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In any case, since there were no rules, the witch had not violated anything, and there was no basis for criticism. Elliot, who was speechless for a moment, asked in a more subdued voice.

“Then, we will write a new rule. From now on, the children can only sleep in their own rooms.”


He had prepared her words to retaliate if the witch answered, but she agreed without opposition. When that wasn’t enough, the witch took her pen from Elliot’s desk and scribbled the new rule on her rulebook.

“Ah, His Highness the Grand Duke!”


“The tuxedo cat is not allowed to enter. It was added because of Daisy, so can you please remove it?”

“Do that.”

As soon as the witch got what she asked for, she asked for another.

“Can I make a garden?”

He was not willing to allow that.

“Hey, Miss Hazel. Did you forget after one day that it was a temporary contract?”

Could it be that she is already thinking of this place as her own home and trying to settle down? Elliot’s eyes sharpened as he looked at the witch. But she looked at him with bewildered eyes and tilted her head.

“Even when the contract ends, will you leave the broccoli I planted? You can eat it too. Please take care of it from time to time.”

“No, I mean…”

He didn’t know how many times he had lost to her speech and become an idiot because of that witch today.

“Please write a permission letter to submit to the butler.”

The witch savagely took even the permit with his seal on it, and she laughed innocently.

“Perfect. Then, if you don’t have anything else to say, can I just go with the children?”


“They must be hungry. I decided to make an omelet for breakfast. If you chop up vegetables and put them in, they eat well without picking them out.”


“Can I go, your Highness?”



The fact that he had called her to scold her had been already completely forgotten. Elliot, who had been staring at her in amazement, hurriedly exclaimed as the witch nodded and turned around.

“Wait a moment.”


Elliot took a heavy pouch from his drawer and placed it on his desk.

“This month’s pay.”

“You don’t have to give it to me.”

“The principle is to give an advance payment, so take it.”

Only then did the witch reluctantly accept her pouch. Now he knew that witch a little bit. Principles, Rules, Regulations. She was the kind of person who would follow without a murmur when presented with such an excuse.

‘It’s amazing.’

It was really out of character for the Wicked Witch, who was known for her capriciousness and freewheeling nature.

“It’s fine then.”

Elliot stared at the witch’s back for a long time until she disappeared. He seems to know one more thing. It was why she was not burdened with Luna and Luca.

That witch was like a mixture of Luna’s fierceness and Luca’s brightness. No, she’s actually more than both of them.

‘Is that how I can control my younger siblings?’

* * *

After receiving the daily schedule for the new week from Mrs. Valeria, she sighed deeply.

‘Why do kindergarteners live so tightly?’

Piano lessons, painting lessons, horseback riding lessons, reading lessons, Bible lessons, etiquette lessons, conversational skills lessons, swordplay lessons, and even physical training. There was no gap in the two children’s weekly schedule.

She didn’t live like that even when she was in high school. When did those children play? For children of that age, playing was learning.

Still, after a heated ‘discussion’ with the Grand Duke, that was a daily schedule that secured a little more time to play than last week.

‘Let’s see… The first class this morning is physical training, right? After that, reading class, hmm… ’

A good idea came to her. Instead of gym clothes, she put the kids in the workout clothes she made before.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Sir Daniel, who was in charge of the physical training class, took the children to the mansion’s patronage as promised. Through sponsorship, one could go to the gymnasium. Maybe even go somewhere else.

“Sir Daniel.”

Sir Daniel, who was waiting for them on the stairs at the back door, turned around and frowned.

“It’s a fitness class, why are you two dressed like farmers?”

“How about training your stamina by farming today?”

Sir Daniel’s eyes narrowed at her suggestion.

“Kids develop stamina and have fun…”

It will be more fun than running around the gym like puppies being trained.

“Feel the joy of growing delicious crops!”

The moment the children who were dying bored, started laughing and running around as soon as they heard her words.

“Huh! Field! Go! Field!”

“Tough! Tough!”

Ha… She thought the ground would go out at the sound of Sir Daniel’s tremendous sigh. In the end, Sir Daniel, who agreed to a new type of physical training class, came to the greenhouse in the corner of the patronage.


