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HFA Chapter 27.1


Chapter 27.1 – Playing Cards!

Shi Yuan asked, “Your time? Do you want to be touched, too?”

Lu Tinghan denied: “No.”

Five minutes later, Broken Copper found a deck of playing cards in a storage box.

Shi Yuan was a little expectant: “Oh, are you going to teach me to play cards?”

Lu Tinghan nodded: “That’s right.”

Shi Yuan, Lu Tinghan, Broken Copper, and Broken Iron sat in a circle on the sofa. The robot dealt the cards and they played “blackjack” first.

Lu Tinghan didn’t usually play cards, and he was not interested in them. The rules were all mentioned by his classmates in the military academy, and he had seen others play a few times.

This didn’t stop him from playing well.

On the other hand, Shi Yuan, surrounded by him and the two robots, lost in a complete mess, without any strength to fight back.

Shi Yuan realized again that he was not very talented, holding his tail, he said, “Maybe I don’t have the talent, I never thought I could win.”

Hearing this, Lu Tinghan stopped the movement of his hand: “Shi Yuan.”

His voice was very serious, completely different from usual. Shi Yuan looked up at him and saw a serious face.

Lu Tinghan: “Shi Yuan, sit down.”

Shi Yuan immediately sat upright, put his hands on his knees, and even put his tail away.

Lu Tinghan’s tone was calm: “My father was born in a military academy, and he performed well both in school and on the job, striving to be the first; my mother grew up interested in distortions and devoted herself to research, and won awards in competitions large and small, and became a well-known scientist; my grandmother liked chess and cards. She was the champion of the Alliance Go Competition, winning it for three consecutive terms; my grandfather was an artist, and when everyone was not optimistic about him, he created his own artistic style, and now his works are in the museum.”

Shi Yuan was confused by such a luxurious family history, and said slowly: “…Wow!”

Lu Tinghan went on to say: “My grandfather was keen on hiding private money. He couldn’t beat my grandma who was the champion of Go. He was defeated repeatedly, but he didn’t give up, and finally saved 5 yuan before he died; my great-grandmother in college, said to all the people she did not like ‘I will certainly live longer than you’, she did what she said, lived to 108, and outlived all her classmates; my great-grandfather was a gangster when he was young, declaring ‘this road is mine, no one is allowed to come,’ and was hospitalized four times in three years, and fought off a total of six gangsters and three stray dogs.”

Shi Yuan: ??

Shi Yuan, “Wow?”

Lu Tinghan looked at him and asked, “What have you learned from these cases?”

Shi Yuan was completely stunned by him: “Ah, I, I don’t know…”

“It’s the spirit, the spirit of never giving up,” Lu Tinghan said. “You have to believe that you can do it. It’s the same for playing cards, you can’t say, ‘I never thought I could win’.” He squeezed Shi Yuan’s shoulder with one hand and said very reasonably, “People from the Lu family never give up. Shi Yuan, you have to win.”

Shi Yuan: ???

No one would have thought that Lu Tinghan, who had always avoided chess and cards, seldom played, and maintained a high level of interest, would return to this simple and exciting human entertainment.

On this day, Lu Tinghan played dozens of games with Shi Yuan.

The card game changed several times, and the AI intelligence of the two robots was adjusted to “novice”, but even so, there was no sign that Shi Yuan was even going to win.

Not so long ago, he sincerely believed that humans lay eggs, and 1, this number, represented a powerful human being—he believed so firmly to this day, so it was really difficult for him to learn to fight with his strength and wits.

Lu Tinghan: “Shi Yuan, playing cards is a game.”

Shi Yuan: “Mm.”

Lu Tinghan: “It’s not just a tactical game, but also a psychological game.”

Shi Yuan: “Mmm.”

Lu Tinghan: “You can count the cards back, it’s very simple.”

Shi Yuan: “Mmmm.”

And then he lost miserably again.

