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  • Back to 70s to Marry the Unlucky Male Partner

    Back to 70s to Marry the Unlucky Male Partner

    Inexplicably cross to the end of the 1970s, and was thrown into the mountains. Fortunately, she was rescued by a handsome soldier brother. Only later did she find out that Soldier Brother turned out to be the unfortunate male partner in the chronology novel. He was used and deceived by the heroine in various ways, and finally was dumped on the grounds that the new era did not like arranged marriages. Damn, such a good Soldier Brother will still develop like that in the future, if the Heroine doesn’t want, step aside and let me go. But, how will we live in the age of lack of food and clothing? Hey, what I brought here is different, now I can lead the male supporting family to be well-fed and make the Heroine mad. Protagonist: Su Su ┃ Supporting role: Lin Chuan

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  • Beauty of Lies [Quick Transmigration]

    Beauty of Lies [Quick Transmigration]

    Don’t believe in beautiful women. The more beautiful women are, the more deceitful they are. Tong Ling, an interstellar SSS-class wanted criminal who treats lying as her food, cheats and fools others all the time. In an accident, she was bound to a female cannon fodder acting system numbered M577 and was sent to various small worlds to become a female cannon fodder who was about to be abused. However, there seems to be something wrong with the abused script—— 1.She is obviously a stand-in, but becomes the white moonlight who is even more authentic than the real white moonlight. 2. A rich second-generation boyfriend who pretends to be poor, meets a poor girlfriend who pretends to be rich. 3. The fragile dodder flower that was dismissed in Survival in the wilderness collapsed the entire team. 4. After the male protagonist had the ability to read his mind, he was heavenly deceived. 5. After the Gu girl who was called to kill was killed, dogs were everywhere in the rivers and lakes. 6. The cannon fodder in the Infinite dungeon eventually became a heartthrob big Boss. …………………………….. Seeing that the plots of the small worlds collapsed, the hand of the M577 holding the cigarette lighter, who could not replace the host, trembled: Big…big boss, when can you stop? ? Tong Ling quietly breathed out a smoke ring: What should we stop? I just help those who have dreams realize their dreams. People who were deceived:…..

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  • Can Drink a Cup of Nothing

    Can Drink a Cup of Nothing

    The Third Prince, Zong Luo and the King of Beining, Yu Beizhou, have been at odds with each other. Water and fire were never compatible. Their tit for tat confrontation was exhaustible. Unfortunately, things went awry. After an imperial edict came, Zong Luo laughed facing the heavens. His ink hair was scattered, he closed his eyes, and committed suicide under the city gate. However, he woke up again, barely escaping death’s door. Following that, he became entwined with Yu Beizhou once more, till death eventually came upon him. His enemy’s face was stunning, flamboyant, and sinful. Only after staring at him did he only notice a little bit of light floating within his unfathomable eyes. “Senior martial brother,” Yu Beizhou said in a low voice, grasped his sword in hand, and touched his eyebrows intimately, “We meet again.” ……. Zong Luo had a dream. He dreamed that after his death, the man sewed up his uncollected body, and kept it in an ice coffin for nine years. Glory, wealth, and world domination that will last for thousands of generations- Zong Luo didn’t want it, but Yu Beizhou got it all. However, no one knows that after going to court every day, after the tyrant dismissed the palace servants, he would walk into the cold bedchamber alone. “Senior martial brother, it’s already nine years.” Yet it’s still so cold no matter how warm it is. “I hate you so much.” He held the body in his arms and muttered to himself. -Hate is the strongest form of love-

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  • Delicately Hiding

    Delicately Hiding

    After being seriously ill, when Mian Tang’s eyes opened, she completely forgot what happened after her marriage.  Fortunately, her husband, Cui Jiu, looks like an immortal and has a gentle temperament.  He never leaves her alone when she is sick and is willing to spend his family properties to heal her… Every day, Mian Tang wakes up in the arms of her handsome husband, and she always sighs: “What good virtue did I accumulate to have such a good husband to accompany me?” Then one day Mian Tang regained her memory, looked at the mandarin duck handkerchief embroidered in her hand, and then looked at her husband, who kept pretending and scheming. She held back the swears in her throat and said: “Let’s stop pretending, Prince Regent?”

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  • Disobedient Minister Against Favors

    Disobedient Minister Against Favors

    Once crossing the road, facing the Emperor who claimed to hate him to the bone but overwhelmed him when he was not ready, Liu Yuzhen, as an Interpol agent, had only one thought in his heart, that is, to fight back, fight back, must fight back!!! However, the man is not only good at martial arts, but also has many peach blossoms (love affairs). He doesn’t want to be bent by this bastard. Out of thirty-six plans, the best is to get away at once (as long as one is not defeated, there is still a chance). The Emperor of Yan, a tangled fellow, pinched his chin and asked; “Yuzhen, how good is it to be the King? ” He pointed to his fingers… “Let me think about it”. Turns out that the man whom Emperor Yan called ‘King’ was just his prime minister?! Bastard, you’re tired of living. How dare you tease this policeman?! Tsundere Criminal Police Vs Black bellied overbearing Emperor, the counterattack is imminent!

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  • Happiness Consists in Contentment

    Happiness Consists in Contentment

    Liu Fang, a manager, died suddenly at work due to being too diligent. She thought that she would turn into a wisp of dust and dissipate after her death, but she never imagined that – the new century, the new underworld, even if she became a soul, she would still be a worker! Liu Fang had become a newcomer to the underworld Quick Transmigration Department. In order to wait for a good reincarnation, she strived to accumulate merit and traveled into one world after another to repair the way of heaven.

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  • I Became The Tyrant’s Limited Time Wife

    I Became The Tyrant’s Limited Time Wife

    I was reincarnated as  wife of tyrant Male lead, who was poisoned to death. The problem was that this tyrant went completely crazy after my death and ruined the country. We didn’t really like each other and it was a political marriage. There are two years left. “Let’s just live and see.” If I pass the poison, I’ll get divorced and become free!’ For two years, I took antidote from time to time and developed resistance to various poison. While I was doing it, I also took care of Male Lead’s health, who was in poor condition. Because he can’t go crazy after divorce. “Your Majesty, you seem to sleep  late every day. It’s good for your health to sleep early and wake up early.” “Why does it matter to you?” “Can’t you just say that you understand it just once?” As a result, I just got a little closer to Male lead than the original. “Why don’t you ask me if I had breakfast these days?” “You’re healthy now. Do I have to?” “…….” After safely passing the scheduled poisoning date of the original, There was no need to continue the political marriage, so I sent a divorce letter. I thought I only had the future left to become  free! “Your Majesty? Why blood in your mouth! Blood! “…Lea. I’m sick.” Male lead, who emptied the glass, fell down. With a smile. “Ah…” Male Lead. You didn’t drink poison on purpose, right?

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  • The Abandoned Lady Lives in a Dollhouse

    The Abandoned Lady Lives in a Dollhouse

    The daughter who was abandoned by a mistress. That was what Juno was known as. When she had lost everything, Peter Sergien, a great alchemist, makes an offer in the dollhouse. “I will change everyone’s opinion of you as a woman who was kicked out and sold by the family mistress. You shall be the object of envy.” As time passes, the rumors surrounding Juno become more and more outrageous. A new owner has appeared in the dollhouse. “I’m Juno Sergien, the alchemist.” A person who no longer falters or bows down to someone. Juno’s reputation starts to be seen in a new light.

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