“Oh, how are you?”

The gardeners who were in the middle of trimming the flowers stopped what they were doing and greeted her. She was just a babysitter, but they were respectful, as if she was a noble. A few days ago, when she was planting a vegetable garden in a corner of the greenhouse, she thought the wall would be torn down with so little help. She still felt a sense of distance.

Could it be that they still thought she was a witch who eats people?

She was embarrassed, but she pretended nothing was wrong and led the children to the vegetable garden.

“Like this, like this.”


They dug furrows in the soil that the gardeners had mixed with compost. Carrot seeds were sown in the grooves and covered with soil.

“Grow well.”

Luna and Luca followed her words and watered it with a watering can. Sir Daniel, who was standing in the corner watching them, sighed again.

“To think that the children of the Grand Duchy are working in the fields like farmers…”

“There is no such thing as knowledge that is detrimental. Maybe it will help them understand the lives of the people of the manor.”

After planting carrots and beans, it was time to transplant and plant large broccoli seedlings that had already sprouted within a few days. Sir Daniel made a disapproving face when she brought the pot with the seedlings.

“The fitness class is over. Aren’t you two going to the next class?”

“Oh, I’m taking the next class. Reading class.”

Sir Daniel snorted ‘ha’, and asked.

“It was a very good excuse that farming is physical training, but how do you make an excuse that it is reading?”

She grinned and proudly held up the small sign and crayons.


As Luna stumbled over the word broccoli she wrote on the sign, Luca burst into laughter.

“I have a funny thing to write.”

Luca was still too young to study calligraphy.

“I will try it too.”

As she was about to write the next sign, Luna reached out her hand, igniting her enthusiasm.

“Yes? Then you can use carrots.”

It was cute how he pursed her lips and furrowed her forehead while concentrating.

“Yeah, it’s right to draw from the side. Our Luna is doing well.”

Although a bit crooked, Luna was a seven-year-old and she was good at reading and writing. Seeing that she is usually good at talking, Hazel thought she would be able to write very well in no time.

“What should I write next?”



“Luca too, Luca too!”

Even Luca, who was a bit early to take writing classes, wanted to follow his older sister in writing signboards, so she made him write the easy ‘pa’.

Of course, it was closer to drawing than writing, and they had to hold the crayon together in the middle.

Luca, who had written a sign with his own hand, seemed proud of himself, so he hurried to Sir Daniel and boasted.

“Bro- Brother Daniel, isn’t it well done?”

The children affectionately called Sir Daniel “brother” or “elder brother” in private. Luca didn’t know that his class time was also public time.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Hehe, I wrote it.”

“You did well.”

Sir Daniel stroked Luca’s hair gently.

“Look at this. You studied writing as well as reading, right?”

She shrugged her shoulders as she pointed to the signs lined up in the garden. Sir Daniel’s face was still trembling. 

After the morning class, she left the children with Sir Daniel and made lunch. Today’s lunch menu in the basket was a sandwich.

“Sir, have lunch with us.”

She handed a sandwich to Sir Daniel, asking him to wash his hands before eating, and with a bucket of water she handed it out to the frolicking children, then approached the gardeners who were about to have their lunch break.

“Eat some.”

The gardeners’ eyes widened as they did not know that they had prepared their share.

Lately, exaggerated rumors have been circulating around the Grand Duke’s family. Once you taste the witch meal, you will never forget the taste.

Anyway, everyone gulped their mouths while looking at the sandwich in her hand, but they didn’t accept it. Seeing them exchanging hesitant glances, she remembered it only then.

“Isn’t the witch secretly mixing the potion in the cooking?”

“Hmm, well…”

“Maybe drugs.”

“Wow, you are talking nonsense. There’s no way the Grand Duke would give something like that to the younger ones.”

“That’s true, but it could be potions the Grand Duke doesn’t know.”

Yesterday, she unintentionally overheard the servants saying that.

‘Ah, he must be worried about that.’

She guessed she just made it difficult. What kind of excuse should she make so that they could naturally take the sandwich she offered them?

While thinking about it, a gardener who had just washed his hands took the sandwich.

“Hey, this precious thing! Then I will eat well without hesitation.”


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