Lu Tinghan was calm and steady as usual, Shi Yuan played like this, he was not impatient at all and maintained a good attitude. And Shi Yuan was also very happy, as long as his human could accompany him, it would be the same in whatever he did.

In short, although it’s incredible—

The whole process was miserable and delightful.

After the last game, Shi Yuan ended magnificently with a 0 win.

Lu Tinghan sorted out the cards and said, “Others bet when they play cards. Shi Yuan, you lost all night, you don’t have any chips?”

Shi Yuan said, “I gave you a flower.”

The cards were flying between Lu Tinghan’s fingers. What those hands that were accustomed to holding guns were doing was pleasing to the eye, the cards danced in a beautiful trajectory. He raised his eyebrows and said, “One yard is one yard, there is nothing else? “

Shi Yuan thought for a long time, and felt that Lu Tinghan didn’t lack anything, so he asked, “Do you want to play me?”

Lu Tinghan: “…”

A card almost flew out of his hand.

Only then did Shi Yuan realize that there was ambiguity in what he said to Lu Tinghan, so he quickly added: “I mean, do you want to play with my tail?”

“Your tail is lying around every day,” Lu Tinghan said. “It’s right next to me, if I want to touch it, I can touch it, it’s not enough to be a bargaining chip.”

While Shi Yuan felt that it made sense, he also felt that Lu Tinghan was deliberately bullying him. But after playing cards for a long time, his brain was overloaded, and he had no room to distinguish.

What else could he give to Lu Tinghan?

When Lu Tinghan put away the cards, Broken Copper and Broken Iron also went back to their original positions. He asked, “Have you thought about it?”

Shi Yuan leaned over. He put his hand on Lu Tinghan’s head and touched it very lightly, his hair sliding between his fingers, just like Lu Tinghan usually did to him.—

He was too close, and that overly beautiful face was close at hand.

In this war-torn era, Shi Yuan’s appearance will also be memorable and amazing. In Qin Luoluo’s words, if he hits the stage, even if he doesn’t say a word, even if he plays as a piece of wood, there will be a large number of people to buy tickets for him, throwing bouquets of flowers.

Lu Tinghan saw the trembling eyelashes, the shimmering jet-black eyes, and himself in his eyes.

Lu Tinghan has seen the eyes of many people, some are affectionate, some are sinister and vicious, soldiers are resolute, children are pure, the so-called affectionate glances, all emotions are reflected in the eyes like a mirror, and cannot be hidden. But when Shi Yuan looked at people, he was very unique, attentive and sincere, as if there were only two of them in the world – without other passionate emotions, and this alone was enough to touch people.

His senses were infinitely magnified, so clear that there was no way to avoid it.

As long as he leaned in a little, just one more centimeter…

Lu Tinghan paused for half a second and said, “You…”

Shi Yuan had already retracted his hand and backed away, regretfully saying: “Ah, I thought you also want your head to be touched.”

A few strands of Lu Tinghan’s hair were messed up and fell on his forehead. He said, “Probably you’re the only one who particularly likes it.”

“Maybe.” Shi Yuan tilted his head. “Then I have nothing to give you as a bargaining chip. What do you want?”

Lu Tinghan stood up: “…no hurry, just owe it first.”

Lu Tinghan went upstairs, and Shi Yuan sat on the sofa, a little puzzled: Lu Tinghan could be said to be extra concerned about the gift before, and even used tricks. Why did he give up so easily when he got the bargaining chip this time?

His tail curled into a question mark, and after thinking about it for a long time, he felt that maybe he was too poor to give anything.

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  1. Wow I suddenly heard a whole family history… I didn’t expect Lu Tinghan to give a whole pep talk so that he could train Shi Yuan in card games! But it sounds like he included Shi Yuan in the Lu Family with his whole “Lu Family never gives up so you must win”. Cute-!

  2. I don’t know why, but I am just feeling a tad bit sadistic. I absolutely would love to see the expression on LT’s face when he realizes that he wants to kiss a monster. God I hope the angst would be good.

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