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“Your Holiness, are you all right?”

Daniel asked in a worried voice. Yesterday he went all the way to the village, but was unable to see the Pope in person, only to hear that she was all right. The Pope gracefully nodded her head and she said something like this.

“I hope you regretted leaving the Holy Knights a little when you heard the news that the Pope’s procession was attacked.”

It was only then that a look of relief spread across Daniel’s face as he threw mean words and acted in a snarky manner, no different from before.

“It’s not like this here, let’s talk over tea.”

The Pope removed her hand from Daniel’s fingertips and headed for the small door in the corner of the throne room.

“I would like to hear about the monster subjugation last fall.”

The two followed the Pope, who made excuses as if he wanted to listen to the priests standing on each pillar like a stone statue. As if to show that she was from a family that produced the Pope, the priests, and countless saints, the Pope has silver hair as bright as moonlight and sky-blue eyes. It wasn’t just her family who descended from generation to generation with that characteristic. The family that was blessed by God with the holy power passed down from generation to generation was also Elliot’s mother’s family. He and the Pope were cousins and were childhood friends with Daniel. In those days, she was called Giselle, not His Holiness.

“The kids have grown up a lot. Elliot, do you know what Luna called me?”

“I don’t want to know.”

It was only in the drawing room where only the priest of the same family was left was that the two finally returned to being childhood friends.

“Pretty sister!”

“I can’t admit it.”

However, Daniel and Giselle could not go back to being childhood friends. Because they weren’t friends.

“Sir Daniel.”

“Yes, His Holiness.”

The two were a first love that could never come true. The two had to part ways because the previous Pope pointed out Giselle as the successor before he passed away. However, Elliott watched with bitter eyes as the two called each other by their first names or by their first names, perhaps as proof that they had not completely folded their hearts yet.

“Are you happy that you chose Elliott over me?”

Giselle asked a spiteful and sad question. Daniel joined the Order of the Holy Knights, saying that he would stay by Giselle’s side as a single person for the rest of his life, but when Elliot became the head of his family at a young age and needed someone to help him, he left Giselle’s side.

“I pay well.”

Daniel couldn’t answer, and as the eyes grew grim between the two, Elliot changed the mood with his silly joke.

“Aren’t you a vicious employer if you work day and night in such a harsh environment and don’t take care of that much?”

“How does His Holiness, who lives in seclusion in the mountains, know how harsh the employment environment of the Grand Duke’s family is?”

In the history of the family, there was not only holy power, but also personality. The atmosphere was lightened when the two cousins began to sarcastically argue.

“If it were so harsh, would it even reach my ears, who live hidden in the mountains? Saved, saved, since there is no one to take in as a babysitter, rumors have even spread that sheyou brought in a witch.”

Also, that’s why he asked the nanny to come in when she met her children.

“I heard it was the Wicked Witch, Hazel, so I thought it must be something wrong, either the rumor or your head.”

“So you want to tell me that when I called and looked at it myself, they diagnosed that my brain was wrong?”

“No. Well, if you want to admit it, I won’t stop you.”

Giselle acted meanly and raised her teacup.

“She seemed far removed from rumors that she was evil. I don’t feel any suspicious energy at all. Oh, of course, the clothes were pretty suspicious.”

The moment Giselle rolled her eyes while making her meaningful voice, Elliot shot hiser disapproving glance at Giselle and Daniel at Elliot.

“It’s just a mistake from the maid’s order.”

Elliot flatly dismissed her and turned his words away.

“Anyway, my younger siblings decided to join us for this imperial dinner.”

Giselle’s eyes widened as she tilted the teacup.

“They won’t do anything stupid there, but…”

Giselle, who knew the people behind the assassination and raid, murmured. Ironically, the New Year’s dinner at the imperial palace was the place with the lowest risk of assassination. With the Pope, who has the most powerful healing power in the world, there was a high possibility that the assassination attempt would go awry. Besides, there was no host who assassinates guests in his house. The death of a nobleman at the New Year’s Eve dinner, the most important annual event of the imperial palace, was a huge disgrace and blow to the imperial family.

“Are you really going to be okay?”

Giselle, of course, was also familiar with the eating habits and etiquette of the children.

“Tonight, check it out with your own eyes.”

Elliot smiled confidently and tipped the teacup.

* * *

The Grand Duke’s residence in the capital was busy ahead of the dinner. Outside the main gate, the sound of Sir Daniel arranging the ranks of the Templars and Guards could be heard. So as not to get in the way of the busy employees, she sat the children down on the couch next to the grand staircase.

