots and blood, and speculated about the monsters’ movements.

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