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HFA Chapter 44.1


Chapter 44.1 – Isabella

The transport ship was crowded with people, everyone was silent, it was hot, and the air was solidified.

This was a long journey and would last for more than three days.

The sea of infected flowers that erupted had no way to catch up with them, but the abysses were all agitated, and perhaps they would encounter a wave of monsters from the air raid.

There were too many humans, Shi Yuan only dared to nest in the farthest corner, eating military dry food with plain water every day, and almost became so nervous that his tail got knotted.

His mobile phone was broken and there was no way to contact Lu Tinghan. He hurriedly boarded the transport ship again without registering his identity.

He felt that Lu Tinghan must be very worried about him, so he found a soldier on guard and asked, “Hello, can I contact other people?”

The soldier didn’t blink, and replied coldly: “No.”

Shi Yuan asked again: “Is it really not possible?”

The soldier ignored him.

Shi Yuan drooped his tail and returned to his dimly lit room, where he was huddled with nearly a hundred strangers.

Cheng Youwen and Qin Luoluo were next door.

After Shi Yuan rescued them from the theater, the two of them expressed their gratitude, but their eyes became…weird, and hesitant to speak.

This was also inevitable.

The behavior patterns of monsters were unpredictable and strange, and the fluctuations in the abyss never stopped. In the past, it really happened that they took the initiative to give up their prey.

But Cheng Youwen and Qin Luoluo was too close.

It was close enough to clearly see that what the monsters were afraid of was Shi Yuan.

They might not be able to guess Shi Yuan’s true identity, but they must know that Shi Yuan was not an ordinary person.

Shi Yuan didn’t know how they would react.

He didn’t regret saving them, no matter how many times, he would do it again.

Early the next morning, Shi Yuan was stopped by a major after receiving compressed food.

Shi Yuan was a little scared.

The major’s adjutant, however, handed him a thick quilt. The major said, “General Lu gave it to you. He told me to tell you that if you need anything, just talk to me.”

The quilt was very soft and warm, especially when placed on a large bunk. Shi Yuan rolled around holding the quilt a few times, the tip of his tail shaking happily, he thought, ‘Lu Tinghan is so smart, he found me again so soon.’

Two days later, through the observation deck of the aircraft, a city appeared at the end of the horizon.

It was located on a steep plateau, with huge windmills spinning forever, and tens of millions of solar panels shining in the dawn. Energy towers stood one after another, and just looking at them from a distance, you can feel the electricity flowing in every corner of the city.

Fengyang City.

The energy hub of the Alliance.

The transport ship landed slowly. People walked outside the ship, and the sun stung them to tears, it was the aftermath of the disaster.

Everyone walked to different areas according to their assignments and left in a transport truck.

Shi Yuan was worrying about how to contact Lu Tinghan when he heard someone calling his name.

It was Cheng Youwen and Qin Luoluo.

Qin Luoluo’s leg was badly injured, and she didn’t know if it could be healed. Now both of them had bad legs and feet. One had a lame right leg and the other had injured her left leg. They were walking towards Shi Yuan with difficulty on crutches.

“Motherf— it’s really painful.” Qin Luoluo scolded, “That’s really a mad dog, biting where I have a lot of meat.”

Cheng Youwen said, “The dog is too much.”

Qin Luoluo gave him a blank look.

When they came to Shi Yuan, Cheng Youwen stuffed a square object wrapped in a newspaper into Shi Yuan’s hand: “Here, here you are.”

The newspaper was yellowed, this thing was a bit heavy. Shi Yuan asked, “What is this?”

“Money for Isabella,” Cheng Youwen said. “That brat, Xia Fang, didn’t expect me to hide some.” He hmphed. “I told Wolfgang a long time ago that we couldn’t put all the money together. He didn’t believe it. Fortunately, I planned ahead and secretly hid part of it.”

Shi Yuan took the money and asked, “Why give it to me?”

“Qin Luoluo and I will not stay in Fengyang,” Cheng Youwen explained, “When Gleaning City first started the evacuation, we contacted the main city and found suitable job positions. Now they are still short of people, we will take a transport ship to the main city the day after tomorrow, and…” He quickly glanced at Qin Luoluo. “The hospital over there is better, they can check her leg injury. Shi Yuan, please help us transfer this money to Isabella. I wrote the address in the newspaper.”

