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HFA Chapter 41.2


Chapter 41.2 – Battle Situation

Shi Yuan opened the door. Lu Tinghan was sitting on the sofa, leaning back, looking up at the ceiling – like before, Shi Yuan’s upside-down face suddenly occupied all his sight.

“Don’t look at the ceiling!” Shi Yuan’s tail swayed happily, “Lu Tinghan, look at me!”

Lu Tinghan patted the sofa, and Shi Yuan immediately rushed over, nestling beside him, and was satisfied to be touched.

He said, “You’re back early today!”

“Hmm, the infection group of Abyss No.2 has been wiped out,” Lu Tinghan said, “I will stay in the city for the next few days.”

This was great news for Shi Yuan. He said, “Then can you continue to teach me?”

Lu Tinghan replied: “Yes.”

Shi Yuan had always felt that his general knowledge was weak and wanted to learn more. Lu Tinghan promised to teach him, but unfortunately, he couldn’t spare time, today he finally got time.

Five minutes later, what appeared in front of Shi Yuan was a lot of complicated maps.

“I’ll teach you to read maps today, it’s very simple,” Lu Tinghan said. “These are all military maps. The difference from civilian maps is that they have many contour lines. The topographical features such as water pattern marking and highland marking is very detailed, such as dryland paddy fields, as well as swamp depth, abandoned bunkers, surface passability, and so on.”

Shi Yuan: “Wow!”

Lu Tinghan continued: “The types of troops stationed, the number of defenders, suitable firepower points, and observation points is also on the top. Different areas are numbered to facilitate fire support and fire coverage. Military maps are confidential documents and cannot be leaked. What I am showing you is a map from 60 years ago. This area is no longer there.”

Shi Yuan: “Wow!”

He felt more and more that humans were too smart, especially his human.

Lu Tinghan pointed to the first map: “Let’s start with the contour line. Contour lines are closed curves formed by connecting adjacent points of equal height. On military maps, its surveying and mapping are very accurate…”

Shi Yuan supported his head and listened carefully.

But as he listened, he began to get distracted.

Lu Tinghan explained intently – on this kind of topic, he was always very focused, even enthusiastic.

When Shi Yuan’s tail bent out the fifth question mark, Lu Tinghan finally found something wrong.

He said, “Shi Yuan, don’t look at me, concentrate on the map.”

“Okay,” Shi Yuan agreed.

But just like before, when he was reading the map by Lu Tinghan’s side, as he looked at it, his eyes drifted to Lu Tinghan again.

Lu Tinghan stopped: “You have to concentrate on doing things. Didn’t you say you need to learn common sense?”

Shi Yuan said: “But, even I know that the depth of the swamps, the level of the road, and the deployment of armored soldiers are not common sense…”

Lu Tinghan: “Of course, these are common sense.”

Shi Yuan tilted his head: “No.”

Lu Tinghan: “Yes.”

Shi Yuan asked, “Is this really not your own hobby and you want to teach it to me too?”

Lu Tinghan denied it flatly: “How is it possible?”

Lu Tinghan swore, Shi Yuan was very confused, wondering if he had misunderstood human common sense. Before he could figure it out clearly, Lu Tinghan knocked on the table with his knuckles, and began to talk about armored soldiers again.

Shi Yuan was like a primary school student who was forced to learn quantum mechanics, or a primary school student who couldn’t understand anything after sleeping in class for three minutes, feeling dizzy. He took a cold shower before going to bed, but he still didn’t wake up.

It was rare for Lu Tinghan to come back for the night, and he acquiesced to Shi Yuan’s occupation of his bed.

As soon as Shi Yuan went to bed, Lu Tinghan felt a slight coolness: “Did you take a cold shower?”

“Yeah,” Shi Yuan said. “I’m a little dizzy…” His tail exploded slightly because of the cold, and he curled up his tail and slowly took care of the scales.

Lu Tinghan was silent for a while, as if recalling what he had taught Shi Yuan, causing Shi Yuan to be dizzy like this.

— He felt that what he said was the simplest knowledge, from shallow to deep. Shi Yuan must have enjoyed the learning process, immersed in the ocean of knowledge, and then fell in love with military affairs from the bottom of his heart.

Shi Yuan was still sorting out the scales, Lu Tinghan called: “Shi Yuan.”

Shi Yuan shivered and his tail exploded again: “Stop telling me how to plan the offensive line and evacuation zone…!”

“I won’t talk about this,” Lu Tinghan said, “I have news about Xia Fang.”

He just received a report from his subordinates. Xia Fang’s matter was finally investigated and came to light.

—On the day of the farewell dinner, the road to the outside of the city was blocked, but Xia Fang got in touch with a retired veteran through an old customer he knew from the bar.

The veteran charged him seven thousand yuan and promised to take him to Fengyang City. Along with Xia Fang were three other civilians. The veteran forged his pass and picked the most chaotic moment during the changing of the guard to drive the group out of the city.

They passed the sentry post, but an accident happened.

