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But did they know how to eat this much?


When they noticed that she would not help from behind, the children started eating with forks and knives. The vegetables piled up on the plate went into the children’s mouths one by one, and it was the moment when the plate was completely empty.


She heard a sharp sound, so she looked up and saw a young man sitting next to the Empress, probably the prince, looking this way with his eyes wide open. Since he even dropped his fork on the plate, he must have been quite surprised.

The nobles were also exchanging surprised glances with each other. Were children’s picky eaters so notorious?

Right. Right.

She rewarded the good kids before the next dish was served. She bumped her fingers together and secretly put the grilled sausages of the mansion’s kitchen into the chestnuts’ mouths one by one.

‘Cuties, you’ve grown up a lot since then.’

To eat what you don’t like without complaining and to respect your dining etiquette at important occasions. She smiled proudly and was shocked the moment the next dish came in.

Snail? No, snails are too much for kids menu! Only the back of the head could be seen, but it was obvious that the children’s faces were contemplative.

“If the children find anything too difficult for them to eat, Miss Hazel will help.”

She remembered a conversation she had with the Grand Duke this morning.

“Ah, it’s okay. My Chestnuts can eat everything, yes?”

She thought it would be a carrot at best, so she answered confidently like this. So, did the Grand Duke know that such a difficult menu would be available? The Grand Duke gave her a wink and a signal, and he whispered so that only the children could hear.

“As practiced.”

The children nodded and raised their forks and tongs. Then, with a fork, they carefully pulled out the flesh of the snail inside. As the fork tip slides into the children’s mouths, the snail meat turns into pieces of sausage. The snail that had been replaced slipped into her mouth.

‘Mmm, Escargot. Savory and chewy, this expensive taste!’

To give them this precious thing… After all, it’s an imperial dinner. Admiring it, she almost screamed in surprise when the next dish arrived.

Omg! Beef giblets!

At that moment, everyone except her made troubled faces. Even the Grand Duke was slicing the grilled giblets with a reluctant face, so she lowered her head and whispered to him.

“Do you like it?”



“oh… cheap?”

“Swap it for my sausage.”

The Grand Duke looked at her with eyes asking how she could eat something like that, but what did he know? She swapped the giblets for the sausage and put them in her mouth. The savory taste of the giblets spread smoothly on the tongue.

‘Oh god I’m crying.’ The rare giblets one couldn’t eat here even with money! It melted in the mouth! It would be perfect even with garlic and soju. Oh, she really wanted to steal everything here.

It was a very satisfying dinner. The children ate their favorite sausages, and she ate precious delicacies.

“Oh my God! Gerald.”

The moment the princess sitting next to the Emperor shouted loudly, everyone’s eyes turned to the prince. The prince held a napkin to his mouth and spat out what he was eating. The Empress sitting next to him looked at the prince with disapproving eyes, and the Emperor let out a sigh at him.

Then she thought it was strange and looked around. Most of the children from other families were still struggling to clear their plates. Adults put food in their mouths and looked like they were about to vomit.

She was a Korean, so she was crazy about giblets, but now she remembered that to the people here, it’s just disgusting beef intestines. Why did they serve it then? Suspicious. The Emperor prepared a menu as if he was trying to embarrass the children, and then said something like this.

“I hope it suits your taste.”

Then she doubted. Was the emperor a villain? Doubts soon became certain.

Dessert was served and my mission was over. At this time or when else would she be able to see the imperial palace? It was the time when she came out of the banquet hall alone and looked around the nearby garden.


Vomiting was heard from the corner of the garden.

“Your Highness, are you okay?”

“This is Regina’s work. I will take revenge.”

Who was it? The question was immediately resolved. Because she just ran into the pale-faced prince. Like any commoner, she stepped aside and paid her respects. However, like other servants, the prince, who she thought would pass her by as a piece of furniture, stopped and started talking to her.

“You must be Witch Hazel, right?”

“Yes? Yes.”

The prince swept through his shiny blonde hair, and he smiled at her for some reason.

“If I had known that you were such a beautiful woman, I would not have sent someone, but would have gone looking for you myself.”

