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“If you leave me anything, you say?”

As expected, Daniel’s face contorted, and Elliott added quickly.

“Did you think I would entrust my siblings to a witch without any countermeasures?”

“And the countermeasure is me.”

“Right. You understood it well.”

“Somehow, before when your Highness said he was going to find a babysitter, it seemed ominous that he asked me if I was a paladin…”

“Also! You are quick to notice.”

It seemed as if the pressure that had accumulated after being confined with a witch without telling anybody where he was went down at once.

“Daniel, as you well know, nothing is more important to me than protecting Luna and Luca. I am entrusting this to you because I believe in you the most.”

“And it’s because I have some holy power.”

Then he’ll be able to stop the witch from turning around and doing her crap.


Elliot’s cool smile made Daniel feel frustrated inside. When the other knights follow the Grand Duke to slay monsters and set up their specialties, he had to follow the children and the nanny.

However, more than anything else in the world, his younger siblings were precious people. He trusted him the most, so the saying that he entrusted him with surveillance was sincere without asking.

“It’s an honor, but if you don’t entrust the children to the witch in the first place, there’s no need for this.”

“Why would I want to take such a risky move?”

“Why does Your Highness say what I want to ask?”

“The most important thing right now is to make Luna and Luca wait for me quietly here until I return.”

“At least that means that the Grand Prince and Grand Princess will be stuck in the mansion while that witch is here.”

“Right. That woman is just a kind of bridle. Once I return we will let go of the reins and she will go back to her hut.”

The contract would end the day he returns from subjugation. The witch readily agreed to that. It seemed like she wasn’t listening because she was running around excitedly.

“Then, keep an eye on her until then.”

It’s a reasonable idea like the Grand Duke’s usual plans. So Daniel was eventually forced to accept the role of his unexpected new babysitter role.

“Yes, I will closely monitor it to make sure nothing happens. Still, I’m relieved that when you come back, you’ll kick her out.”

“I’ll have to think about what to do with the unbridled ends.”

The fire had been extinguished in a hurry. Elliot let out a short sigh of relief and turned his gaze back to the papers, but his forehead suddenly crumpled.

“But that witch is a bit strange.”


Elliott shook her head when Daniel’s expression was wary.

“No, it’s not that it’s dangerous… ”

He remembered the conversation he had with the witch on her horseback ride.

“Aren’t you asking for conditions?”


“Reward or something.”

“I don’t need that money. Write everything down.”

“…She is a very strange person.”

* * *

“When can I meet the Chestnuts?”

As soon as she asked, the head maid, Mrs. Valeria’s face wrinkled.

“Here, we don’t address Her Highness the Grand Princess and the Grand Prince with such vulgar language.”

‘Chestnuts’ was offensive? Wasn’t it just cute?

She understood that there was a difference in social status, but since they acted like an army like that, the kids couldn’t attach affection to the family.

She looked down at the work manual spread out on the table and let out a helpless sigh.

She thought she would be able to meet the Chestnuts right away, so she ran to it like a flash, but only the maid’s training was going on for over an hour. In the first hour, she learned how to behave and speak politely when dealing with aristocrats. That was a pretty useful training, but…

‘Are they telling me not to mess around with the chestnuts?’

Oh my, how strong the bond while eating together was. These people didn’t know that.

The training on work rules that just started was really amazing.

“Do not go out with the Grand Prince and the Grand Princess without the Grand Duke’s permission. Regardless of the set routine within the territory, you must obtain permission from His Highness the Grand Duke, the butler, or the head of the maid even when moving to an area other than the inner room.”

“So, when you go to the garden in front of you?”

Mrs. Valeria looked at her as if for granted and nodded her head.

“Also, report all to Sir Daniel, Commander of the Guard, regarding personal or public encounters when going out, do it always with companions.”

She had heard rumors that the Grand Duke’s palace was more strict than the imperial palace, but she didn’t expect it to be to that extent. As she listened to the rules read to her by the head maid, steam seemed to rise from her head.

‘Who memorizes all of this?’

The work manual was about half the size of A4 paper and as thick as a pinky fingernail. The rules were written in small letters in that fairly large notebook.

‘Is this why it was so hard to find a nanny?’

She couldn’t understand how everyone quit after a few days of having those angelic children, but now she knew for sure. All because of strict regulations.

‘But you blamed the kids for that and went around spreading disparaging rumors outside? Is it really too much.’

