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  • The Time Limited Extra is Disguised as a Tutor in a Villain’s House

    The Time Limited Extra is Disguised as a Tutor in a Villain’s House

    On the day her father died, leaving her with a huge amount of debt, Livia realised that she had been reincarnated and was living as an extra in the novel she read before she died. Her life was good up until then… She was also time-limited because she had a magic disease where spots like flowers would appear all over her body until she finally succumbed and died. The only way to cure the disease was the heirloom of the Duke of Mercedes, the villain of this world. ‘I can’t do it.’ But an opportunity arose. ‘Okay, I’ll give them a reasonable amount of help, and then I will leave once we treat the disease with heirloom!’ Thus, Livia took a job under the guise of a tutor for the Duke of Mercedes. *** She found the heirloom and cured the disease. Once she had achieved her goal, she tried to disappear quietly, like a supporting actor…. “It’s my fault. Please don’t go. I can’t live without you.” The little prince, who was at one time called a little devil, clung to her, begging her not to leave. “Why am I drawn to you, when I should serve God and serve the saint? Do you know?” The paladin who should have followed the original heroine made an oath to Livia as a knight “Miss Livia, you are the butterfly of my destiny.” Even the master of the Imperial Intelligence Guild was trying to seduce her. “Can you not be a tutor to the little prince? Because I´m jealous.” The male protagonist, who should have fallen for the original heroine and given her everything, was trying to give Livia everything for some reason. Above all… “If you want to go, you can go wherever you want to. I’m confident I can bring you back.” Wasn’t that a threat… …? ‘What the hell is going on!’ Livia just wanted to cure her disease, but something seemed to have gone very wrong.

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  • How Can You Pay Back The Kindness I Raised With Obsession?

    How Can You Pay Back The Kindness I Raised With Obsession?

    She possessed the evil witch in a fairy tale. She was living a lonely life hated by everyone, but one day she found a brother and sister who ate her candy house and raised them. “Witch Hazel should be executed for kidnapping!” “You’re going to be executed for kidnapping the younger siblings of the Archduke!” “If you execute Hazel, I will starve for the rest of my life!” ‌“Ahhh- Hazel cannot go.” Thanks to the children, it was good that I became the nanny of them, but my employer… “The Duke doesn’t marry a witch. Of course, not even a nanny.” It’s okay because I don’t want to marry either. Even more so with the Grand Duke! I’m just going to raise the kids and leave. ‌On the long-awaited retirement day. “What kind of potion did you use for me? No, I’d rather you use it because it’s a potion.” What I brought out is a letter of resignation, but why is the duke giving me a ring? Guys, calm down. “Hazel and brother, when is the baby coming?” “A nephew who resembles Hazel? Yes!” Are you repaying the kindness from when I raised you with obsession?

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  • I Don’t Want To Attack You!

    I Don’t Want To Attack You!

    On the way home, a drunken Heather helped a small pink elephant who was crying because of a cold nose. She did for the palm size elephant a nose cover, and the elephant claimed to be the God of sexual desire and affection. “For your help, I’ll let you share a passionate love with the most handsome man of the continent.” However, this was not a blessing from God, but a curse. “Ugh, shameless… How, while I was sleeping, ha… You stole my virginity.” “Ah, priest, it’s okay.” “Now, stop, please stop this filthy act, ha…” ‘It’s you who is shaking your waist, you crazy bastard.’ Ashur was praised as the noblest and most beautiful man of the continent. But as soon as she runs into him, it’s normal for the two of them to end up locked in a closed room, where a strange situation arises between their rubbing testicles. *** There was a breathtaking silence. One of the countless reporters instinctively pressed the camera shutter. Click. The sound became a signal, and the shutter sound poured from all sides, and the buzz filled the hall. “Oh… Look, I really didn’t do that.” I wanted to throw the white priest’s robe, no, the piece of cloth in my hands. Ashur kept his head down. Her shoulders were trembling. There was an incompatible chill around him. She felt wronged. “I only touched it lightly, but I never thought it would tear like this… ” But no matter what she says, Ashur would not be able to hear him, who has stood up in front of thousands of people just in his underwear. ‘It wasn’t me, it was that crazy pink elephant!’ Ashur turned his head slightly and looked back at her. His eyes were stained red, full of contempt while looking at her. ‘To end my blessing, I have to make passionate love with the most handsome man on the continent.’ But if he keeps this up, she’ll be shackled as a molester before she can make passionate love with anyone.

