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  1. For My Derelict Favorite
  2. There is No Place for Fakes
  3. How to Feed An Abyss!
  4. The Obsessive Male Lead Found Out I’m Alive
  5. The Troublemaker Daughter of the Grand Duke wants to Live Alone
  6. Until the Real One Shows Up
  7. I Thought I Didn’t Have Long To Live! (Time Limit)
  8. Masters, Are You Going to Imprison My Sister?
  9. The Fake Wants to Leave
  10. My Lover’s Personality is a Little Bit Strange

  • The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly

    The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly

    Dorothy, a woman who suffered discrimination and disregard. She was driven to the point of murdering her elder brother, and afterward rose to power as emperor…but unloved by all, even by her sweetheart, she was ultimately denounced as a tyrant and sentenced to execution. But then she opened her eyes to find herself in her childhood days. “It can’t end like that again.” I won’t commit the same regrets. I’m going to live honestly. This time, in this life, that is my goal.

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  • Grand Duke’s Beloved Granddaughter

    Grand Duke’s Beloved Granddaughter

    Her mother was the only missing daughter of the Grand Duke of the Empire. But when the Duke found her, she had already passed away. All that remained was me, who had been left unattended for 14 years. “I’m sorry, sir. Cornelia Crichton is dead.” “Hey, what the hell is this? Cornelia is dead?” I thought it would be revenge for her to disappear quietly without revealing my identity. But before I could leave, I was killed. It was right after she found out that it was her uncle who manipulated her mother into dying in agony. ‘This kid is a huge hindrance to my control of this mansion. Just die quietly.’ *** I wish I had died like that, but for some reason, I went back to when I was nine when my mother was still alive. So that’s why I… “There is someone in this mansion who stole letters from Mom.” The 2nd round of her life. She was determined to protect her mother and rescue her poor grandfather. Then- “Baby, I bought a gold mine for you. All the gold from there will be used for you.” Archduke Crichton, eager to buy anything, “Baby, if the crown prince behaves rudely, tell me.” “You’re my little sister from now on.” A friendly uncle came with a cousin. That was not enough I just wanted to protect my mother and live happily, but even the unplanned mercenary king came to me saying he would repay the favor?

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  • The Little Sister in the Devastating Novel Wants to Live

    The Little Sister in the Devastating Novel Wants to Live

    In the devastating novel where the family of the female protagonists eats up the family of the male protagonist, she was reincarnated as the younger sister of the male protagonist who died while being tortured. I wasn’t even his sister. I was a commoner adopted by the Duchess, who was shocked when his sister died. ‘I don’t want to suffer!’ The male lead pitied me, who has nightmares every day and cries a bucket full of tears. Maybe I’m the reason why the male lead is turning to a villain? The closer I get to death, the more frightened I become. ‘I have to change my destiny.’ Otherwise, there is no other way than to conform.

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  • I Failed to Divorce My Husband

    I Failed to Divorce My Husband

    I’ve been reincarnated as the extra character who stalked her husband, the male lead, for 10 years and died. Of course, I tried to divorce him before the female lead appeared. But, I found out that my young husband’s household was secretly abusing him. At that moment, I immediately became overwhelmed with the responsibility and sense of duty a modern adult would have. Aiden had his back turned away from her and suddenly grabbed her arm forcefully. The strength of his hands alone could have ripped her arms off. Erin timidly called his name and spoke. “I already reminded you yesterday. We’re a married couple, so I’m always on your side.” “…” “So, everything is alright.” She comforted him with these sweet words like it was a spell. And as if he was under her magic, Aiden stopped trembling. The adult Erin requested to divorce her husband Aiden before the female lead appeared. As soon as those words left her lips, Aiden’s smile disappeared. “A divorce? Never.” Aiden tore the divorce papers into such thin sheets, the contents were no longer legible. Erin smiled at the sight.

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  • The Villainess Princess Wants To Live In A Gingerbread House ​

    The Villainess Princess Wants To Live In A Gingerbread House ​

    I knew I had reincarnated as a child from a poor and ruined home. And yet, I thought about the pastry shop, which in my previous life, I could not afford. But in this life everything is different. Originally, I was a possessed young woman who got in the way of the protagonist’s love story and ultimately wanted power. If I want to avoid the bad ending, I must show the biggest lack of interest in power. Then, I will be able to bake the sweets that I have always wanted so much. But with the emperor, not everything is so simple … “How long will you avoid me for?” The crown prince, the male lead, will drive me to ruin … “You are my only cousin.” Duke, the strongest knight of the empire … “I love your lime pie.” Even a s*ave who is meant to plunge a knife into me … “I want to save you from death.” Do you want me to be by your side?

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  • I Played the Role of the Adopted Daughter Too Well

    I Played the Role of the Adopted Daughter Too Well

    When I first came into the book, my goal was just to survive. ‘I have to live longer! And be happy!’ So I did my best. I am going to walk on my own flower path. “Wherever I go, the seat next to you is mine. You promised to pat my head for the rest of your life, isn’t that right?” The strongest male character, who was stabbed to death in the original novel, stared at me with obsessive eyes. If I say no, he will destroy the world. “Yes, I’ll kill him. Then you’ll be happy, too, right?” The fifth brother looked a bit crazy. “This is my land from here to here. And yours, too. I’m glad to be able to breathe with your grandest dreams.” The fourth oldest sister, who became the richest woman on the continent, opened the map and said that. If I say I don’t have such a grand dream like her, I think a catastrophe will happen. “I’m looking forward to the Winter Solstice that you’ll rule completely.” Laughter rose on the face of the butler who served me. “If you don’t connect to Verratoux, my heart will stop tomorrow morning. Are you sure you’re okay with that?” My first sister, who was supposed to be the original successor, threatened me with her life. And this is the biggest problem. Somehow, a faint smile raised my father’s mouth, which became stronger than the original father he was. “Independence? Try it then. I won’t even let a single ant live on this land.” “Did you think you could leave my arms and stand on your own…” He then stared at me obsessively. They are all acting weird. Everything went wrong. I only did my very best.

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  • Farewell to the Sunset

    Farewell to the Sunset

    Gentle and affectionate big warm man×adorable little beauty. Tang Nuo had a cake shop. He always closed it in the evenings, and waited quietly for night to fall. Familiar customers said, “It would be nice to close the door later because most people get off work at that time.” Only Shen Youning was different. Only Shen Youning asked him, “Can I… watch the sunset with you?” Shen Youning (gong) × Tang Nuo (shou)

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  • How to Protect My Sub Male Lead Dad

    How to Protect My Sub Male Lead Dad

    “You know how to save Asta? If what you say is false, you have to pay it back with your life.” The name of this terrifying yet beautiful man is Hart von Reinhardt. The sub male protagonist of the original, the first prince who is despised by the Emperor and an ardent follower of the Saint Asta Appel. The character that I liked in my previous life was now my biological father. ‘Asta, the heroine of the original work, will kill him after using.’ Swallowing my disappointment, I put on my best face. “Yes!” “…..ha.” Hart let out a mocking laughter as he looked down at my small clenched fists. Although it’s a bit ridiculous, this was the first meeting with my biological father. But it was true that I knew how to cure Asta. Of course, I’m not here to save Asta. I’m here to save my dad, who’s being used by Asta & will later die an unjust death. Is there any law that says only a father can save his daughter? Wait for me Dad, I’ll save you!

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