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  1. For My Derelict Favorite
  2. There is No Place for Fakes
  3. How to Feed An Abyss!
  4. The Obsessive Male Lead Found Out I’m Alive
  5. The Troublemaker Daughter of the Grand Duke wants to Live Alone
  6. Until the Real One Shows Up
  7. I Thought I Didn’t Have Long To Live! (Time Limit)
  8. Masters, Are You Going to Imprison My Sister?
  9. The Fake Wants to Leave
  10. My Lover’s Personality is a Little Bit Strange

  • Lan Ming Yue

    Lan Ming Yue

    Wang Dian passed through. He wore a suit and held a bottle of red wine in his hand. On the left was a group of ferocious generals with swords in their hands, and on the right was a civil servant with long robes and wide sleeves. They all knelt down and called him “Your Majesty”. Wang Dian clenched the wine bottle in his hand and shouted at them to rise on their feet. At the start, it was still okay to be called the emperor. Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the bedchamber, he saw a man who looked exactly like himself. “I didn’t know there was such a strange thing in this world.” The man raised his eyebrows and smiled. I originally wanted to go up to the Ninth Heaven to embrace the bright moon, but I didn’t expect you to lie drunk on top of the clouds. A palace love story of a modern version overbearing president and an ancient version overbearing president. Author: They look exactly the same.

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  • Commercial Marriage [Rebirth]

    Commercial Marriage [Rebirth]

    He was reborn again to fifteen years in the past. Unexpectedly, he became the He family’s third-shao, He Jian, who had bad reputation but tough background. He decided to go back to Quanlin City once again, just to find his “self” when he was young and protect his “self” from repeating the same mistakes. Unexpectedly, the misunderstanding resulted in the commercial marriage of the two….

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  • The Monster Lady and the Paladin

    The Monster Lady and the Paladin

    The city was destroyed. Her family was dead. Her friend was murdered right before her eyes. Veronica tried to run away but to no avail. The moment her eyes met ‘it’, her life was turned upside down. “She’s already been assimilated.” A man grabbed her by the hair and looked at her disdainfully as she struggled. “Do you want to live?” “Ugh, cough. Ugh.” “Do you want to live even if you have to roll in the fires of hell?” “Let me go.” “Answer me. If you wish to die, I will kill you painlessly.” She doesn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die yet. She had just been reborn. “Then ask me for help.” The man, who seemed to read her thoughts, sneered. The burning abyss was staring straight at her. “I want to live… please, help me.” She didn’t know until then. That his breath and his saliva, filled with his holy power, will save her. She became a God in place of a vanished God.

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  • There are no Bad Transcendents in the World

    There are no Bad Transcendents in the World

    Frey Obelir, who remembered that on the day her mother was assassinated, that she was reincarnated as a princess in the game she played in a previous life. ‘The original story begins with the destruction of the world at the hands of the young transcendents who are temporarily protected by the grand duke.’ Then change the future and change the future. She had to move to avenge her revenge. Fortunately, there is still a little time left until destruction. “Princess Frey. Again, I am a very promiscuous man.” ‘The keyword is #handsome promiscuous man , but pretending to be promiscuous.’ “Princess, I already have two out of wedlock.” ‘This man hates marriage so much, isn’t it a joke?’ Then I should prepare for a divorce in my spare time in business!” Grand Duke Daniel hated Frey, who was rumored to be a scoundrel. So using the power of the transcendent, she peeked into her future. She can’t believe she took a man off and fell down. It’s a future that fits the rumors of a princess.’ But… [“Fray, you can’t leave me.”] The pathetic man who begging to hold her is- [“Will you stay at fraus estate if I satisfy you?”] Daniel, it was himself.

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  • Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family

    Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family

    Nobles have difficulty in terms of fertility and for nobles, mermaids are more fertile than Omegas. Yu Qing hid his identity as a mermaid Omega, and he originally wanted to marry an ordinary person and live in peace. However, the Alpha he chose was actually a transmigrator, and this transmigrator went for Mermaid Transformation Surgery in order to marry a wealthy family. An angry Yu Qing ran to the Genetic Management Bureau to find a match. If it’s just marrying a rich family; he can also do it! The result was a match with a superior aristocrat who was said to be indifferent. Superior aristocrat: Can I finally get a wife?

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  • I Lost My Memory, so I Decided to Rely on My Brother, Who Seemed to Be the Most Trustworthy in My Family

    I Lost My Memory, so I Decided to Rely on My Brother, Who Seemed to Be the Most Trustworthy in My Family

    A young girl, Maria, lives serenely in a monastery in a seaside town. To tell the truth, her past is a mystery to her. Around two months ago, she was rescued on the beach. On a certain day, a wealthy man who claimed to be Maria’s family showed up to visit her. “Ah, Bianca, I am so glad to know you are safe.” Who’s Bianca? In the first place, who are you guys? Having suffered from amnesia, I decided to rely on my brother, who appeared to be the most trustworthy of the family.

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  • After Being Preached by my Senior Martial Brother

    After Being Preached by my Senior Martial Brother

    After the Second Prince of Nine Heavens broke the Holy Spirit Lamp, he was then deprived of his Mana, his appearance, and was demoted to descending to the world to experience calamity. The Second Prince, who had now no talent and no appearance, became the younger martial brother in Miaoxian Mansion, and started the path of cultivating immortals with fear. At first, everyone bullied him, and only the cold and taciturn senior brother treated him well. Later, he learned that the senior martial brother, the same as him, had a deep fate with immortals. Unless his soul left his body, he would become his Taoist Companion. His heart was happy. Until that day he witnessed the senior martial brother commit great treason and as he held the Master in his arms. With a piteous cry, “Miaomiao…….” The cold face showed a gentle look as well. That was the Master’s nickname. The Second Prince no longer expected the senior martial brother to see him, but he did not expect the senior martial brother to be desperate and begged him, “Xiao Qi, save the Master, only your life can be exchanged for his life.” After coming back, the Second Prince didn’t even evade the sword and died under it. In a trance, he saw the senior martial brother’s disbelieving expression. With his body dead, he returned to heaven. The father of the Nine Heavens raised this scarred man. The Second Prince asked for a heartless bead. After years of suffering, it was better to be a merciless and loveless immortal. It was just that, it didn’t occur to him that his senior martial brother became the only devil in the Three Realms. He didn’t know until he died– —that the senior martial brother was covered with blood and tears. He knelt on his knees and could not stand up from the sycamore tree and fought madly with his fragmented soul.

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  • Favored By The Villain

    Favored By The Villain

    Levisia, the 15th daughter of Kraiden, saw memories of her previous life for the two weeks she was unconscious. Discovering her world was from a book, she was overcome with shock. Her fate was to die in the fight between Kraiden’s successors, and so, not wanting to be caught in her demise, she decided to leave the palace in secret. But the successors, who would bring blood in the country, began to take interest in her. And it wasn’t the end of the ordeal… Levisia entered her servant’s room and discovered a familiar wig. Dark red hair and golden eyes? Oh my god! He was the one who would wipe out the empire in the future! Can Levisia quietly get out of the palace?

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