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  • Obsessed with Regressors

    Obsessed with Regressors

    Eugenia Biscon was the second daughter of a poor country family who thought she would live a normal life like everyone else after meeting a decent viscount as her prospective husband, but everything started to change after a nightmare she suffered a few days ago. “Lady Biscon?” In the ballroom prepared by His Highness the King, Elliott Burns, the hero who had defeated the dragon, appeared there before her, and Eugenie froze as if struck by lightning the moment she saw him. Surprisingly it was a familiar face. No, to be exact it was a face she knew very well, although she had never seen it before. Elliott Burns was the murderer who appeared in her nightmares from few days ago where he massacred all her family of her. And now, that same murdered was staring at her persistently.

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  • The Tyrant Mistook Me for a Companion

    The Tyrant Mistook Me for a Companion

    I possesses as the villain’s daughter. I have to find the male lead before anyone else to live! I get tangled up with the male lead, so he didn’t have to meet the female lead. Because the male lead couldn’t recognize face except for the female lead’s who would fall in love with him. The snarling males lead was also well raised and protected, and I only needs to released him before the imprint of the companion happen. It was definitely a perfect plan… “I’ll find you wherever you are.” Somehow his red eyes felt faint. *** As an adult, he had a pattern and the original work began. The two of were imprinted unexpectedly. I even have a red pattern that says that companions kill each other. I’m rolling around to live. “You no longer have a companion” “…… What? “I killed him first because he tried to kill you.” He killed my companion and said proudly. “Your companion is not me. It’s princess Janice.” “Then we can kill her, too.” Somehow, the male lead has turned into a tyrant because of me. It said that he’d only recognizes the female lead more than that! He seems to have recognized me right now. … It seems that the tyrant has mistaken me for his companion.

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  • Crowning My Feral Prince

    Crowning My Feral Prince

    She possessed a supporting character who was expelled from her family for marrying a commoner. Exploited by her husband, she waited for the day she could escape on her own until one day… “Ten hundred gold a day and marriage record expunged after one year of employment. How is it?” A livesafe job like honey appeared! After taking care of a prince who grew up among beasts, she thought that the only thing left to do was to get paid and leave happily. If only the idiot prince who didn’t know he was a person freed her. “Keep here- don’t go, Trixie.” The ankle of a 10-year-old dog owner didn’t know how she was caught by a dog-faced wolf. * * * The only bloodline of the imperial family, the first prince Leone Atarta.Tears came to her eyes when she saw him dressed in a robe with his hair neatly combed. “It was a really big party. It’s my debut, so there’s nothing I could do now.” “You didn’t have to do anything.” Leone smiled and rubbed his face against her palm. Somehow his purple eyes were shining brightly. “Now I will do it all.”, he said, showing a well grown man’s face. “So don’t go anywhere, master.”

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  • The Northern Mad Dog Is Wagging Its Tail

    The Northern Mad Dog Is Wagging Its Tail

    Britia Lockhart believed she was completely normal. But she had a secret. Her ability to see things that others weren’t supposed to see was the secret she hid from the world. “Tell me why I had intense goosebumps running up my spine.” “All I did was touch the Duke-nim’s tail!” She wouldn’t have discovered the secret if she hadn’t cleaned Sig Turas rain soaked wet tail. Then, did the mad dog from the north, who was rumored to rip monsters apart with his hands, realize? Britia was bewildered and frightened by Sig. But despite his menacing looks, his vigorous tail wagging really made him look cuter. “I said I wanted to help you, but it’s a shame that I can’t even appreciate your cuteness, let alone help you.” With his lips pursed, Sig murmured. “… would you like to touch my tail?”

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  • Villainous Lady, The Obsession Begins

    Villainous Lady, The Obsession Begins

    The youngest Princess of the Grand Duchess family, the villain of the novel… …..Live under the guise, she fell in love with her fiancé, the world’s most handsome man. “Prince, I love you!” “I was only engaged to repay the favor. I won’t fall for you, Young Lady.” But even if she devoted everything, there was no law that everything would unconditionally work. She learned it and turned away. However. “Oh, let’s break the engagement!” “I love you. I realized too late.” You know, when people give you a chance, you have to seize it. If you don’t want to hang on and cry like this Prince.

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