“Okay,” Shi Yuan agreed, “I will.”

The people around began to move, and five more green pickup trucks drove away.

They didn’t have much time, Cheng Youwen hesitated for a few seconds, and then said, “Shi Yuan, we didn’t tell anyone else about what happened at the theater that day. I don’t know if that was a coincidence, or what, I don’t know who you are, or… what you are. But I believe in the ‘you’ that I know, and thank you for saving us.”

Qin Luoluo also said, “I’ll say it again, the most right thing I’ve ever done in my life was to recruit you into the troupe.” She pinched Shi Yuan’s face again. “This money-maker can also save lives, look at this beautiful little face…ah!”

She forgot that she was on crutches and almost fell, but fortunately, she was held by Cheng Youwen.

The whistle sounded and it was time for them to move forward.

Cheng Youwen said to Qin Luoluo: “You go ahead first, I still have a few words to say to Shi Yuan alone.”

“What’s so mysterious that you have to talk behind my back, it’s really…” Qin Luoluo complained but still went ahead.

There were only two of them left. Shi Yuan looked at Cheng Youwen and asked, “Mr. Cheng, have you confessed to her? Are you together?”

Cheng Youwen was caught off guard and coughed a few times: “Go, go, you kid, why are you so gossipy and always ask me about this? Good child, don’t learn bad things!”

Shi Yuan: ?

He didn’t understand why Cheng Youwen reacted fiercely, like being caught off guard by him stepping on his foot, and poking the sore spot.

Cheng Youwen looked at him for a few seconds and sighed: “Have you finished reading “Waiting for Godot” that I gave you?”

Shi Yuan: “Finished.”

Cheng Youwen said, “I told you it was a fruitless wait, they didn’t know who Godot was, they didn’t know if he would come, and they didn’t know why they were waiting. We will always do meaningless things. Qin Luoluo, she is like my Godot, I keep waiting for her, the same way I keep waiting for the day when the drama returns to the top.”

Shi Yuan: “Oh… then you can’t mate. It’s a pity. I originally wanted to see if you would lay eggs.”

Cheng Youwen: “……”

Cheng Youwen: “…Shi Yuan, you f*cking messed up my thinking completely.” He rubbed his eyebrows furiously and cleared Shi Yuan’s speech from his mind. “But how to put it, just ‘waiting’ is enough to require courage, and I won’t regret it. Besides, we are all still alive, aren’t we? There is nothing better than this.”

He patted Shi Yuan on the shoulder and finally said, “If there is a chance in the future, I will still write the script and you will play the God of Salvation. I’ll give you seven yuan an hour next time!”

Shi Yuan said goodbye to him and watched him walk towards Qin Luoluo. The two turned around, smiled at him, and waved goodbye, as they did after each previous curtain call, as they stood at the entrance to the Grand Theatre saying goodbye.

Shi Yuan walked along the crowd.

Before he got close to the green pickup truck, he was taken away by two soldiers. After seven or eight turns, he saw Lu Tinghan at the end of the air base.

Lu Tinghan was surrounded by several mutant officers, expressionless. Shi Yuan’s eyes lit up when he saw him, and he rushed forward a few steps, the tip of his tail swaying frantically, and said, “Lu Ting—!”

He was hugged by Lu Tinghan.

Lu Tinghan had never hugged him so hard. Shi Yuan was so hugged tightly by him that he couldn’t breathe, and Lu Tinghan’s pile of medals also made his face hurt. On the one hand, he was very happy and wanted to continue hugging, on the other hand, he was very worried that he would die as a result.

And so, the war of heaven and man went on for a long time, and when Lu Tinghan still didn’t mean to withdraw, he whispered, “No…I’m going to die.”

Lu Tinghan let go.

He looked at Shi Yuan and didn’t say much, but lowered the brim of his hat and said, “You can’t die. Shi Yuan, let’s go home.”



Shi Yuan’s obsession with eggs. XD

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