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HFA Chapter 39.2


Chapter 39.2 – God


“…wake up!”

“Where’s the inhibitor?! Where’s the inhibitor?!!!”

The hoarse roar seemed to be separated by a layer of mist.

Wolf Claw was in a daze, he felt pain in his shoulder, and cold inhibitors were injected into his body. His vision soon recovered, Xing Yifeng stood in front of him, and firmly slapped him in the face!!


Wolf Claw was hit directly and fell to the ground, his cheek hurt like it was on fire, and he yelled, “What the hell is your problem?!”

Xing Yifeng squatted down in front of him and stretched out three fingers: “How many is this?”

Wolf Claw: “Three!!”

“Very good, get up now,” Xing Yifeng said. “You just had a mental disorder, and you were almost infected…just like what happened to me last time.”

Wolf Claw was taken aback.

Only then did he vaguely remember what had just happened. He saw his own corpse, the corpse turned back into a baby, killed him, and lastly, the infected star.

He was in a daze: “How long have I been out?”

“Two minutes,” Xing Yifeng said.

Wolf Claw murmured: “Two minutes? I feel like two million years have passed…” He held his aching head. “I saw my own corpse, and there is another, uh, an infected star?”

“Spiritual pollution is like this, just like dreaming, and so was I last time,” Xing Yifeng said. “I don’t need to say anything more, you also know that this is all fake. If you continue to be immersed in it and believe it, then you are really screwed. Old Zhang was also affected and he hasn’t woken up yet.”

Wolf Claw looked back, Zhang Geyuan was carried to the car, unconscious. The other researchers who were taking samples all took inhibitors, stabilized their spirits, controlled small robots, and cut and sealed the crystallized parts.

“It was the black crystal,” Wolf Claw said. “We both observed it for a long time before we had hallucinations, and so did you last time.”

“Well, but this time, it was not destroyed.” Xing Yifeng glanced at the dry skin and cautiously did not look at the black crystal. “We have to take it back.”

Wolf Claw was stunned for a while, and suddenly asked, “Are the bugs under our feet really dead?”

They walked all the way on the corpses of the little bugs, Xing Yifeng frowned: “Aren’t they? There were no problems along the way.”

“No, no, no,” Wolf Claw murmured. “I saw in the black crystal that their death would be a new birth. For Abyss No.0, time is a ring that never ends, stars can be reshaped into nebulae when they explode, and I can be reborn as a baby when I die, so these bugs…”

Before the voice fell, the corpse of a purple light bug at his feet moved.

The movement was very light, as if it was just the wind blowing its antennae. However, in the next second, vigorous black crystals burst out! It was trapped in the crystal, its figure shrank, and it turned back into a translucent egg.

“Be careful!” Xing Yifeng’s pupils tightened, and the flamethrower in his hand spouted a tongue of fire. In just a few seconds, the egg hatched, and a black crystal-like bug fluttered its wings!

Not only it, but all the bugs also came to life, dancing wildly one by one.

The soldiers were already on alert, after they reacted, the blazing flames covered half of the sky. Xing Yifeng looked at the bugs falling all over the sky, grabbed the last researcher into the car, and closed the car door tightly. The car window immediately crackled when a purple light bug suddenly hit it, its whole body was crystallized, and it made a scraping noise.

“Plan B Plan B!” Xing Yifeng roared. “Let’s go! Go, go!”

The convoy immediately fell back, broke through the sea of insects, and headed straight for the empty wasteland.

The flame had a significant effect on the purple light bugs, even if they mutated, they were still blocked by the wall of fire. But the terrible thing was that no one knew whether they would live again after death.

The convoy did not dare to stop for half a second, and rushed to the wasteland, until the dense forest was completely invisible, only then did everyone feel a little relieved.

Xing Yifeng held the steering wheel and said slowly: “…f*ck, it’s really back from the dead.”

The researcher in the car was injured and groaned softly. Xing Yifeng turned around and gave him an injection of inhibitor in his arm, and patted him on the shoulder soothingly. Wolf Claw suddenly said to the co-pilot: “Captain, is the ‘heavy hammer’ still usable now?”

“Rainbow Sword” was a space-based laser weapon, while “Heavy hammer” was a space-based kinetic weapon. Humans were no longer able to return to space. As the Alliance’s deadliest large-scale weapons, they were used rarely.

Xing Yifeng: “Why do you ask?”

Wolf Claw: “The empress bee was injured. We must kill it this time, and only now can we do it.” He was almost unblinking. “This is the most terrifying infected creature. If we let it go, we will all die.”

