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HFA Chapter 58.1


Chapter 58.1 – In the Hospital

Everything was destroyed, there were no signal guns, no flares, and Shi Yuan didn’t know when support would come.

Blood gushed from Lu Tinghan’s abdomen, it was a hideous open wound. There were also injuries in other places, but they were not as terrible as this wound.

Lu Tinghan taught Shi Yuan basic medical knowledge in case of emergency. But Shi Yuan didn’t expect that the first time he used it was on Lu Tinghan.

It was like Lu Tinghan could find him every time, and the first time he found Lu Tinghan, it turned out to be such a situation.

…fortunately, he found him.

Shi Yuan didn’t have saline or bandages, so he tore off his clothes, folded them into a block, and pressed them down. His hands were shaking badly, he tried his best to press down, but the blood still flowed, and scarlet soaked his hands.

‘Why can’t it stop?’ he thought.

‘Can humans shed so much blood?’

It was hot and scorching, and it was about to burn his fingertips. Every small stream of blood gushing out seemed to take away a little of Lu Tinghan’s body temperature, and his body was slowly becoming cold.

There was a rustling sound.

The head of the Snake King was shattered by a ‘Heavy Hammer’, and his mountain-like body lay on the wasteland. At this time, the gravel rolled off its body and fell to the ground, automatically and tremblingly gathered together without wind, so countless new rock snakes were born.

The Snake King was dead, but the new life of their race descended with the help of its corpse, like a whale falling into the deep sea, from generation to generation.

The rock snakes surrounded Shi Yuan and Lu Tinghan, twisting, tumbling, entangled with each other, and converged into a dense sea of snakes. A rock snake as huge as a small building, surrounded by the snake tide, swam slowly, staring at the two of them with vertical pupils.

“…don’t come over,” Shi Yuan didn’t look back, “I will kill you.”

The huge rock snake hissed, and the frenzy in its eyes was overwhelming. The small snakes were equally agitated and surged even faster.

This scene was completely bizarre.

The huge mountain-like rocks were the bodies of monsters, and they were endless. Thousands of snake forms formed an ocean, stacked two or three meters high, they were so agitated that the whole place was surrounded by the sound of the scraping of rocks against rocks, with their slightly bright pupils and scarlet tongues. The giant snake stretched out its upper body, the bones of its neck propped up, the rock-constructed scales with the curved growth pattern of crystals. It blocked the sunset glow, casting a dense shadow on the earth.

Putting anyone here would mean death without a burial, and would be doomed.

But they were stopped. No matter how the snake tide surged, they didn’t dare to approach Shi Yuan, leaving a circular vacuum zone on the ground.

The giant snake didn’t want to leave, leaning forward, as if to approach—

Shi Yuan turned his head, black mist gushing out of his body. This black mist was obviously silent, but there was a strange sound, like the echoes of the deep sea, the noise of the alien stars, or the sighs of millions of the dead.

At this moment, the sun sank, the world was without light, and the darkness was so intense that everything was annihilated here.

Where the mist spread, the snakes scrambled to retreat.

He looked at the giant snake with his pitch-black eyes and said, “…not leaving yet, do you want to die?”

The rock snakes scattered like birds and beasts.

The wasteland calmed down, Shi Yuan held down the wound and felt Lu Tinghan’s body temperature become cold.

The blood was still flowing.

“…don’t die.” He heard himself say. “If you die, I can only infect you. Then you will definitely hate me very much.” He was taken aback for a while. “You will hate me.”

Lu Tinghan did not respond.

His chest rose and fell weakly.

Shi Yuan said, “Lu Tinghan, will you answer me?”

There was still silence. The sky and earth were dark and the wasteland was silent.

His human was dying little by little, bit by bit.

Shi Yuan didn’t know how long he had waited, and only when the tingling sensation in his heart was numb did he hear the piercing sound of breaking through the air.

A fleet of aircraft came from the direction of the city, in a uniform direction, pointing directly at the ruins of the outpost.

Help was coming.

Even if they knew that it was almost impossible to have survivors in this situation, the rescue still came, and they didn’t give up a bit of hope.

The corners of Shi Yuan’s eyes were slightly moistened.

He lowered his head, rubbed Lu Tinghan’s palm very lightly, and let out a little beast-like whimper. He said to Lu Tinghan, “They are here, you won’t die, right?”

The aircraft landed, teams of soldiers rushed out with guns, and rescuers spread out with small robots.

“Report – there are no signs of rock snake activity within 2 kilometers, rescue immediately!”

“Go, go, go! Search for survivors!”

“Where are the people we just saw? Where are they?!”

“Signs of life have been detected—wait, wait, right here! Someone is still alive! Come here, come here!”

“It’s General Lu!”

In a rush, the medical staff transferred Lu Tinghan to the aircraft. Someone reacted: “Didn’t we see two people on the aircraft? Why did you only find General Lu?”

“I don’t know, was he taken away by the rock snake? We have to continue the search and rescue! Hurry up and move!”

One aircraft left first, taking Lu Tinghan back to the city for rescue.

It swept across the dark sky.

On the wasteland, the young man stood alone, looking up and watching it leave.


Two days later, Fengyang City Military Region Hospital.

Shi Yuan stood on the top floor of the hospital. The corridors of the hospital were always pure white and always filled with the smell of disinfectant.

The doctor knew him long ago: “Visiting again? You don’t need to stay in the hospital all the time, someone will notify you if something happens.”

“I don’t want to go home, I don’t want to go back at all,” Shi Yuan said, “How is he now?”

“He hasn’t regained consciousness yet,” the doctor said as he walked, “The vital signs are basically stable. You can rest assured that he will wake up soon.”

Shi Yuan entered the ICU.

Lu Tinghan was lying on the hospital bed, surrounded by various instruments. He seemed to be asleep, his face calm, and he exhaled white mist on the oxygen mask.

Shi Yuan originally didn’t know a single instrument, but in the past two days, he tried hard to learn and got to know the ventilator, bedside monitor, ECG machine, and external defibrillator, as well as a bunch of odd and strange drugs.

These cold names unsettled him.

He forced himself to understand them.

Lu Tinghan still did not regain consciousness today.

But indeed, as the doctor said, his condition was stable, and even Shi Yuan could see that he was no longer so weak.

Shi Yuan sat by the bed for a while, silently accompanying Lu Tinghan.

The visiting time was only half an hour, and he didn’t know what to say, so he reached out and gently placed his hand on Lu Tinghan’s palm. He didn’t dare to clasp Lu Tinghan’s fingers forcefully, he only used this way to feel his body temperature to make sure that he was still alive.

He whispered: “Lu Tinghan, I did a bad thing today. I fell down on the third floor of the hospital. I scratched a doctor’s white robe and had to lose money.”

He said: “I stay in the hospital all the time and only go home in the morning to feed the bird and the fish. If you feel uncomfortable, I will be by your side.”

He said, “When will you wake up? No one has touched my head for a long time.”

He did not get a response.

The visitation time was over, and before Shi Yuan left, he looked back again.—

The medicinal liquid dripped down little by little, and was inserted into the vein along the transparent tube. The bedside instruments were still tracing the lines, high and low, rising and falling.

His human was still alive and would stay with him.

He did not return to the loneliness of those thousand years.

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