“What is this, Luca?”

She was also quite busy at work.

“When and where would we get jam again?”


“You have to go to the imperial palace in a good shape.”

She took out a handkerchief and wiped the jam from Luca’s nose. After checking the appearance of the children dressed up like that, she had no choice but to ask for trust to the king of nagging, no, the Grand Duke.

“Today is the day you show off the etiquette you have learned so far. Just do what you usually practiced with me. What to do when you’re too nervous?”

“Large deep breath.”

“And what if the thing you put in your mouth doesn’t taste good?”

“Don’t spit it out, put what you drink into your mouth!”

“That’s right. And when it’s ambiguous?”

“Follow what our older brother does!”

The Grand Duke emphasized that as he looked at her 12 times. In front of all nobles, he said that they should not make a big mistake or even a small mistake that would cause him to be criticized. Later, when they debut in the social world, their reputation was bad or something. So scary. In addition, the Grand Duke even said that if the children had poor table manners at dinner, they would move the dining room back to that grand and empty dining hall now on.

“And you might not be able to go to the imperial dinner next year…”

While she was asking the children, she was speechless the moment her eyes met the Grand Duke descending the stairs. It’s like a different person. It wasn’t that she felt that way just because he was wearing a more luxurious and sophisticated formal dress than usual. The Grand Duke looked much more mature with his silver hair, which had always draped over his forehead, neatly brushed back. For some reason, the Grand Duke came down the stairs with a lofty posture as always, but he stood in front of her and narrowed his eyes.

Before she could ask why, the Grand Duke’s index finger pushed the tip of her chin up.

“Nanny, rules.”

Unbeknownst to her, she had her mouth open.


Even when she was surprized and amazed at the scale of the imperial palace she was seeing for the first time, she was without fail.


This time, the Grand Duke took Lulu from Luka’s arms instead of his own, and pushed her chin up with Lulu’s hand.

“Oh my God, His Highness, Grand Duke Blaine.”

When he entered the banquet hall of the imperial palace, noble ladies in fancy dresses saw the Grand Duke and began whispering with his cheeks blushing. Some even opened their mouths, forgetting about their dignity as nobles, but the Grand Duke just greeted them casually and headed into the banquet hall.

Didn’t he care if other people open their mouths? At this point, she didn’t know if it’s because it’s really annoying to see, or because it’s fun to make fun of her. 

The banquet hall was already crowded with the nobles she had seen at the morning ceremony. Seeing that everyone dressed up much more than in the morning, she realized how important the event was.

“This is the great sun of the Brillant Empire, His Majesty Emperor Albert III.”

The moment the attendant shouted, the noisy hall became quiet as if a mouse had died. As the people scattered all over the place took their seats at the tables lined up in two rows in the banquet hall, the huge door inside swung wide open.

That man was the Emperor. A middle-aged man with a golden crown on his head and a long white fur cloak walked in. The men and women who followed them were members of the imperial family, and they were dressed in splendid costumes.

“The stars of the empire have all gathered here in one year. Even in the past year, your loyalty and…”

The Emperor stood in the middle of a long table spread across the back of the banquet hall and began his congratulatory speech. After the boring congratulatory speech, like the principal’s instruction, everyone sat down. She, who had been waiting with other servants from a distance, approached the children behind them.

Other families also had one or two servants standing behind them to wait, so there was no need for them to see her as strange standing behind the children, but they kept glancing at her. In particular, it seemed that the people of the imperial family sitting far away were looking at her with strange eyes.

It must be so. After all, she was a notorious witch.

“Oh, who is this?”

In the meantime, when the Emperor looked this way and talked, everyone’s eyes were focused.

“Aren’t they my dear nieces and nephews?”

She was surprised to think it was for her, but it turned out that it was for the chestnuts.

“It’s good to see you after a long time. I prepared a special dish for you, because young nieces and nephews are coming for this dinner. If you eat it all, there is no better New Year’s gift for this uncle.”

“…Thank you, Your Majesty.”

For some reason, after a moment of silence, the Grand Duke thanked him, and the children followed suit.

“I hope it suits your taste.”

With those words as a signal, servants came in lined with trays piled high with food. As in any fairy tale, a mountain of delicious food was set on the table, but the children’s shoulders drooped. Carrots, mushrooms and broccoli. The only thing that came in as an appetizer was a vegetable dish that the kids didn’t like.


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