Just as Xing Yifeng wanted to say something, he was held down by Wolf Claw. Wolf Claw continued: “Captain, you have also been exposed to this infection. Have you seen something so evil before?”

“……” Xing Yifeng slowly exhaled, “How could it be possible?”

“So, it’s only now.” Wolf Claw grabbed Xing Yifeng’s arm with great strength. “The weakness period of the ordinary purple light bug after shedding is only two days, and it will only be shorter. Captain, let’s find a way to track it down, even if it’s just the two of us. Let Old Zhang and the other researchers take the samples and the ‘key’ back to the city, and we will engage in ‘pest control’. Since the ‘Rainbow Sword’ can’t kill it, let’s try it.”

Xing Yifeng said, “I can’t make a decision on this, it’s up to the command center to decide. Besides, you knew we would die, right?”

“I always knew,” Wolf Claw said. “Otherwise?”

Antlers raised his hand lazily: “Count me in.”

“A bunch of brats.” Xing Yifeng smiled and pointed to the communication terminal: [Command Center, this is the fifth exploration squad outside the city, I am Captain Xing Yifeng. We have encountered an attack by a swarm of infected from Abyss No.0 at coordinates (82, 24.5), I am uploading the combat log]

[…… Yes, we may need support, including the space-based weapon ‘Heavy Hammer’, please help me contact General Lu Tinghan]


The pointed tiger teeth, like a cat’s, dug into the flesh as a way to ease the restlessness.

Shi Yuan grabbed Lu Tinghan’s clothes with both hands and twisted out a few wrinkles. He tasted the rusty taste of blood between his lips, which made him more restless and excited, just like the monsters who tasted fresh meat.

Shi Yuan didn’t hold back his strength, anyone else would have cried out in pain, but Lu Tinghan didn’t say a word. After a short pause, instead of pushing Shi Yuan away, he touched his head to soothe him, and let him move.

“It’s okay,” Lu Tinghan said. “No matter what happens, it will be fine.”

Once Shi Yuan made his move, all this would be over. He would never have to stay in the city again, never have to play human again, and they could spend the rest of their endless lives in the wilderness and high forests.


All kinds of things in the past came whistling back.

His human was a great hero, amazingly talented, killed thousands of enemies, and filled the city with flowers in triumph.

His human was handsome, he had a pair of gray-blue eyes, and he was often expressionless, but he smiled a lot at him.

His human accompanied him for ten years, invited him to eat fragrant beef noodles, watched his performances, applauded and gave him flowers, and took him to see the wheat fields and the lively chickens, ducks, cattle, and sheep.

“But,” Shi Yuan whispered to the inner voice, “I can’t.”

“There’s no way I can do it.”

Because of Lu Tinghan’s company, he chose to take on a human form. He came to the city for Lu Tinghan and saw all this. And every little thing about him, his joys and sorrows, was also witnessed by Lu Tinghan.

The noodle shop, the theater, the silent cemetery; the long street, the orphanage, the endless wheat fields. He had seen so many things, and he was no longer the original little monster.

He had become soft.

Just like a real human being.

Shi Yuan suppressed his desire to infect, felt extremely uncomfortable, let go, buried his head in Lu Tinghan’s shoulder, and let out an aggrieved, animal-like whimper.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered.

“Quite energetic,” Lu Tinghan whispered in his ear. “Your bite hurts so much.”

“I, I don’t know what’s wrong with me…” Shi Yuan shook his head for a while and struggled to stand up. “I’ll help you bandage it.”

Lu Tinghan held him back into his arms and said, “No need. You need to rest now.”

Shi Yuan still wanted to find the medical kit, but Lu Tinghan picked him up neatly, put him on the bed in the bedroom, and wrapped him tightly with a quilt, so he had a very fluffy Shi Yuan.

Lu Tinghan said, “You don’t have to explain anything to me, everything will be discussed tomorrow.” He touched Shi Yuan’s forehead, the heat seemed to go down a bit. “The doctor will be here soon, you will be fine.”

Shi Yuan looked at him: “Lu Tinghan, touch my head.”

Lu Tinghan stretched out his hand and rubbed his soft black hair into a mess, and Shi Yuan rubbed against his palm.

Shi Yuan felt that he was really bad.

Two minutes later, the doctor knocked on the door and measured Shi Yuan’s body temperature. The terminal rang, Lu Tinghan picked it up and took a look, got up, and said, “I’ll make a phone call.”

