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HFA Chapter 41.1


Chapter 41.1 – Battle Situation

Later, Shi Yuan heard many more stories.

Some of the stories came along with the current on the radio.

[On July 23, the garrison of the outpost of Gleaning City temporarily retreated and returned to the defense of the city]

[On July 26th, General Su Enqi issued an order for the Alliance army in the main city to advance towards the Abyss No.4 Infection Group to the southeast. The operation was also equipped with three ‘Viper’ aircraft to implement three-dimensional defense in all aspects]

[On the evening of July 27th, the Abyss No.4 Infection Group was repelled, and the Alliance army triumphed. Good news also came from the northern defense line of Gleaning City. General Lu Tinghan commanded and deployed the second blitzkrieg. The Alliance regained control of the outpost, and currently, the southeast defense line is also being strengthened…]

Shi Yuan tried to understand what was happening in this world.

But there were too many technical terms, and most of the time, he could only understand victory or defeat.

Some stories took place at the food distribution office.

Shi Yuan’s working hours were from 6:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon, with a one-hour lunch break in the middle.

He was familiar with the process and distributed bread, rice, and stir-fried vegetables every day. Work was boring, but fortunately, he had always been patient, and he conducted human observation plans while eating.

—Lu Tinghan asked him to witness the courage of mankind.

He was trying hard.

Not far away was the dining area, with dozens of tables and chairs neatly arranged.

People who were working nearby, regardless of their identity, would sit together in a crowded manner. It was a very magical place. There were countless people who came, with different expressions, emotions, sorrows, love, and hate, intertwined in just ten minutes of the meal.

There were no guests for the time being, Shi Yuan sat next to the hot baked bread and observe the dining area.

A father and son complained that they didn’t take a hot bath yesterday and their bodies were stinky. A woman tugged her friend’s hand and said that the hospital bed was tight now, and her father could only be hospitalized three days later; a few more workers came, and they dared to sit down only after patting the dust on their pants. At the table next to them, a soldier sat with his waist straight, the bandages on his hands faintly oozing with blood.

The situation in the past few weeks had been good, and overall, the atmosphere was quite good.

Shi Yuan watched for a long time and didn’t see any “courage”, but listened to the gossip stories of the father and son with relish.

“Why are you always in a daze?” Aunt Li, who was working with him, asked.

Shi Yuan replied: “I’m observing.”

“What’s there to observe?” Auntie Li wondered. “Look at you, you look like you’ve never seen anyone before.”

Indeed, he had seen very little. Shi Yuan curled up his tail sheepishly.

Aunt Li was a warm person. Like many aunts, her hobby engraved in her DNA was matchmaking – even in this case, she carried a sincere heart to achieve the little love of the world. If it weren’t for the conditions, she might have dragged the monsters to talk about matchmaking.

Shi Yuan was good-looking, he looked stunning just standing on the stage, with flowers and love letters constantly given to him, now, he was wearing overalls and a low profile hat, and in just two weeks, he was also targeted by Aunt Li.

“Shi Yuan,” the radio squeaked during the lunch break, broadcasting the latest good news, Aunt Li asked solemnly while eating bread, “Are you already seeing someone?”

“No,” Shi Yuan replied while observing humans. He and Lu Tinghan still did not constitute this kind of relationship that required mating.

Aunt Li’s matchmaking soul suddenly blazed: “Then, how many young girls shall I introduce to you?”

Shi Yuan shook his head.

Aunt Li: “I know the situation is tense, but people always have to live. If you get together and talk, you won’t feel so uncomfortable, right? Once the peak period is over, wouldn’t it be a good match? It’s now or never.”

Shi Yuan said: “But, I have 1 at home, a very fierce and powerful 1.”

Aunt Li sprayed out a mouthful of bread.

From then on, she never talked about matchmaking again.

When everyone was almost done eating, some fell asleep against the wall, and some fell asleep on the table, with fatigue on their faces. Soon, the lunch break was over, and they woke up one after another and returned to their posts.

Shi Yuan saw the backs of them leaving, tall or weak, in a variety of poses.

When he got off work that day, the Alliance officially announced the infection of Abyss No.0.

Experts on the holographic image analyzed the infection characteristics of the “Black Queen” in detail, showing its infection value of hundreds of thousands of times, and its immortal body. They knocked off the black crystal, placed it in a container, and sealed it with a highly concentrated inhibiting liquid. The black crystal had an eerie and beautiful glow, as if frozen in time.

“…If members of the public see similar crystals and similar infection characteristics, please report to the military as soon as possible,” the expert said, “And please don’t panic, this is the only Abyss No.0 infected creature we have seen.”

Nevertheless, these remarks caused a lot of panic.

Aunt Li put down the rice spoon and rubbed her hands nervously on her apron, over and over again.

Shi Yuan comforted her and said, “Don’t worry, it’s a good abyss and it will never infect other creatures again.”

Aunt Li said: “What’s the use of being good? The girl I wanted to introduce to you is also a good girl, why don’t you want it?”

Shi Yuan was stunned by her logic, and didn’t know how to refute it. After helping the last guest finish his meal, he took the bus home.

The bus passed by the Garcia Theater, and the movers ahead of them had scattered logs onto the road and were packing them up, so they could only wait in place.

Outside the window was the main entrance to the theater, the marble statues were still there, the man with the velvet hat and the woman with her hands raised; the posters he had put up and the ads for the aphrodisiac oil were also there, but the entrance was fenced off and the lobby was piled high with supplies and had become a warehouse.

As soon as the car stopped, everyone in the car was discussing Abyss No.0.

Shi Yuan never felt that he was so famous.

He thought, it would be great if he had always been famous, he could still help the theater company promote and get sponsorship so he would never have to post an aphrodisiac god oil ad again.

The logs were taken back, and the bus moved forward, leaving the theater behind.

Today, when Shi Yuan returned home, the light in the living room was on.

Lu Tinghan was back.

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