The wasteland was dangerous, and it was the best choice to suspend transportation during peak periods. They were in a car, alone, and encountered a colony of infected bats.

There were two dead and three injured people in the car. Fortunately, the veteran was experienced and the modified car was of excellent quality, and they were driven to Fengyang City with great difficulty.

After the disaster, they were forced to be admitted to the hospital for treatment.

The bruised and wounded group of people, the bizarre self-modified vehicle, and the vague and ambiguous attitude of several people soon aroused suspicion. The military found out that there was a problem with the pass and arrested them in accordance with the law. Xia Fang and another passenger were captured without a fight. The veteran resisted arrest and stabbed a soldier with a knife when he resisted, but he was still subdued in the end.

This kind of thing had never happened before.

There were many things to be checked in detail, from fake passes to changing of the guard, to the source of guns and vehicle modification materials, all of which needed deeper investigation.

“It’s our military’s responsibility to find out what happened,” Lu Tinghan told Shi Yuan, “Xia Fang escaped from the ward and gave the stolen money to another hospital, which was where his mother was. He was arrested in front of his mother’s hospital bed.”

“So that’s how it is.” Shi Yuan’s eyes widened slightly. “Fortunately, he didn’t have an accident outside the city. But this is money for Ms. Isabella, the troupe has saved it for so long… If he had told us, we would have helped him for sure.”

Lu Tinghan: “Judging from the report from the hospital, his mother’s condition suddenly deteriorated and he needed sky-high surgical expenses in a short time. He didn’t have much room for thinking and choice. Besides, he also wanted to see her in person.” He touched Shi Yuan’s head. “People change, he will get the trial he deserves in court.”

Before Shi Yuan could answer, he began to rub his head vigorously – Shi Yuan’s IQ growth was suppressed and he immediately became happy.

Just before going to bed, Shi Yuan said that he wanted to hear him tell the story of the front line.

Lu Tinghan said two things.

He said that the outpost also encountered infected bats. Those creatures were particularly sensitive to blood, but they were afraid of high-power searchlights.

He said that the fighting situation in the main city was also good. Su Enqi had just recovered an abandoned hideout and found a large number of military supplies.

After speaking, he asked, “Why do you suddenly want to hear this?”

“I want to know more about this kind of story,” Shi Yuan said. “You said let me ‘witness’.”

Lu Tinghan smiled: “No need to be so deliberate. War is something I should worry about.”

Shi Yuan’s tail bent out the 18th question mark today: “Then what should I worry about?”

“You should worry about whether you will catch a cold in a cold shower,” Lu Tinghan replied. “Now, wrap the quilt tightly and put your tail back. It’s time to sleep.”

Shi Yuan closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The dream was full of terrifying armored soldiers and contour lines, swamps and retreat areas dancing hand in hand above his head.

The next morning, Lu Tinghan left again.

Shi Yuan continued to work in the food distribution office, and heard Lu Tinghan’s name on the radio, and there were battles that were won or lost. People came and went in the distribution office, and he saw many people – they were already very tired, gobbled up their meals, and snored all day long in their sleep. But Shi Yuan still felt that there was something Lu Tinghan wanted him to see in them.

The time soon came to the beginning of September in 241.

The infection value of Abyss No.1 soared all the way, and the Abyss Watchers issued a warning and quickly evacuated back to the nearest outpost.

The Alliance army was waiting in line, Lu Tinghan and Su Enqi ran around, day and night, and finally repelled the frenzied infection group.

At 2:11 a.m. on September 7, when the last red dot representing the monster disappeared on the screen, the entire command center cheered.

Su Enqi couldn’t suppress his smile, and got up to find Lu Tinghan.

Lu Tinghan never cheered along, with such a personality, he would leave silently amid applause every time. This time was no exception, he went to the lounge on the top floor.

When Su Enqi reached the door of the lounge, he heard him on the phone.

—The sound of his voice was very different from usual, with a bit of hoarseness after staying up all night, and almost gentle.

Su Enqi couldn’t hear the content of the conversation clearly, but just by listening to the tone of voice, it was clear to him. He stood outside the door and waited, and when he heard a “Good night, Shi Yuan” from inside the room, he pushed the door in.

Lu Tinghan sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. It was raining outside, and drops of water rolled down the glass. Outside the window was a sleeping city, and farther away was a wasteland.

“It’s really not easy this time,” Su Enqi smiled, pulled a chair, and sat down. “You can rest for a few days and go home to spend time with your little lover.”

Lu Tinghan didn’t answer. His gaze kept looking out the window, as if he was looking at something that no one else could see through the rain curtain.

Su Enqi asked, “What’s the matter?”

After a long time, Lu Tinghan said, “There are still three large transport ships in the Alliance, which can support the transportation of tens of thousands of people at the same time.”

Su Enqi raised his eyebrows: “Why do you mention this, you want to send airborne troops?”

“No, no, I was wondering how long it would take to move the residents.” Lu Tinghan looked back at him, there seemed to be a dark tide in his gray-blue eyes. “I think we might have to give up Gleaning City.”

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