Anyway, as soon as she met the kids, her ambitious plans to spend the afternoon baking carrot cakes seemed to have to be put to rest.

“A test?”

The sun was slowly sinking outside her window after the maid handed her the test paper, saying that she was checking the rules she had just heard.

“Oh, and try to refrain from sweet snacks and cakes as much as possible.”

After passing her test in one go, Mrs. Valeria, who was leading her into the room, suddenly turned around and added one more of her rules.

She said, “I heard that you solved the unbalanced diet of the Grand Prince and Grand Princess with sweets. Anyone can use such an expedient.”

“Isn’t it solved with just one thing?”

Beef stew was not a sweet dish.

“But anyway, I mean the same thing. Sweets cause obesity and tooth decay in children, so we should refrain from eating them.”

“I’m glad you seem to be able to communicate. I hope you understand the meaning of not ruining the health of the two of you by using her expedients to win the favor of the Grand Duke.”

She could see Mrs. Valeria’s disapproving expression. These people completely misunderstood that she had bought the children’s favor by giving them sweets.

“On the first day, I allowed the children to eat their cakes and cookies as much as they wanted only when they were hungry, and then I cut it down. After all, I’m a pretty experienced nanny.”

Madame Valeria looked at her with her surprised eyes and then added a word in a slightly softer voice.

“The Grand Prince and Grand Princess.”

The maid who corrected the titles like that moved her steps again.

Her nanny’s room was between the children’s rooms. She really liked that.

“Wow, the Grand Duke gives a room like this to a nanny.”

She couldn’t help but be surprised when she opened the door and entered. Even if her little cabin went into it there was space enough for one or two more, all that was the nanny’s personal space. Even the bathroom was attached.

“That’s right, working conditions are far superior to other places in order to…”

Standing in front of the door, Mrs. Valeria muttered like a sigh.

“But I’m uncomfortable with such a big and fancy room.”

Since her last life in Korea, she had never lived in a big house. Being lonely, she didn’t like being left alone in a big space. Besides, wasn’t it a bit scary to sleep alone in a place like that? The bed with pillars and canopy seemed to be big enough for three adults to sleep.

“I’d rather sleep in my cabin.”

“Ms. Hazel, you already forgot the work rules for going out…”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I will strictly follow the rules.”

Only then did Madame Valeria let out a sigh of relief. However, the eyebrows of the maid who was looking at me were crooked in an unusual shape.

“Why are you like that?”

“You didn’t bring any luggage, did you?”


She looked down at my empty hands and she smiled shyly. Luggage was something one could bring with them at any time. She wanted to see the children quickly, but they took them home and ran to this place right away. The maid saw her like that and sighed again with her worried face.

“I have to start working right now, but with clothes like that…”

“Why not wear these clothes? It’s comfortable. I also cleaned the laundry.”

She was wearing a red knee-length dress with shoulder straps over a white blouse. It was a normal outfit common to commoners there.


The head maid opened her mouth, closed it, and ordered something from her maid who stood outside the door. Soon she accepted and changed into the luxurious maid’s uniform the maid had brought.

‘Doesn’t this really make me look like a servant of the grand duke’s family?’

She was looking around in front of the mirror when someone knocked on the door.

‘Are they the chestnuts?’

She smiled broadly and opened the door. To her disappointment, the person standing behind the door was a servant she had never seen before.

“Ah, there…”

The servant nervously rolled her eyes and trembled her neatly gathered hands. What? Was she not feeling well?

“Yes, what are you doing?”

“Then, the chef is looking for a horse, a witch, no, a nanny… ”


“Yes, Yes. He said he needed help…”

Dinner time was approaching. They said the kids weren’t eating well, so it looks like they need her help. If that was the case, they should be willing to run.

“Okay? Let’s go now.”

She was about to go out the door, but the servant bowed her head to her and left in a flash.

“Oh, hey, I don’t know where the kitchen is…”

By the time she went out into the hallway and shut the door, the servant was gone. She was not going to turn her into a frog.

‘Which way should I go?’

She stood in the empty hallway, pondered for a moment, then headed left. Since she came that way with the head maid, shouldn’t she go back?

‘Haa, the mansion is really wide, isn’t it?’

That was enough to require a moving walk. Her legs were about to ache. Still, she was on her way to ask the soldiers who were guarding the place. Although she felt like she was going round in the wrong direction at first.

‘Where are all these rooms for?’

She was walking down a long hallway looking at the splendid visits, and suddenly someone called her from behind.


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