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HFA Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1 – Alien

The convoy left in the middle of the night. The ground was wet, the wheels pressed out a long mark, and half of the body was covered in mud.

The woman who tested his blood was named Wang Yu, about 40 years old, and everyone here call her Dr. Wang.

She brought Shi Yuan into her car.

The car was full of medical personnel and was located in the center of the convoy, in the safest position. There were three people in the back seat plus Shi Yuan, and a lot of instruments were piled up, so it was crowded to death. He and Wang Yu were next to each other, their bodies were stiff. Looking back, the convoy was large and full of people.

It wasn’t until then that he realized what a huge team it was. The lights shone through the night, illuminating even the sky.

…too many humans, they’re too close!

Shi Yuan overestimated his courage.

He thought he might have severe anthropophobia.

As if throwing a timid person into a haunted house, he suddenly entered the crowd, his heart thumping with fear and fidgeting.

It’s much scarier here than in the forest.

The car was so crowded that he had nowhere to put his tail, so he could only hug it tightly, barely getting a hint of comfort.

Wang Yu closed her eyes to rest, and occasionally took a sip of warm water. Seeing Shi Yuan’s uneasy appearance, she had a rare sense of comforting someone: “It’s okay, we are about to leave the empress bee’s activity area. Now is the breeding season, and the radius of her activity is generally not large. More than 120 kilometers, we are almost 100 kilometers away.”

“Sister Wang!” Lu Bafang, the assistant sitting on her left, called out immediately, “You didn’t tell me that before, you told me that if I ran slowly, I would turn into royal jelly! The empress bee would shoot me into a crumpet!”

Wang Yu glared at him: “Don’t talk nonsense, you will scare people.”

Lu Bafang covered his face, “It’s so unfair it’s so unfair.”

Wang Yu ignored him and turned to look at Shi Yuan: “Little boy, what’s your name?”

“My name is Shi Yuan, the Shi of time, the Yuan of the abyss.” Shi Yuan corrected in a low voice, “I’m not a child.”

He doesn’t know how old he is, but if he is measured in human age, calling him a child is like a scam.

“Oh—” The woman stretched her voice and took a sip of hot water, “To me, everyone under 30 is a child. Shi Yuan, why are you here alone?”

Shi Yuan thought for a while: “I was not alone before, but the person I was with was bitten by a bug.”

Wang Yu gently shook the cup: “Is he still alive?”

Shi Yuan shook his head, recalling Xie Qianming’s eyes when he was dying.

Wang Yu: “My condolences.” She didn’t comfort him too much, there are often death goodbyes, and even she got tired of talking too much.

“Fortunately, you met us.” Lu Bafang interjected, “The forest is too dangerous, and you don’t have a weapon. Such a large group of purple light bugs, how dangerous ah. Even though they are larvae, it is not a joke to be bitten.”

They all thought that Shi Yuan had just left alone when he met the purple light bug, and then ran into the convoy with luck comparable to winning the lottery, and half a second later, he would be stabbed in the opposite direction by the queen bee. Little did he know that Shi Yuan had traveled for a long time and came from the wilderness, and he was more afraid of them than of monsters.

Shi Yuan asked, “Will it hurt?”

Xie Qianming never told him about the pain.

“Of course.” Lu Bafang said, “One of my comrades was bitten twice on the arm. There were small blisters all over his hand, and they had to be punctured one by one, but they couldn’t be anesthetized. How painful is that? Let me tell you this, after nightfall, the corridor lights in the inpatient department are voice-activated, and that stupid thing is not sensitive. When everyone goes to the toilet at night, they can only turn on by clapping their hands and shouting, which is like in a mental hospital. His blisters had to be pricked that night, he roared and the whole building was brightly lit, and then screamed again after a while, and it was lit again, and it didn’t go out overnight. He even bragged to me before that he wasn’t afraid of pain.”

He told the story vividly and in a relaxed tone. It was obviously a tragic story, but it inexplicably made people laugh.

Shi Yuan relaxed a little and replied, “So that’s how it is.”

“So, you are really lucky,” Lu Bafang concluded. “Buy a lottery ticket when you return to the city.”

Lu Bafang was very talkative and told Shi Yuan a few stories from the hospital.

There were a lot of unfamiliar concepts in the stories.

Shi Yuan understands human language and knows most of the words, but sometimes he doesn’t really understand it.

For example, “music”, he knew that it was a human art creation and a form of entertainment, but after he got into Xie Qianming’s car, he heard his old songs, and then he knew what the music was like.

Another example was “TV”. He also knew that it was for entertainment. After listening to Lu Bafang’s story, he realized that TV can show many programs, and there were basically one or two in the ward.

His learning ability was actually very strong and he could quickly understand everything about human beings.

He listened to the story, he felt that he had no flaws and that he had perfectly integrated into the human race.

When Lu Bafang was tired, he yawned and said vaguely, “I’ll talk to you next time when I have the chance…”

Wang Yu, on the other hand, rummaged in her bag and found a piece of something to put in Shi Yuan’s hand.

It was a solid black rectangular block of metal, light and small, with two small bumps on the side and a very scratched and dented surface that looked battered.

“Just make do with it,” Wang Yu said. “Ask me if you don’t understand anything, I’ll get some more sleep too.”

“Okay.” Shi Yuan held the tail in one hand and the metal block in the other, and asked, “What is this?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the car was quiet for a few seconds.

The air froze, and everyone’s expressions were subtle.

Wang Yu: “…why don’t you look at it again?”

Shi Yuan realized that he might have asked a stupid question, but he really couldn’t tell what this piece of metal was.

Everyone in the car was looking at him, staring at him, waiting for his answer in dead silence. The car was too crowded, he couldn’t avoid it, and the anthropophobia relapsed. He felt that he would be eaten by humans in the next second. The more anxious he was, the more he could not hold half a word.

Shi Yuan: QAQ

He really wanted to go back to the forest!

Wang Yu looked at him and hesitated before saying, “Shi Yuan, this is a cell phone.”

Shi Yuan: “…”

Shi Yuan: “…” He suddenly realized, so this is the legendary cell phone!

Lu Bafang turned his head stiffly, looked at his expression, recalled his calmness and unguardedness in front of the queen bee, and suddenly realized that something was wrong: “Wait, wait, Shi Yuan, you wouldn’t… also know what an infected creature is, would you?”

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