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  • I Got Famous Making Cooking Livestreams In Space

    I Got Famous Making Cooking Livestreams In Space

    Lin Ning transmigrated into the future, inheriting the body of a fallen idol with a reputation worse than trash— a waste of a beautiful face that might as well have been gifted by the heavens themselves. But all he loved was working with food, and so left the entertainment industry to tap into his cooking livestream potential, picking up a cold, distant kitty with crazy fighting skills on the way. Who would’ve thought that he’d be under the spotlight once again, this time throughout the galaxy with his food? Fans scream and cry for the has-been idol to once again return onstage. *** At first, the kitty only thought that Lin Ning was very special. Then, film stars and bigshots began bugging Lin Ning daily. On top of that, there were still those horrible rumors plaguing him. BA-BAM! The Marshal, who took on a human form so suddenly, pulled him close to his chest and announced, in front of the entirety of space: “Lin Ning is mine.” *** *Reject wild game for food*

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  • I Stole the Heroine’s Holy Grail

    I Stole the Heroine’s Holy Grail

    I was excommunicated from my family for a crime I did not commit. But it wasn’t bad. I didn’t have much affection for the family, and I wanted to get out of the original flow of the novel. So I received a portion of my property that was originally mine, and left without hesitation. I was happy to think that I was finally freed from the novel. I came down to a quiet countryside and bought a mansion far from the village. It was a size that was enough to live alone. Now, I thought I could live peacefully, gardening for the rest of my life here. But life, as always, did not go my way. Knights came to the peaceful village. Among them was Izar, my former fiance who ignored me. The words that came out from his mouth were quite shocking. “Hestine was not the saint who will defeat the devil.” No. Hestine is the one who will save the world from the devil. I know best because I’ve read the novel. “Adelia, that’s you.” ——————————————————————————————— *Male Protagonist: Ivan Hamilton – The younger brother of the emperor, and the owner of the Grand Duchy of Hamilton. He grew up loved by all without lacking anything, but there are also blemishes in his impeccable background. That is, when he was young, he was kidnapped by an illegal guild. He finds the benefactor who saved him from being kidnapped. *Female Protagonist: Adelia Sorne The youngest daughter of a marquis family, but her whole life is crooked as she is neglected by her family. In the end, she is framed for hurting a saint who is loved by everyone and is excommunicated from her family.

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  • I Became The Tyrant’s Limited Time Wife

    I Became The Tyrant’s Limited Time Wife

    I was reincarnated as  wife of tyrant Male lead, who was poisoned to death. The problem was that this tyrant went completely crazy after my death and ruined the country. We didn’t really like each other and it was a political marriage. There are two years left. “Let’s just live and see.” If I pass the poison, I’ll get divorced and become free!’ For two years, I took antidote from time to time and developed resistance to various poison. While I was doing it, I also took care of Male Lead’s health, who was in poor condition. Because he can’t go crazy after divorce. “Your Majesty, you seem to sleep  late every day. It’s good for your health to sleep early and wake up early.” “Why does it matter to you?” “Can’t you just say that you understand it just once?” As a result, I just got a little closer to Male lead than the original. “Why don’t you ask me if I had breakfast these days?” “You’re healthy now. Do I have to?” “…….” After safely passing the scheduled poisoning date of the original, There was no need to continue the political marriage, so I sent a divorce letter. I thought I only had the future left to become  free! “Your Majesty? Why blood in your mouth! Blood! “…Lea. I’m sick.” Male lead, who emptied the glass, fell down. With a smile. “Ah…” Male Lead. You didn’t drink poison on purpose, right?

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  • For your Failed Unrequited Love

    For your Failed Unrequited Love

    Celebrity of the Xenomium Academy. All female students like him. Felix Berg. Recently, there has been a person that annoys him. Lucy Keenan, just one year lower. The girl, who has a very unremarkable appearance and a calm personality, is the only one who can distinguish Felix from his identical twin Adrian like a ghost. Whenever she meets him, she only has an expressionless face. But when she meets Adrian, she smiles brightly. When he is with her, her lips are shut. And she only talks with Adrian. It is certain. Lucy Keenan has a crush on her twin brother Adrian. As her curiosity for Lucy Keenan grows, Felix begins to question her. He has the same face, the same height, and the same voice, so why is it Adrian and not him? It’s a bonus that I wanted to interrupt Lucy Keenan’s unrequited love for nothing.

