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HFA Chapter 47.1


Chapter 47.1 – The Definition of Love

Shi Yuan said, “I like a lot of people!” He counted carefully, “Xie Qianming, Wang Yu, Lu Bafang, Cheng Youwen, Qin Luoluo… Well, I don’t like Xia Fang too much now.”

“Not this.” Lu Tinghan said, “It’s not this kind of liking, it’s out of love.”

Shi Yuan bent his tail in confusion.

He had seen Cheng Youwen’s eyes when he was secretly in love with Qin Luoluo, had seen all kinds of people courting him, and had seen Duan Mu’s regret when he was rejected by him. There were also many people who asked him what his relationship was with Lu Tinghan, and he always explained that Lu Tinghan was not his boyfriend – although so far, no one has believed him.

He also watched a lot of stage plays, most of which had romantic scenes. He tried to understand, but he couldn’t tell the difference between that kind of liking.

Shi Yuan said, “I don’t understand. But I like you very, very much!” He added, “How much? If you send me an invitation to mate, I will definitely agree!”

Lu Tinghan: “……”

Words couldn’t describe his subtle expression at this moment. He rubbed his eyebrows: “Shi Yuan, it’s not like that.”

Shi Yuan asked, “You don’t want to send me an invitation?”

Lu Tinghan: “……”

Shi Yuan asked again, “Is it because I can’t lay eggs? I can learn it, although I may not be able to learn it well.”

Lu Tinghan: “……”

Lu Tinghan looked at Shi Yuan, Shi Yuan was still bending his tail in confusion, his dark abyss-like eyes were full of him.

His eyes were pure and full of life, rare in the world, and it was the most moving.

—This was simply a foul, otherwise, Lu Tinghan would not make an exception again and again, letting Shi Yuan occupy his bed.

Lu Tinghan said, “Shi Yuan, I want to know what you think of me. To you, I have never been a ‘general’, so what kind of existence am I?”

He added: “If you answer ‘roommate’ or ‘card friend’, I will never touch your head again tonight.”

Shi Yuan became more and more confused.

He didn’t know the meaning of Lu Tinghan’s question. Lu Tinghan was Lu Tinghan, his human, and he wanted to stay with him forever.

Wasn’t that enough? If the current situation was good enough, why change it? This was already the life he wanted most, and it was the whole point of his coming to the city.

But Lu Tinghan was very serious, and even threatened him with the matter of touching his head.

Shi Yuan asked Lu Tinghan: “Are you… dissatisfied with our current relationship?”

He guessed whether Lu Tinghan wanted to charge him rent or utility bills.

“Satisfied.” Lu Tinghan said, “But I want more than that.” He looked at Shi Yuan’s confused face, and suddenly smiled, “You can take your time to think about it, you don’t have to give me an answer tonight. I know that this is a very difficult question for you.”

He leaned down and pressed his forehead against Shi Yuan’s, his gray-blue eyes surging with emotion, he whispered, “Good night, Shi Yuan.”


Lu Tinghan’s question confused Shi Yuan.

He was thinking about it at work the next day, absent-mindedly, and stepped on Lin Yeran when he got out of the elevator.

Lin Yeran: “Ah! Shi Yuan, look at where you’re going! What’s wrong with you lately, after you got the excellent employee award, you locked me in the office and stepped on my feet, is that how good you are? Is this how you respond to the organization’s expectations of you? Don’t you want your performance bonus this month?!”

Shi Yuan said, “I’m sorry. If you want, you can also step on me.”

Lin Yeran was in a grumpy mood recently, he would even scold the mopping floor bucket for being too ugly whenever she passed it. Everyone also knew that every year, near the day of the fall of Iron City, which was the death day of Captain Yan Xin, Lin Yeran was like an angry hedgehog, with thorns all over his body, and when he encountered someone, he had to say a few angry words.

According to Daisy, in the most serious cases, he would evolve from a hedgehog to a porcupine, shooting out flying thorns, ultra-long-range targets, making it impossible to defend against.

Fortunately, Lin Yeran had been in charge of this place for many years, and he was usually a good person, so everyone could bear it.

Now Shi Yuan hit the muzzle of the gun.

His apology was very sincere, but soon, his thoughts were all occupied by Lu Tinghan’s love problems.

Lin Yeran was just about to make a furious scolding when he saw that Shi Yuan’s eyes were vacant, looking straight ahead, not even blinking.

“…Shi Yuan?” Lin Yeran called him.

Shi Yuan was unresponsive.

Lin Yeran shook his hand in front of him: “Shi Yuan!!”

Shi Yuan’s expression was blank, as if he was meditating on the true meaning of the universe. If in the next second, Shi Yuan popped out a sentence like “Heaven and earth are in chaos, everything returns to dust and all is as insignificant as an ant”, Lin Yeran wouldn’t be surprised at all.

—Although, Shi Yuan was only thinking about the inevitability between love and mating.

Lin Yeran stared at Shi Yuan for a few seconds and began to doubt himself.

‘Am I really that scary?’ he thought.

‘Isn’t it just that my voice is a little louder, why did he get scared like this? How come he couldn’t even speak and couldn’t even look at me?’

He called again: “Shi Yuan?”

Shi Yuan stared straight ahead, inattentively: “Well, well, I’m here, you say.”

Lin Yeran panicked.

He felt that he had made the excellent employee who was happy every day autistic.

He grabbed Shi Yuan by the shoulder and said, “Pretend I didn’t say anything just now, just be careful in the future, okay? There is no need to take it to heart.”

Shi Yuan: “Okay.”

He made his way slowly to the office and started his day’s work.

In the afternoon, Daisy said to him mysteriously: “Did you know, Mr. Lin stopped cursing today? An intern poured him tea just now and spilled it. He endured until the blue veins on his forehead popped out without cursing! Don’t you think it’s magical?”

Shi Yuan said, “Why?”

“Who knows.” Daisy rested her chin and looked into the empty office, “Maybe, he finally realized how much he’s like a hedgehog.”

This sentence reminded Shi Yuan of Yan Xin. He asked Daisy: “Do you know the group of jellyfish outside the city or the Deer Outside the High Forest? Could Captain Yan be one of them?”

“I don’t know.” Daisy said, “Did you know that Iron City has a very high communication tower? It is in the center of the city, Captain Yan Xin and Colonel Lu both died there. Judging from the communication records at the time, after Colonel Lu led the team to break through, he should have k*lled himself by swallowing a gun. Captain Yan went to the top of the communication tower and transmitted the last combat data to Fengyang City, and then…jumped down.” She considered the words, “I don’t know much about the abyss. But in general, Captain Yan’s method of death… it is difficult to be infected, he was really dead.”

“Oh, I see.” Shi Yuan asked, “How do you know this?”

Daisy smiled: “Everyone in Fengyang City knows. After all, there are our friends and family there.”

The phone rang, and she hurriedly picked it up: “Hello, this is the psychological counseling hotline, may I ask…”

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