After the doctor checked Shi Yuan, he found nothing wrong, took some calming medicine for him, and left. Shi Yuan waited alone in the dark for a long time before Lu Tinghan went downstairs.

His footsteps were hurried, he put on a coat and opened the door. He thought Shi Yuan was asleep, paused for half a second at the door and gently closed the door.

Under the effect of medicine, Shi Yuan fell asleep drowsily.

After an unknown amount of time, he was awakened, and the world was full of insect sounds. He sat up and looked out the window. Something exploded in the distance – a large tungsten rod fell and hit the earth at a speed of 15,000 km/h, like a meteorite impact.

The earth trembled, and a monster roar resounded for dozens of kilometers, eerie and mournful.

It echoed for a long time.

The insect sound disappeared.

Ten hours later, Lu Tinghan called: “Shi Yuan.”

Shi Yuan hummed softly.

“I have a question for you,” Lu Tinghan said. “You said that Xie Qianming died from the parasitism of the purple light bug.”

“Yes.” Shi Yuan clenched his phone.

Lu Tinghan: “The purple light bug has an empress bee and a queen bee. They live together and are not too far apart from each other. The queen bee was killed, but the convoy did not meet the empress bee at that time. Did you and Xie Qianming see it?”

“…Ah, it might be dead.” Shi Yuan curled up his tail uneasily. “Why are you asking this?”

“It’s still there.” Lu Tinghan spoke slowly, as if he didn’t want to scare him. “It was the target of the ‘Heavy Hammer’ just now, and its pheromone matches the empress bee. The empress bee was attacked by the “Rainbow Sword” and the “Heavy Hammer” in turns, and was blown to pieces, but it soon came back to life.” He paused. “It has now been successfully contained in the laboratory and will no longer pose a threat. Don’t worry. Shi Yuan, I want to confirm with you, neither you nor Xie Qianming has seen it?”

Shi Yuan: “……”

Lu Tinghan: “Shi Yuan?”

Shi Yuan’s whole body was stiff, his voice didn’t seem to belong to him, and he asked, “It’s not dead?”

“Can’t say it’s not.” Lu Tinghan spoke slowly again and patiently told him, “It had died a long time ago, killed by the infection of Abyss No.0. The original characteristics of the infection were overridden by Abyss No.0. For infected creatures, it is death.”

He continued: “The current empress bee is a brand new and independent creature, and the infection value exceeds that of any special infected creature. The research center combined the live samples and Professor Yu’s research, and tentatively concluded that it seems to possess a head-to-tail time.”

—The professors of the research center told Lu Tinghan: “With hundreds of thousands of times, the pollution value is still increasing. The eternal body is reborn every time it dies, it is hard to imagine what kind of existence this is.”

Lu Tinghan said: “It’s an extremely perfect evolution.”

Professor: “You could say that. If I were to describe it, I would prefer the word ‘ascension’.” His white hair trembled in the wind. “If it is on the side of human beings, it is enough to be called a god. Imagine, that kind of power even my heart is moved, no one can refuse it, right?”

Lu Tinghan was silent for a few seconds: “…It is the god of monsters.”

“Yes.” The professor lowered his head tremblingly and wiped his lenses. “It is the god of monsters, it makes them come back to life after death.”

At this time, the blue butterfly crystal was in Shi Yuan’s hand, he had fantasized about using it to defend the city. The light was strange, shining warmly on Shi Yuan’s cheeks.

So beautiful, so ironic.

Lu Tinghan’s voice was still in his ears, and it sounded far away: “…the one who went to the siege was a squad outside the city, the captain of which you have met before, named Xing Yifeng. They left in time before the ‘heavy hammer’ fell and are currently in the hospital receiving treatment. The research center is learning more about the empress bee…”

Yu Qingmei said that Abyss No.0 represented destruction and represented the end of mankind; Lu Tinghan said that it would always be the trump card of monsters; even the monsters in his dreams were telling him over and over again, let him give them strength, let him start a war until the world is destroyed.

Shi Yuan didn’t believe it, and went out of the city to find the dying butterfly, hoping to save this dying world.

In the end, it was not a stage play, and the monster was not a God of Salvation.

Lu Tinghan asked Shi Yuan again: “So, you really haven’t seen the empress bee?”

Lu Tinghan: “Shi Yuan?”

Lu Tinghan: “Shi Yuan, are you still there?”

“…No,” Shi Yuan said, “I have never seen it before.”

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