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HFA Chapter 57.1


Chapter 57.1 – Kiss

Shi Yuan wandered on the wasteland.

Several fleets of aircraft swept overhead and began bombing in the distance. The whole world was a chaos of gunfire, explosions, and the roar of monsters. The rock snakes were moving underground, and as far as the eye could see, there was no intact land left, large swathes of mud had turned out, and everywhere you looked there were meters deep pits and ditches. Yellow-brown, crimson, and black mixed, the earth was wrecked.

The pungent smell of gunpowder made Shi Yuan very uncomfortable, coughing twice from time to time.

He didn’t know where Lu Tinghan was, but judging from the latest battle situation broadcast, Lu Tinghan was at the outpost of Fengyang City.

There were three outposts located around the city. He looked at the map and knew the general direction, but it was really the same everywhere on the wasteland, it was too difficult to tell.

He could only follow the monsters.

The snakes made of rocks were still swimming underground, instinctively rushing to the place where humans gathered.

Shi Yuan stepped on the mottled earth with one foot shallow and one foot deep.

The snakes surged under his feet, and from time to time a few jumped out. After seeing him, they hurriedly avoided him.

There were exceptions.

A rock snake half a story high appeared silently behind Shi Yuan and followed him. As soon as Shi Yuan turned his head, a big head was facing him, and the snake’s dark brown vertical pupils looked at him, spitting out its scarlet tongue.

Shi Yuan was licked by the rock snake suddenly. There was no smell of saliva, but it had a unique earthy smell.

“Don’t lick me!” Shi Yuan protested, “You can play by yourself, I still have things to do.”

The rock snake licked him again, lowered its head to him, and looked at him intently. There was fear and hesitation in its eyes, but it was more fanaticism, devotion, and desire.

—Just like Shi Yuan’s dream, exactly the same with the monsters below the stage.

In retrospect, the purple light bug queen bee he encountered before had the same look in her eyes. The Queen Bee wanted to hug Shi Yuan, while the rock snake’s tail rolled and handed a shiny, beautiful stone to Shi Yuan to give to him.

It was like a believer carefully selecting a tribute and offering it to the gods.

“Thank you, I don’t want it,” Shi Yuan said, “You can go somewhere else quickly and play with stones with your friends.”

The rock snake refused to leave.

Shi Yuan raised his tail and made a sound to intimidate it!

It was scared away by Shi Yuan for an instant, but after five or six minutes, it probed again and followed Shi Yuan quietly, its eyes becoming more and more fanatical.

The desire for ascension overwhelmed its fear of death.

Whether it was spitting out its tongue to please or to send a beautiful stone, it was actively begging for death in exchange for endless time and power.

Shi Yuan ignored it, and it followed silently. As soon as Shi Yuan looked back, he would see its tongue and stone. Until 2 hours later, three aircraft flew by at ultra-low altitudes, the rock snake violently twisted its head and hissed, its body leaped and sank into the earth, leading a group of small snakes to chase the aircraft.

A monster is still a monster.

No matter how docile and cautious it was in front of Shi Yuan, it could still show the most hideous fangs.

Shi Yuan continued his search.

He did not dare to turn into a black mist, and walked through several battlefields on foot.

Several more rock snakes approached him, equally pleasing, equally pious and eager, and equally determined to die.

This is by no means a good sign.

Before Shi Yuan entered the city, 99% of the monsters were simply afraid of him, but recently… more and more monsters tried to approach him.

They were becoming more restless and no longer satisfied with their existing power.

Perhaps for any creature, evolution, reproduction, and expansion were all irresistible temptations. In the long river formed by their souls, the silent trumpet was blowing, urging them to ignore life and death and march collectively into that temple of divinity.

Since then, a whole new journey called to them, and the battle would never end.

Death was for the higher good of the race.

Shi Yuan was not interested in this.

He could only keep driving away the monsters around him, taking tired steps, looking for Lu Tinghan.

The wasteland was too big, and the front line was very long. Shi Yuan didn’t know how long he had walked, or if he could still find him.

Until a majestic sunset fell, the earth was dyed into a sea of blood. A burning beam of light fell from the sky, like a sharp sword. From what Shi Yuan could see, it was a dazzling light that precisely split the sky in two with the sun.

It was the space-based weapon “Heavy Hammer”.

It was so bright that Shi Yuan’s eyes stung.

In the next second, the wind blew everywhere!

Sand and gravel flew, and the shock wave rolled with a sea of earth towards Shi Yuan. Shi Yuan was first staggered by the wind, then swept away by the soil, and then rolled a long distance before stopping.

A thin layer of soil pressed on him, and his face was full of dust, he raised his upper body and coughed twice.

His body was quite painful, with a few bloody scrapes, but it didn’t affect his movement.

His head was dizzy, he stayed for two seconds, and suddenly looked at the place where the “Heavy Hammer” fell.

There was a deep pit of hundreds of meters at the place of the fall, and at the edge of the crater were large chunks of metal and wall scattered about.

It was an outpost that had been shaken by the aftermath of the “Heavy Hammer” and turned into ruins.

Shi Yuan stared at it blankly and jerked to his feet! A thick black mist gushed out of his body, and he went straight towards the outpost.


Five hours ago, the southeast outpost of Fengyang City.

The ground was full of dead rock snakes, and the soldiers collected the more complete corpses and brought them back to the outpost.

This was a big victory, but the soldiers in the outpost were not a little bit happy.

Xing Yifeng walked to the command room and saluted Lu Tinghan: “General Lu, we still haven’t positioned the Snake King.”

This morning, the observers at the outpost saw the mountain-like black shadows in the thick fog.

The dark shadow opened its vertical pupils and looked towards the outpost. Its pupils glowed and it was like a small planet in the mist.

It was the snake king of the rock snakes.

The Snake King spit out its tongue and stared at the outpost and Fengyang City. After that, it sank silently into the earth.

No one knew how such a huge body disappeared, and how it swam in the soil and rocks.

There were too many monsters beyond human cognition, but the Snake King was particularly bizarre and the most dangerous kind. If a monster of this level approached Fengyang City, the city would be destroyed.

Everyone was tracking its pollution signals to no avail. This was like a timed bomb, buried deep in the ground, which may detonate at any time.

From the early morning to the present, Lu Tinghan tried to figure out the movements of the rock snake and defended against two waves of offensives.

Even he didn’t know where the Snake King was.

After listening to Xing Yifeng’s report, Lu Tinghan put on white gloves and fiddled with the fragments of the rock snake in the container.

Soon the gloves were covered with mud and dust and stained with blood. He crushed a cracked stone and said, “It’s still nearby, watching us all the time.”

Xing Yifeng: “Watching us?”

“It is observing us and finding the perfect time to attack,” Lu Tinghan said, “It won’t lurk for too long, it will appear soon.”

Xing Yifeng’s heart tightened, and he said: “The ‘Rainbow Sword’ and the ‘Heavy Hammer’ are both ready, and ready to aim and fire.”

“Against an infected creature of this size, the ‘Rainbow Sword’ may not be effective,” Lu Tinghan said, “The laser of the ‘Rainbow Sword’ is suitable for precision strikes, not for large targets. We have to use a ‘Heavy Hammer’.”

The “Heavy Hammer” was a kinetic energy weapon with a much larger strike range than the “Rainbow Sword”. Accordingly, it also had limitations and couldn’t be used too close to the city, otherwise it was tantamount to su*cide.

They must complete this blow before the Snake King could approach the city. This was a fight to the death, and there was only one chance.

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