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  • I Accidentally Seduced the Male Lead’s Younger Brother

    I Accidentally Seduced the Male Lead’s Younger Brother

    She possessed the 19-year-old mistress of the male lead in a regret novel. In the original novel, the male lead was a trash who abandoned her after getting her pregnant, saying that he belatedly realized that he loved the heroine. Fortunately, it was still before the original work started. I decided to scrap this shit by myself. *** “No, I don’t want to.” I flatly rejected Killian’s offer to have an affair with him. When he asked me why, I smiled brightly and answered. “The Young Master is not my taste. If I must say, your younger brother is much preferable.” “What? You prefer my younger brother?” Yeah. Not you, but your brother. *** Unlike the original, I firmly set up an iron wall, took care of Lexion, the younger brother who was abused by his older sibling, and protected the original female lead who has low-esteem against that shitty male lead. And now that I’ve already done what I have to do, I’m off to go. But a few years later, Lexion, who pushed his older brother and sat in the Duke’s seat, came back to me as a beast with a decadent beauty. On top of that, he’s even holding the engagement document that I signed as a joke during childhood. “I’ve never forgotten you for a moment. Please marry me, noona.” No, wasn’t that just for playing house? Everytime I refuse his marriage proposal, he will gently hug me around my waist, and ask in such a cold voice. “Did your taste change while I was away?” Lexion’s eyes were full of life as he asked. It’s as if when he found out who my type was, he’ll kill it right away.

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  • Masters, Are You Going To Imprison My Sister?

    Masters, Are You Going To Imprison My Sister?

    “Sister, let’s change jobs!” I was reincarnated in a R-19 novel! The kind-hearted older sister was the female protagonist, and the three young masters we serve were bastards who imprisoned and bullied her. “Lala. I don’t think that would happen. They give us a lot of money, and the welfare is good… When will we ever find another job like this?” Shit! My sister doesn’t know anything. In order to escape from the original work, I desperately interfered between my sister and the masters… Huh? From a certain moment, the eyes of the three young masters looking at me are unusual! *** If you know everything, you get more and more exhausted every time you try to change it!

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  • I Grabbed the Leash of the Blind Beast

    I Grabbed the Leash of the Blind Beast

    Unexpectedly, I grabbed the collar of the blind beast. Grand Duke Eléon Clevent fell into the abyss from the Empire’s Greatest Knight. Rona succeeded in making Eléon, who is obsessed with anger and frustration, into a human being again. Soon after, Rona found her family and left his side.… When the Grand Duke’s eyes were healed, he was desperately searching for her through the entire empire. “Young Lady, have we met somewhere?” “It’s my first time meeting you, Your Highness.”

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  • I’m the Main Character’s Child

    I’m the Main Character’s Child

    One day, young Emiliette, who was bullied by her servants, suddenly recalls memories of her past life. She had been reincarnated into a book she had read in her previous life, as a child of the main characters. Three years after the ending of the novel, her mother died while giving birth to Emiliette, leaving her father unattended with only his daughter left. ‘I can’t keep living like this!’ After the news of my father’s return came out, I decided to change the situation, but… “Why is that thing in front of my eyes?” – The first meeting I was looking forward to, ends with only a cold glare. ’…but I can’t give up!’ 1. Frequent encounters. “Hewwo Papa! Papa, where are you gwoing?” 2. Attacking with presents. “Papa~ I’ll give you this. It’s a gift. Let’s be close friends from now on. I’ll come every day!” 3. Compliments! “Ah! It’s so bright~ I can’t get close to Papa because he’s shining.” But something’s wrong. Even though he replies to everything I ask, his answers are… “The office.” “You’ve brought something useless again.” – Yet you kept the useless thing. “…shut up.” He’s especially shy about compliments. Does he really hate me?

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