Did he send someone? To her? The prince hadn’t sent anyone since she came there. So, did he send someone to the Wicked Witch in the past? Whenever she met someone the witch had known, she was always nervous. It’s difficult to bring up old stories she didn’t know.

“It was an honor to see Your Highness. Then please…”

It was a time when she was about to say goodbye again and leave before she was discovered that she wasn’t that witch. The prince looked at her with deep eyes and asked.

“Hazel, why did you do that?”


“Why didn’t you help me that day?”

She’s not even acting like the original Wicked Witch, so why didn’t she help? What? Anyway, when was that day? It was the moment she was about to ask.

“I want you to infiltrate the Grand Duchy’s house for us…”

“Your Highness, the wind is blowing. Come in.”

The man behind the prince hurriedly cut him off. He turned to the man and scratched his cheek as if he had made a mistake.

“Well then, let’s have a good time.”

The prince hurriedly headed for the corridor with the man. She watched them… right! She bumped her fingers.

The suspicion that the Emperor was a villain became so certain.

* * *

The banquet was coming to an end, and the banquet hall was noisy. Elliot and Giselle, who took the children to the balcony to find a quiet place, turned to their cousin the moment the door closed.

“Oh my god! Elliot, this is nonsense.”


As Giselle looked at the children with a fuss, Elliot made a face that he didn’t know why she was surprised. Although he pretended not to be insignificant, the corners of his mouth raised slightly as he was proud of his younger siblings.

“I thought it was a big deal when I saw the carrot.”


“How did you guys do it?”

Giselle easily ignored Elliot’s polite question and asked the children.

“I like carrot’s cake the most.”

“It’s magic, magic. This cannot be explained without magic.”

“Did they really eat?”

“We drink a lot of sausage.”


“…The name of the carrot is Sausage.”

Elliot’s smile disappeared in an instant as he raised his head while happily watching Giselle and the children arguing. His gaze was on the man and woman facing each other in the middle of the garden. Why was the nanny with Gerald…?

Elliot’s eyes narrowed as he watched the two of them conversing.

* * *

After the dinner, a time was arranged for the Empress to give the children good wishes and presents. Since each family had an audience, the waiting room was crowded with noble children.

“Really? It doesn’t look like that.”

“But rumors spread.”

As they waited for their turn with two guards, they heard whispers from nannies from other families. When she turned around, the women who happened to be looking this way and met her eyes turned their heads in shock. Again, that reaction…

It was a time when she was casually fixing Luna’s hair bow because it was a familiar thing.

“Young master, you can’t go.”

A boy who appeared to be Luna’s age came up to them and asked.

“Is it true that your nanny is Hazel the Wicked Witch?”

“No, it’s Hazel, the good witch.”

It was the moment Luna sided with her that a chilling silence fell in the waiting room. Looking around, everyone was shocked. The rumors that Witch Hazel was the new nanny of the Grand Duke was true.

After defeating the intruder the other day, she became a good witch to the people of the Grand Duchy, but she was still an evil witch outside.

“Good witch? That witch? Are you being manipulated by black magic?”

“Youn master, I’m in trouble.”

It was when the nanny went green with her fright and tried to take her boy.

“What family are you from?”

Luna crossed her arms and raised the tip of her chin, asking in a firm, angry tone. It wasn’t enough that the atmosphere in the waiting room had become chilly, so she was about to become stern.

“To dare to quarrel with the Grand Duchy, who has the best swordsman in the empire as the family head. Can it be regarded as an official declaration of war?”

When the child was approaching, she thought it was an opportunity for the Chestnuts to make friends, but when it suddenly turned into a war, she became nervous. Maybe it’s because of her that the kids couldn’t make friends at all. Even if it wasn’t for that, they couldn’t go out or hold a party because of the strict rules of the Grand Duke, so they didn’t have any friends their age.


The moment she bumped her fingers, a heart-shaped cookie appeared in the boy’s hand, who blinked, unable to understand Luna’s difficult words.

She asked while keeping eye level with the wide-eyed child.


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